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The Ideal Indian Bride (part : 4)

My father in law made me fuck every night with unknown men. All day and night I fucked men I did not know. The servants fucked me too. I was every body’s wife. They fucked me very hardly and cum in my pussy.
One day my father in law told me that we should go to the village and live with our relatives for some days because there was a pooja festivle in the village.
We went to a train and my father in law took seats for us. Continue reading

Mom younger and older and mother inlaw

this is a true sotry, not one of those she came in and had me jump on her. I was a normal teenager, except the home life, mom and dad where devoriced for a few years I lived with family members. When i was 14 i went to live with my mom again. she was in her 40s then, we had seen each other often. we lived in a 2 bedroom apartment. I had reently found about touching myself and it felt good, saw some playboys. Continue reading

My wonderful Arab Dad

I am Humaima a girl of 20. My story started the day my father came to know that I am not a virgin. This was my secret, which I disclosed to my mother, whom I trust, but she has a bitchy nature and she spilled the beans. One day my cloths were in washing so I wore one of her black bra, (she wants me to wear white only). She became furious.
“Bitch, whom you want to seduce,” she shouted
I told her the reason but she kept calling me a slut. Continue reading

Dont knock it till you try it

Jasmine was a nice looking girl she had nice b cup boobs perky and she had a juicy curly body nice ass, to bad she hid under boy clothes and only girls got to see.
Her brothers Jordan was confused he knew she’d never tried dick so why just chose pussy over it.
Jordan was 5’2 muscular and had tanned skin like Jasmine while Jasmine’s hair was black and straight his was floppy on all sides and curly. Continue reading

How rubber gloves could be used for sexual relieve

Mine mother and I were always together. I had 1 jonger sister and mine father was never in the picture. I was born as a boy but knew from when I was little that I liked to wear girl cloths and do girl thinks better. Liked to play with dolls more than little cars. Liked to wear mine sister’s clothes more then mine own boys cloths. Mine mother found out and went to an psychiater for it. Continue reading

My step brother fucked me

So I’m just turning 18 and in senior year of high school and my step brother is also a senior. He is a volunteer Firefighter and is kind of buff. Lately I’ve been thinking about him and before I go to sleep I make up a scenario of him saving me from a burning building or something like that. When I’m around him I get kind of anxious but he seems to not notice.
Mom and dad are always out with friends and partying, so my step brother and I are always home alone. Continue reading

Fucking My Sister 1

This is the story of how me and my twin brother screwed our sister. This is only part one of this story and I have no idea when the next part will be out or how many parts there will be.
I woke up around three in the morning on a hot Sunday night during summer break. Someone was knocking on my door. It was my twin brother Chase.
Chase: Carter, come see this!
Me: What Chase?
Chase: Come! Continue reading

A Twist In The Road

11 o clock was the magic hour because Robyn worked over night shifts and would leave for work around 1015 so by 11 I was settled in comfortably without the added bullshit she brought. It was a typical week night not much going on so I stretched out in the bed and sent Jenny a text. “Hey you what you doin?” “Sittin in the dark on the couch watching lifetime” she replied. Oh really anything good on I joked back. Continue reading

My daughter and I started more exploring

I was working for company where I had some afternoons off, the kids came home from school and I gave them lunch. My wife worked at a bank and only came home around five. My daughter was really getting beautiful with her blonde hair and long slender legs, at eleven she was really a pleasure to look at. One afternoon I was laying on the bed paging through a porn mag and getting real horny, my son was playing in his room as usual and my daughter was suppose to be doing homework in her room, she suddenly appeared in the door and asked if she could come and lay by me, I thought why not. Continue reading

Sex in the gym pt2

It was a week or two after I showed my ex gf the video I had taken of me and the new gym teacher when I saw her again I was going to get a phone charger from my sister’s bedroom I walked in to see my sister and my ex in the 69 position and just as I was about to turn around she asked me to bring the gym teacher to the old swim hole in the forest I thought it was weird but I said yes the next day we drove along the rough track in the forest we were in Jane (the gym teacher) car. Continue reading