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A Night Nobody Would Forget

“I’ve seen the way you look at her and I know that look in your eye” the text read from Linda. “You better think long and hard about what you’re thinking about because if you screw it up it will blow up in your face.” Linda’s next text read.
Linda was a long time family friend 9 years older than me so she was almost like a cousin. We shared all of our secrets together and she was even the one to teach me about how to kiss a woman when I was 13. Continue reading

My Mother, My Whore.

My Mother was 21 when she married my 38 year old Father, she was 22 when I was born, and she was the one woman in our little town of 784 people that all the guys would have given there right nut to fuck.
Black hair she had this gypsy look about her , and a great figure, she was the happy type, would help anyone in trouble ,did everything she could for the local charity’s, just a great all round person and a real good wife and mother. Continue reading

Teen sex addict-step father seduction part 2

The next morning after my mom left for work, my stepdad came into my room with a mighty erection and started caressing my round boobs and stiff nipples. When i awoke he gave me a long open mouthed kiss that left me breathless so early in the morning. He also inserted 2 fingers into my pussy after stimulating my clits and boy…..was I wet down south. He told me that he was thinking about me while fucking my mom last night and needed my tight pussy before he left for work. Continue reading

Punish mom and my brother part 1

I’m Jimmy this happen earlier 1980. My mom have two son and 1 sister. I’m the older. Mom always like my little brother. He graduated high school and went to collage. Back in highschool I got suspended and and throw from high school for to many fighting. I’m a dark brown Dominican. I was 17. My brother was 15. My little sister was 10. My ex girlfriend was 12. I was in high school and she was in middle school. Continue reading

Queen of Ass

The Mexican queen i am makes me a horny girl on the inside. Im young at 19, and am the most attractive girl anyone could feast their eyes on. Ass, body type, you name it. I never chose to be attractive, it chose me. See Latina women have a way with their ass, a way that makes us the center of everyone’s attention. As for me having a natural Large and bubbly butt has made everyone’s love me. Continue reading

Daddys always right

My name’s Kayla Im 4’11 I have a hourglass form and nice a cup tits I have nice long straight hair with green eyes and light skin.
I’m black while my dad is white because my mom left he’s 6’3 with a mustache and curly brown hair and he’s very muscular.
Im 18 and he’s 33 and I’m gonna come out to him, I go I to the living room he’s drinking beer watching the game I bite my lip sitting on his lap. Continue reading

Discovering My Older Sister

I was 20 when my grandma had passed away and my family was all back in town for her funeral. Everyone except my younger sister Teresa who was locked up for some drug possession. Her being absent added to my mom’s distraught. It was her mom that passed and Teresa being absent wasn’t helping.
Teresa and I are twins, and mistakes. My older sister, Nova, is 15 years older than us. We were not planned. Continue reading

Seducing and hitting on my mother until she finally accepts it

Majority of the sex I had with my mother was in the summer of 2018 (winter 2018 for those in the northern-hemisphere), although I live in Australia and I was on school break. This all started to take place when my father took my younger sister and they left for summer break. Mostly done to avoid they’re failing marriage and constant arguments. These made for prime conditions for me to be a deplorable sex addict, although nothings really changed. Continue reading

My story with my brother

I’m Lenka and this is my story with my brother. I was 17 years old and he was 16. He very much wanted to fuck me and kept asking me about it. I kept denying him. That night we were both home alone – my brother he asked me again if I would let him fuck me and I said no again. He masturbated in front of me and had seen him do it before. I lay down and left him playing with his cock too much as he wanted. Continue reading

Susan and her two daughters

Susan was 32 years old when I first met her (4 years older than me). She was short, a little bit chubby (which i liked), had nice 34DD tits, a nice phat ass and curves. She was my ideal body type. And she had two daughters Kate and Jeanie.
Kate was 14 years. She was tall, slender build but she wasn’t skinny, she had some meat on her bones. She had a nice ass with a great set of firm C tits. Continue reading