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Honeymoon on wheel

Hello friends, my name is Rajiv a 26 year old male. The incident I am about to tell u happened on Salman wedding. He was one of my childhood friend. I never liked him and wanted revenge for telling my girlfriend how I fucked one of his cousin. This happened when we were 16 and I will tell u how I fucked his cousin. After that I banged his mom and sisters as revenge. But I wanted to complete my revenge by impregnating his wife before him. Continue reading

Blackmailing Mom

I think they left the blinds open, so they could keep a lookout. I did that, sometimes when I had the house to myself. So, I could look up dirty stuff on the computer, and [x] out the Incognito window, when somebody came up.
Of course, I had my phone, too. It’s just such a tiny little screen that if you zoom in enough on any detail, you can’t see anything else. I got it out, and didn’t even try the door to find it locked. Continue reading

moments with the maid

This incident happened when I was in Hyderabad. I was 26 then and was taking a break from my professional life. It was like a gap year to re-discover my passions. I moved into a new place which a pent house in a very calm and salubrious locality. I liked the place very much and got acclimatized to it very quickly. The owners suggested that the same maid who works for them would also work for me as she was very trustworthy. Continue reading

You guys are sick

You guy’s think it’s awesome to have sex with a girl you don’t no and get her pregnant. For the girl it can be life changing. I am 21 yo now and have a 7 yo daughter I become sexually active at 14 lost my virginity to a 19 yo guy. I didn’t no what I was doing but he did.
Well shortly ofter I lost my virginity my family went on vacation for spring break to the beach. My parents trusted me to stay by the hotel and not wonder off. Continue reading

Destroyed by Dad

I don’t think I’ll ever get over the moment of humiliation when my father walked out into the backyard and saw me knotted to the family dog, its large shiny prick stuck securely up my ass. It wasn’t my intention to be fucked up the ass by the dog at all. The fantasy I’d had in my mind involved the dog’s hard prick up in my virgin cunt, not my virgin asshole! But with no one around to assist me and the dog, his willing prick found the wrong hole, unluckily for me. Continue reading

A Night Nobody Would Forget

“I’ve seen the way you look at her and I know that look in your eye” the text read from Linda. “You better think long and hard about what you’re thinking about because if you screw it up it will blow up in your face.” Linda’s next text read.
Linda was a long time family friend 9 years older than me so she was almost like a cousin. We shared all of our secrets together and she was even the one to teach me about how to kiss a woman when I was 13. Continue reading

An afternoon with a Pedophile

I had been chatting online with what I thought was another young girl of about my own age. We got on very well and after several weeks of exchanging messages and texts, we decided to meet up for an afternoon at her place. But it would have to wait till the school holidays.
She told me she had an older brother, Edgar, who might be home at the same time, and he was interested in chatting with me. Continue reading

Punish mom and my brother part 1

I’m Jimmy this happen earlier 1980. My mom have two son and 1 sister. I’m the older. Mom always like my little brother. He graduated high school and went to collage. Back in highschool I got suspended and and throw from high school for to many fighting. I’m a dark brown Dominican. I was 17. My brother was 15. My little sister was 10. My ex girlfriend was 12. I was in high school and she was in middle school. Continue reading

Show Dont Tell (BbGg Toy)

I couldn’t believe my luck, when Blaine and her little sister got on the bus, they sat right in front of me. That wasn’t the best part, but Blaine, she’s in 6 grade, and a lot farther along then some of the other girls. At least all the girls that ride my bus, but I had the seat to myself.
As usual, it’s not like nobody wants to sit with me, they just didn’t fill up all the seat yet, is all. Continue reading

Bad girl

I’m seventeen and 5’4 weigh 122 pounds. It my dad let me get a new dog and he and my mom didnt want to deal with the blood dripping on the floor from girl dogs again so we had to get a boy.
I was looking online and I found a boxer all brown with white paws and a nub/for the tail like most do and he looked pretty cool.
I called and went over to meet the dog and they couldn’t afford to feed him so I got him right there for free and they parted ways and went inside behind a wall of those hedge tree things so you couldn’t see the house it was on a private dirt road. Continue reading