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Rainy Day (Gb)

“Huh!” In never thought he was cute, before. Okay, maybe in that way that some little kids are. I don’t know, androgynous? There’s not really any big difference between boys and girls until, well.
Okay, I was just starting to notice, a few things that ment my body was going to start changing. I talked to mom, and she told me about my period. I didn’t have that yet, but there were a couple things that started sticking out. Continue reading

Sex with my virgin hot cousin Priya

My name is rakesh (not real). My age is 19. Today I am going to tell you about my cousin whose name was (Priya). I live in **
Now Let me describe her. she is slighty brown in colour, skinny and petite. She has medium sized tits and a medium sized ass. Although she is beautiful . she is slightly shorter than me and about 2 years elder to me. I find her very attractive. She lives in a village
We went to their house to attend a function. Continue reading

Yuris Sexual Diaries Pt. 4 Chapter 3, The Idea of Virgin Stretching

February 26, 2019
Dear Diary,
I am so sorry that I haven’t been writing. The reason why is because I’ve became an addict in fisting and masturbating my virgin pussy. I just can’t stop, in fact I am stuffing my pussy with a soda bottle as I write to you.
During the past few days I’ve been playing with myself with so many things. My fists, my shampoo bottles, the softball I had from sports, my clear cups, soda cans and bottles, and much MUCH more. Continue reading

Invading Virginias Virgin Valley – Part 1

I was born in 1960 in Salinas, California, at the time a small farming town with a population of about 25,000 people. It sits just inland from the Monterey Bay and was a great place to grow up.
My parents had a home in a northern neighborhood in town, but I spent most weekends and summers out at Uncle Jim’s ranch. In my story titled “Family Beginnings”, I tell the tale about my first real sexual experience beyond that of wet dreams. Continue reading

Pocket Pool

Honestly, so much happened so quickly that it’s hard to keep track of what happened first. Okay, before that Julie came over to my house, to show off her new bras. A bunch of times, because she got a lot of them, but she was the first to graduate from training bras, to A-cups.
Not sure who left the door open, I guess we both forgot to close it, but this one time she took her whole dress off, and turned around, this way and that to show me from all sides. Continue reading

April – Made by Wombat from Igapes

(Hey guys, the Pussy Gaper Here. I haven’t been able to write as much lately due to some evens that are stressful so I decided to go for the ROPSFI route (Republishing Other People’s Stories From the Internet) And decided to think about the first gaping pussy stories I ever read. This is one of those stories and it is made by a dude name Wombat and he specifically posted this on the Igapes website. Continue reading

Hyperactive niece (Part 4)

Summer was over for both of us and school started the first week of September and summer was exceptional to say the least. We almost got caught one time by my mother when we were in my room doing naughty things my mom just warned me about. I can remember that as soon as we heard my mom walking up the stairs, which my room was the first room at the top of the stairs, she walked in and just before she did, my niece let go of my cock and quickly sat on the floor watching tv. Continue reading

The Sleepover

Hi My Name Is Danielle and I’m 16 and This is a Story of What Happened to me this One Weekend with My Friends. So Me and My Friends (Ella 16 & Sarah 17) were having a Sleepover at my place one night while my parents were gone for the Weekend and we where playing truth or dare and Ella Asked Me “Truth or Dare?” And I Said “Truth”, Ella and Sarah Whispered to Eachother and Ella Asked “Have U Ever Been Fucked or Raped Before?” And I was Surprised at what she just got asked, I Said That I haven’t Been Raped or Fucked, and Ella and Sarah Look at Eachother with a Smile and Out of Nowhere Sarah Jumps on Me and holds me down and Says “We are Gonna Show You What it’s like to be Fucked” and Ella Hands Sarah Some Rope and Ties my Hands and also ties my Feet. Continue reading

What cums next…

I wasn’t stupid, but I guess you could say I was ignorant. My brother took me to the movies, when I was 11, and he was 13. Fortunately, they had a movie we could agree on, because it had action, adventure, and Romance right in the title.
Then, Jack came back with a sailboat, and a new pair of boots, helped Joan climb up, and the camera pulled back to show the mast, and keel. In the middle of the street, between 2 buildings, and I remember that scene, more clearly than anything else. Continue reading

ftm transman forced at party

i was born female, but came out as ftm (female to male) transgender when I was 11. i am now 17 and have been on testosterone(T) for 2 years, and had top surgery 3 months ago. when I was 15, about a 2 months after I started T i was at a house party with my friends. i had been drinking a little, and was buzzed when my best friends boyfriends friend, J (who was 17), came over. We weren’t very close but we had chatted some. Continue reading