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Pig Worms

“Huh!” I stood in front of the mirror, watching my hair dry. I don’t know why I thought that dying it brown would change what I am.
Isn’t that the joke? “What do you call it when a blonde dyes her hair?”
“Artificial Intelligence.” Ahahahahahaha!
I don’t feel any smarter, but how could I be so stupid? I knew he was a liar, but honestly, I had no idea why he always went to check his E-mail when he came over to my house. Continue reading

Family get together Part 1

this Christmas Eve 2019
my family always has Christmas get together. This year it was hosted at my house one of my Nieces Reyna (Rey) who is a 12 year old (2019) and is tall for her age, with long tan legs attached to a firm bubble butt ? , she has cup side boobs but doesn’t wear a bra ? , if I had to compare her to a Young Actresses it would have to be Storm Reid (in her Pre-teen years). Continue reading

CU rAider (FB)

I was just sitting on the bus, looking out the window, when we went past a break in the trees, and I saw something.
“Did you see that?” The boy next to me was turned around.
“What?” He shook his head, but of course, it was past.
“Nothing,” I guessed, maybe he wouldn’t believe me if I told him, but I’d swear I saw breasts bouncing, in the short glimpse I got through the trees.
The bus squeaked to a stop, so I pushed his shoulder. Continue reading

Head out back

I know I was supposed to be watching her, but I wasn’t expecting her to get into mom’s room. Then, I heard her run down the hall, and looked out of my room, to see the master bedroom door, wide open. Then, she slammed the door.
The back door, and while I was supposed to keep her from leaving, the house, it was okay if she wanted to go out in the back yard. In the rain, with her friend Kensie jumping up, and down, excited. Continue reading

Cats on the Roof

It was my boyfriend’s 16th birthday when I gave him my virginity. We set up a place and time where we’ll have sex and he will bring some porn DVDs from his older brother’s collection.
We decided to have unprotected sex in the attic at my parent’s house. We were both excited and got so horny from watching porn! The pussy licking made me cum so hard. My boyfriend licked all the fluids coming out and begged for more. Continue reading

Losing virginity in hotel at age 11 preteen

the first time my stepmother used my body instead of hers for money I was age 11 and a virgin. we drove to a hotel around 8pm . It was very run down and the room was dimly lit. on the drive over she told me a man wanted to meet me and this would help out our family. I knew I’d be having sex for the first time, I was nervous but also excited.
so we got there and she instructed me to take off all my clothes and lay on the bed. Continue reading

Rats! (Part 2)

By now, I had started to figure things out. Mother WANTED
me to fuck my sisters. Yes, and she even seemed to want me to
get them pregnant too! What a sexy thing to happen to a
perennially horny teenaged boy. If this was just another wet-
dream, I hoped I never woke up.
I decided to test my hypothesis a little further.
“What about Cathy and Judy,” I was going to ask, when Mother
stopped me with a final injunction that seemed to answer my
question without my asking it. Continue reading

Yuris Sexual Diaries Pt. 3 Chapter 2 – The Beginning Stages of Innocent Lust

February 15th, 2019
Dear Diary,
It has been seven days since I had masturbated with my virgin pussy and I don’t know what to do. Ever since the first time I masturbated I can’t stop thinking about it. First the thoughts began five days ago during shopping with Lacey at the Carson Mall.
This feeling, this firing sensation, popped out of nowhere. It began in little steps but it grew and grew with any occasion. Continue reading

Spicing up sex life gets me impregnated

For our 10 anniversary I surprised my husband by getting him the XXX estacy channel on our satellite. Hello I’m Pat I’ve been married to Bill for 28 yrs now. There is not a lot to do in summit, Mississippi, its a small town of mostly white folks. I was raised up white folks was for white folks. During our first ten years of marriage we had just 1 child a son. I got pregnant during our first year of marriage, I was just 18 years old. Continue reading

Babysitter blues

Jonah was a little boy at the age of 15 he was innocent and loved video games so his parents got him a babysitter to watch his at night then take him to school in the morning because theyd be back in the afternoon when he gets off.
They hired Justin a tall muscular football player from down the street also 18 Justin always had his eyes in Jonah’s cute bubble butt and bubbly attitude
So that night when Jonah was watching a movie Justin took him to the guest room and sat him down. Continue reading