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Becoming a Gurl

I am a lifelong CD, back when I was 14, I dressed every chance I got in secret. My parents worked so summer was perfect for me to wear my mother’s clothes. Since her clothes were a perfect fit for me, I would try on everything, and on occasions I would get brave wearing one of her wigs and go outside, on one of these times I walked a couple of blocks. I was in heaven. I was wearing this wrap around dress that the breeze would blow open the skirt. Continue reading

Pocket Pool

Honestly, so much happened so quickly that it’s hard to keep track of what happened first. Okay, before that Julie came over to my house, to show off her new bras. A bunch of times, because she got a lot of them, but she was the first to graduate from training bras, to A-cups.
Not sure who left the door open, I guess we both forgot to close it, but this one time she took her whole dress off, and turned around, this way and that to show me from all sides. Continue reading

Fun around the campground

We kept a camper at a campground in another city as a place to just get away. But it gave us a chance to have lots of fun. The campground was beside a big lake with a dock for small boats and had a little store with a community game room next door. They also had a nice swimming pool. We went there year-round but the real fun came in the summer months.
It was perfect for my wife Lynn who was an avid exhibitionist. Continue reading

Sex with my best friend

My best friend growing up (David) was always rather flamboyant. Even at 9 or 10 it was very noticeable. We had always fooled around, as young boys sometimes do. I’ll show you mine if you show me yours kinds of things. We slept at each others house almost every weekend and always slept in the same bed and always in only our tighty whiteys. Never thought anything wrong of it. I grew up in a religious home but my mother didn’t have any objections to me having a flamboyant friend whose Dad was gay. Continue reading

My Uncles girls butt

On the way to their apartment his girlfriend Molly said she was going to take a shower. I started thinking why would she say that. She stopped at a store and my uncle stayed in the truck with me. “Do you wanna see her naked?” He asked. And all i could do is smile big. My cock at full attention, thinking of her soft, slim body and especially her ass. Her ass was amazing. So we get to their place and she immediately goes for the shower. Continue reading

The Obsession begins

Saturday night with Jenny went about like Friday night did and ended around 2 am. We had a baseball game to attend on Sunday that Robyn was unable to attend cause apparently she had too much to drink the night before. While sitting about 10 ft away my phone goes off. It’s Jenny “omg I’m so sore what have you done to me?” I chuckle and respond back “mmmm apparently I gave you exactly what your body craved ;)” she blushed and smiled down at her phone. Continue reading

A Sleepover to Remember

Another weekend another out of town tournament so I was excited till Jenny told me that Robyn begged her to go with her. “Well that sucks I have to work this weekend so I was hoping you’d get to stay behind and spend the weekend with me” I said. “Yeah I know but I literally got tired of being asked and harassed about it so I finally gave in and said yes. I’m sorry.” Jenny responded. “I do have some good news though” Jenny said. Continue reading

Goat Mamas Hyper Cream Pie / An Undertale Fanfiction

Hello my dears. My name is Toriel and ever since we left the monster caves with my child, we had a new life in the world above. I began my new life as a teacher for both human and monsters and I live a comfortable life with my new son Frisk. He is a good boy and he would always do the right. He sometimes do weird things though like how he at times flirt with me. Still I love him no matter what. Continue reading


[HeyLee wants to chat.]
“Huh,” I checked her profile, then I remembered her, from her pic. A selfy, holding the tabletphone up to cover her face, and turned so that you couldn’t see her crotch, but one buttock peeking around behind the other one, with a slight twist at the waist to match with her small, but perky breasts.
HeyLee: I have a problem.
Jackweb: Well, you know that’s the first step. Continue reading

Stuck and Stretched made by the Warlock

(Hey guys, the Pussy Gaper here. This is not my work, it was made by a different author who put so much work into this master piece and I really love this story. His name is Warlock and he use to post his things on Tumbex but since last year he said his final goodbyes on his account. I recently found him in Loosepussyland Tumbex and my girlfriend and I read his story so many times as we were fucking. Continue reading