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no regrets part5

I had been ill with the flu and just got over it so hadn’t gone into my sisters room for over a week It was saturday morning and decided to go to the beach early I asked mum and she said that I had to stay home as her and dad had to go out and I could go later as I had to look after my little sister. So I said I would take her with me for a couple of hours and mum said OK
I threw on Continue reading

Family fun

Hi I’m Marian male 15. (have a twin sis)
For this story you have to know some info: I had sex with my sis my mom and my cousin and my sis also fucked dad.
Our parents are knowing about me and my sis and so one day me and my sis where in the living room and watched TV and our parents called us upstairs to her room. When we went up and in the room we saw our parents siting on the bed, and they said we should sit on the bed. Continue reading

My big brother timothy

Hi their,my name is Lisa,I’m 20 years old and still live at home with my mom Janice,my dad left us for a much younger women and moved out of state,my older brother timothy is 28 and owns his own electric company.he keeps a small matress in his work van,I’m like 5/7 140 pounds curvy in all the right places,I have a boy friend but he’s away at college right now,I’ll meet my brother at like Continue reading

First time with daughter

It happened years ago when my daughter was ten or eleven, I was watching TV late one night, my wife, daughter and son went to bed. We had a passage leading from the lounge to the bedrooms, first was my sons room, then my daughter and ours were at the end. I realized it was getting late and switched all off and walked to our bedroom. It was a warm summers night and I only had shorts on. Continue reading

Father Fucks Me HARD !!

Jack woke up with a raging hard on. Thinking about the 100% verified real incest videos he watched on the night before. Morning wood was the best wood as Marion often observed, thick and hard with the skin smooth and tight over his engorged shaft. On the weekends they would often delay getting up and make love in the soft dawn glow filtering through the curtains. When the children were little this was often the only time to be alone and the faint sound of morning cartoons had been a frequent soundtrack to their lovemaking through the years. Continue reading

Sisters baby

About a year ago, My then 14 yo sister got in bed with me like she usually does when she needs or wants to talk with me. We fell asleep cuddled up. Sometime during the night I woke up with a raging hard and my cock was between my sister’s thighs. As I moved my cock back and forth for awhile, My sister involuntarily moved her legs, giving me better access to her crotch. I slid my cock up and down on her panty covered pussy. Continue reading

Daddys only true Girl

Welcome my horny Readers, first of all, the Bio of our protagonists ?
Alexis: 15 years old, 150 cm, 60 kg, Breasts Size DD close-Set, curvy and firm ass, natural brown skin, sportly Body, brown-blonde long hair, green eyes. A very charismatic girl with a popular Reputation cause if her “noticeable” outlook in School and talentes for many things. One day she founded her Moms phone opened with a chat of her new secret fiancé. Continue reading

My first dick

I had just turned 13. We still lived in the same 3 bedroom apartment but my grandfather had recently passed away so the 3rd bedroom was now mine and my 12 year old cousin’s. Despite being cousins, we acted like brothers. We fought like brothers and we got along like brothers. Derek was a year younger but his sexual curiosity was almost at the same level as mine. His mom wasn’t very sexually active, but now that my mom had a room to herself again, she was back at it with whatever guy she met at the bar that particular night. Continue reading

Telemachy – Moral cheating

Telemachus always wanted to be like his father. Odysseus, the man who won the Trojan war, fighting alongside the Greeks for ten long years. He was instilled the values of valour and bravery by his mother, Penelope. With no central male figure to look upon to, Telemachus had to rely on his mother for all the teachings. Although she did not know how to handle the sword or the shield, she oversaw his schooling. Continue reading

Mom and son caught/wedding anniversary!

I was finally able to watch all the recordings of my wife and son during the lock down.i had a blast.i could not wait for some hot new that Kathy and I are back to work after two long months of fucking lock down.monday was are wedding anniversary.kathy told me Friday she was going to be off if I could get it off,her work was still kind of slow.i knew she was hoping I had to Continue reading