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An Interview with Yuri

PG) Hello Yuri welcome to our interview. Please take a seat and talk to us.
Y) Thank you mam. I hope today is going to be fine, after all I’m still new at this.
PG) So, would you like anything in this interview like tea or some muffins?
Y) No thank you, I’m glad you would offer me with such kindness.
PG) Okay let us began. We all know that you’re a virgin who began gaping your pussy since the beginning of last year. Continue reading

Yuris Sexual Diaries Pt 9 Chapter 8, Gaping Pussy Erotica of a Virgin Soul

June 15, 2019
Dear Diary,
It has been a few months since I wrote in you about my fetish. I finally did it, I finally stretched my pussy out beyond the point of no return. I am now a Virgin with a pure gaping loose pussy that can never be tight and will always be opened. The only tight spot in my pussy is my cervix.
Speaking of cervix, did you know I can prolapse my pussy by command. Continue reading

I lost my virginity at 16 with my boyfriend

My First Time
It was both our first times and im glad about it , although I’m a little bit ashamed to say that we did it at school. I met my bf as a freshmen in college. We were both freshies and I was currently dating a guy online. We didn’t have a relationship then, until we gradually became closer every passing month we spent time together (he became my bestfriend).
Rumors started circulating that he liked me and eventually I began liking him too. Continue reading

The ride

Being 13 is a very difficult time for a girl. Your periods are in full swing, tits are just starting to grow and very sensitive. I was 5 ft 2 inches, 115 pounds, curly black hair and green eyes. I had my share of boys that I would let them get to 3rd base, but was still very much a virgin. Some of my afternoons would include rubbing my clit and fingering my little pussy. The night before school started, i really didnt want to ride the bus across town any longer, some of the older girls were relentless to us younger ones. Continue reading

Little Sisters – The Beginning

Brad couldn’t believe his life. As the only child things were pretty good. He didn’t know that when he was five his mom would be downstairs fucking a neighbor while his dad worked the afternoon to 11 P.M. shift at a grocery warehouse.
Then a year later Ellen was involved in an accident with another man driving. She was supposed to be at the mall and grocery shopping on a Saturday afternoon while his dad watched Brad at home. Continue reading

My dad deserves my underaged hot body

My name is Makayla. I am now 15 years old. I don’t want to talk about my sizes and all. Let’s just say I have a really “hot” body.
My dad (whose name is James) is a 29 year old man. I was born when he was 14. Apparently my dad was abducted and was forced to fuck another 21 year old woman who was also abducted. So basically my dad was “forced to rape” a 21 year old woman. My dad was “able to break out” himself (being 14 years old) and the woman but she became pregnant. Continue reading

My Dog took my virginity

This is a true story of how I lost my virginity last week. For some background knowledge I am 18 I’m 5’1 with big boobs and a nice ass according to my boyfriend. I have long black hair that comes down to my butt and until last week I was a virgin. Now I live with my mom and my three younger siblings. We have several cats and then there’s our male great dane, his name his Rascal.
Rascal stands at about 4 feet tall on all fours and well over six feet when he’s on his hind legs, he was never neutered so he has all of his parts. Continue reading

Little Jennifer

Slut mother in the Kokomo Delco Crowd shows young daughter the path to sex.
You see it in the papers, the internet or on the news. An older guy gets busted for underage sex. What you don’t know about are the times it happens and the younger girl doesn’t tell. I was one of those girls. The whole thing was my idea. I did all the work to fuck my older guy.
My name is Jennifer Lynn. I grew up in Kokomo, Indiana in the 1970’s. Continue reading

How I became a slut

My name is Daniela. I was a nerdy and shy girl. When I was 13 I met my husband a 44 school janitorial. He got a beard and weight almost 300 pound. I’m Hispanic and he was black. Im a mexican and my parent was here in legal. The janitorial always looking at me and show me his cock. Always ignore him. I can’t tell no one because he is the principal son just get out from prison after 25 year by raping a mom and her 11 old daughter. Continue reading

My cousin was my fuck buddy…

Here is my (true) story. My english is bad and the story quite long so please forgive me.
When I was 11, nearly every week-end, we had family meal with aunts and uncles that almost always turned into a little party. I have 5 cousins, 4 older than me (17 to 18yo at the time) and 1 female cousin nearly my age (13yo). Our family meals could last until very late at night, sometimes until dawn, so it was very usual for my 13yo cousin to sleep with me in my bedroom. Continue reading