An afternoon with a Pedophile

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I had been chatting online with what I thought was another young girl of about my own age. We got on very well and after several weeks of exchanging messages and texts, we decided to meet up for an afternoon at her place. But it would have to wait till the school holidays.
She told me she had an older brother, Edgar, who might be home at the same time, and he was interested in chatting with me.
After a couple of weeks, I got less and less messages from my friend and more from her brother. Then he was asking me to send a few pictures of myself to him. I sent a few, and he sent a few back.
About a month later he asked me if I was a virgin and a few days later about my bra size. He posted a few more pics of himself without a shirt on and asked me if I could do something a bit the same. At first, I was quite reluctant, but then after a few days of him asking I relented and took a pic of me in my bra. He was delighted to get it.
We exchanged a few more messages and then he asked if I could try a pic without my bra on. Again at first I refused, and he said he understood, he didn’t ask again for a week, then he requested once again, slowly he kept asking, after a couple more weeks of saying no, but then I gave in.
He told me just how lovely I looked and he was looking forward to meeting me soon. He then wanted a few pics of me in my panties, informing me I had already sent him a pic of my boobs. I gave in much quicker this time and sent him a few over a week. It was then I realized one of the pics I sent him, I was wearing almost transparent panties, and my pussy could be clearly seen. A few days later I was asked to send him a couple without my panties on. It didn’t take me long for me to agree.
We then began to make arrangements to meet up. I was to go across town on the bus and we would meet at the mall, before going back to his place. He asked me to dress up very pretty and to do my makeup to look very sweet for him.
The day arrived and I took my time to get ready, carefully choosing my best dress, then doing my makeup to look as good as I could.
Mom and dad had long gone to work when I caught the bus across town. At the mall, I had expected to see Edgar, but he was nowhere in sight. After about ten minutes a man approached me and asked if I was Julie, I said yes, he told me he was Edgar’s dad, and he was to take back to their place. I went with the man, and we got into his car. He made sure I was well buckled in, He asked me to turn off my mobile as he had sensitive recording equipment in his car and did not want to get interference. Then we departed the mall and drove out into the nearby countryside. We arrived at a big old villa house.
The man then told me that Edgar was not home, he would be back later. I found it a bit strange and I began to feel a little uncomfortable.
The man then told me he had seen the messages that we had been sending back and forth, including the very nice pictures I had sent. He then told me it was almost lunchtime and asked what I would like to eat.
After lunch we sat in a bit of an awkward silence for a few minutes, then he told me that he really liked the picture I had sent of my breasts, that they were very cute. He asked if I could show him my breasts again. I found his request quite strange. I didn’t want to show him them.
He then asked me if I was any good at counting, and I told him that I was good at counting. He then produced a number of $50 notes, and asked me how much he had, I counted them and there were twenty notes. There was $1000. I had never seen so much money before.
He then asked me if I wanted to earn the money, I was quite stunned by his suggestion. He said he wanted to make a movie starring me, and I could earn all of it if I was able to be a very good girl for him.
I asked him if Edgar was going to be part of the movie, and I asked him again when Edgar was due back, he looked at me as if almost in pity.
He told me then that he was Edgar, that really confused me. He then told me to come with him and we went out to the back of the house and into a big room with lots of lights. He told me that this was his recording studio, and it was set up for making a movie.
He turned on a few lights and set a few cameras pointing towards the sofa in the middle of the room.
He instructed me to go to the middle of the room and stand by the sofa. He then told me I could earn $50 if I was to slowly take off my dress while looking at the cameras. He reminded me that I had sent him pics of me in my underwear before. I gulped. I didn’t get much time to think it through when he asked me again if I wanted the $50.
He stood in front of me, he had a handheld camera, and he looked expectantly at me. After a few seconds I reluctantly agreed, that yes, I would take off my dress for him. He smiled and thanked me.
He went over exactly what he wanted me to do then he asked me if I was ready. I thought I was ready, but still reluctant.
He called action, and I slowly pulled my dress up as he filmed me, his camera following the bottom of my dress as it made it way up my body and over my head. I carefully folded my dress and placed it over the back of the sofa. I stood there in my bra and panties, feeling very nervous. He seemed very pleased with the recording then he asked me if I wanted another $50. I asked him for what, he told me to slowly take off my bra.
$50 just to take off my bra, that would double the amount I would have. But then if I took off my bra, then what? $100 was much more money than I ever had before. I got myself ready to take off my bra. He made me take my bra off three times to ensure we got the best angles. I then wanted to put my bra back on, but he wanted to film me having my breasts rubbed and sucked.
I tried to object, but he made it very clear, I would have my breasts rubbed and sucked, if I didn’t like it, then too bad, and I had better smile for the camera too.
He made me sit on the sofa, then he set a couple more cameras up for close-in views. After a few more minutes he got the cameras all recording and he came and sat next to me.
For the next several minutes he rubbed and sucked on my little boobs, reminding me often to smile. All I could do was squirm and try to look as if I was having a good time, but I sure as hell was not. When he finally stopped, my nipples were feeling somewhat tender and looked a bit swollen.
I felt quite upset. I told him I really did not like having my boobs rubbed and sucked and that I wanted to go home.
I saw a flash of anger as he warned me to do as I was told, I would be allowed to go home once all the filming was complete.
He took me to a small alcove where there was a chair and some makeup in front of a mirror. He told me to get my makeup fixed up ready for the next shoot. He insisted I use bright red lipstick. He left me alone for a couple of minutes, then he returned again and assisted me in getting the makeup just right.
We went back to the sofa where he told me to sit and lean forward. He made a small adjustment to the cameras, then he stood in front of me. He informed me that I needed to suck his cock, and I had better do a good job of it. I had never seen or held a swollen cock before.
He undid the zipper on his pants and extracted his cock, it was right in front of my face. He instructed me to look up at his face and to open my mouth wide. I did as he asked and I felt his cock head run past my lips and into my mouth. He told me to close my mouth and to begin to suck. I felt horror and disgust, but I did what he wanted.
I felt his cock swell and harden inside my mouth, then I became aware of his hands taking hold of my head. He gently pulled my head closer to his body, then eased back, I felt his cock push deeper. He told me to keep sucking and I did so, then he eased back and told me to suck as hard as I could and pull his cock all the way in.
Hel held my head a bit more firmly, as I sucked in again, his cock went in and over the back of my tongue and into my throat, making me gag hard. He held my head preventing me from jerking back as he pressed his cock firmly in. After a few seconds, he eased back and told me I did very well.
He repeated making me gag a few more times over about the next ten minutes or so. Then he let up and got me to lick the head of his cock for a couple of minutes.
Hr then got me to sit up more and make faces at the camera, licking my lips slowly, and slowly arching my head back while having a dreamy look. He got me to do a bit of groaning and gasping as well. Then he got me to do a few shy smiles at the cameras.
He then told me to take off my panties. I got frightened, but I did as he asked.
I had to sit again then lie back on the sofa, a cushion under my head. He sat next to me and lifted my left leg up and eased it wide, then he took my right leg and pushed up and right back over my chest. I felt very exposed and vulnerable in that position. He used the camera to record what he was doing and then focused on my pussy.
He then startled me by bending down and kissing my exposed lips.
Nice smiles he reminded me, then he carefully wiped his hand down over my pussy, and then back up again, making me cringe. He ran his finger carefully along my lips, making them part slightly, then on the upward return, his finger pressed a bit further in, making my lips part a bit more. He pushed his finger against me much more firmly and I felt it rub against my pelvic bone, and then slide between my lips, down to my entrance. That made me gasp. He then rubbed his finger back and forth over my entrance, while telling me to smile and look excited.
He pushed his finger more firmly against my entrance, almost going inside me. He asked me if I like that, I told him no, he said too bad then.
He rubbed his finger back along my grove, and managed to find my little budding clit, he began to rub that more firmly. I was not prepared for the strange and confusing sensations of having my clit rubbed. After a minute or so, he slipped his finger back to my entrance and felt the dampness that I had produced. He pressed his finger in against me again, and I felt this finger start to enter me. I gasped, but then he withdrew, telling me that I was now ready. Ready for just exactly what?
He shifted position making himself much closer to him, then I saw his cock angling up towards me. I realized just what he thought I was ready for. He kind of knelt and pushed his legs wide almost against my backside. He shifted his hand and pushed my right leg up and over my chest again, while pushing my left leg firmly aside.
His cock rubbed up against my pussy, he took hold of it and rubbed it back and forth over my lips, it appeared to get harder again. I had the horrible realization he was going to push it inside me.
He eased back and his cock slipped down out of my view, I felt it against my lips and then pushed firmly towards my entrance. I squealed. I begged him to stop, but he told me to keep still, keep smiling and try to look like I was enjoying it.
He pushed his cock up along my slit, then eased it back down to my entrance. He pushed, I gasped as it dug in and started to squeeze in. He again ran his cock up and back, pressing in a little bit more while I cringed. He repeated that a couple more times, then after he eased back, he pushed in much more firmly and his cock squeezed inside me. I squealed.
He pushed again, his cock slipping a little further inside me. His cock hurt and was very tight and uncomfortable. He eased right back out again and ran his cock back up over my lips to my mound. The head was tipped with red blood from inside me. He slipped his cock back down again and then once more inside me, pushing in a bit deeper again.
His cock wormed it’s way further inside me, then he eased out again rubbing his tip over my lips before going back inside. I just lay there having no idea what to do.
Slowly he drove his cock deeper inside me, pushing in the easing back again. His cock glistened with wetness, making it a little easier for him to drive further inside me. His thrusts became more rhythmic, and I started to adjust to the sensations of his cock working in and out of my body.
After a couple of minutes, he eased right out and got me to stand up, he turned me about so my left knee was on the sofa, while my right leg went straight to the floor. He then made me bend over and put my hands on the sofa as he went behind me. A moment later his cock wormed up inside me again. He reached around underneath me and began to tug on my nipples. We spent a few minutes in that position.
He then got me to lie back on the sofa, he was more on top of me but still forcing my legs wide apart. His cock pushed swiftly inside me once again. I felt even more helpless than before. He began to pump his cock into me. I endured the sensations.
He began to puff and started to push a bit faster, I began to get a feeling of despair, I knew something was about to happen but I had no idea exactly what.
Edgar grunted and pushed in very hard. His cock was throbbing as I felt a warm sudden rush inside me followed but several more as his cock twitched and throbbed inside me.
He told me to stay very still, not to move when he eased out of me. He slipped over to one side and then held my knees ensuring they stayed in place.
He seemed delighted as he filmed a small wet dribble of sticky goo leaking out of my pussy.
He told me that was a perfect finish for all of those who were watching. I had no idea that he was streaming a live video. While it upset me, I knew that there was nothing that I could do about that.
A short time after that he took me to a different alcove where there was a simple shower, he told me to get myself cleaned up. I did, and then I found my clothes to put back on again.
He returned me back to the mall but he took several detours to make sure I had no idea where we had come from. I had no chance to get his license plate before he took off and disappeared.
I made it back home in good time to wash away my makeup, and then clean my panties as I had leaked again. I then found $250 in my purse. I guessed I had hoped for more, but I knew there was no point in chasing him. It was still a lot of money for me.
It’s now almost 3 weeks later.

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