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CU rAider (FB)

I was just sitting on the bus, looking out the window, when we went past a break in the trees, and I saw something.
“Did you see that?” The boy next to me was turned around.
“What?” He shook his head, but of course, it was past.
“Nothing,” I guessed, maybe he wouldn’t believe me if I told him, but I’d swear I saw breasts bouncing, in the short glimpse I got through the trees.
The bus squeaked to a stop, so I pushed his shoulder. Continue reading

Ashleys Tale Part 2

Hello it’s Ashley again with another bit from my interesting sex life. First I must say that my family brought out my inner slut and I am not complaining. The revelation that came from my Step- dad’s rule for no clothes while my mom and I were home really got interesting when we had company. One example would be Dad’s game night when a few of his friends came over. There was another rule that he put in place was no underwear beneath our clothes. Continue reading

Blackhead Strips

I had just picked out a locker, and hung up my bookbag, to get dressed. Then, I heard “Dude, what’s with the purse?”
I had to pull it out to get my shorts, and tank top out. “It’s not a purse. It’s uh. Ditty bag.” It just sounds so silly, when you say it out loud. “That’s what they call it in the Army, or at least my granpa called it that.”
“Well, it looks like a purse.” More guys gathered around to point and laugh. Continue reading

So Hot

“Huh!” It was hot, but at first, I’m not talking about hot, and wet, or sexy at all. I mean, it was pushing 90, and I guess I wasn’t used to it.
Partly because we all kinda skipped right past Spring to Summer, staying shut in, but then the City decided that they had everything under control, so if you took precautions, it was safe to come out.
Also, because some time between last fall, and this May. Continue reading

Blackmailing the neighbours wife

It all started last summer when I glanced out the window and saw my neighbour’s 38 year old wife laying on their sofa masturbating. The living room curtain was wide open in the front of the house as well as the side facing us, and it was pretty obvious that she was being an exhibitionist. Now most exhibitionists like exposing themselves in public ways but if they’re ever actually seen or caught they bolt out of sight. Continue reading

My wife loves to masturbate for truck drivers

My wife is 47 years old some would call her a milf because of her age and body. Kassandra asked me before this virus has us on shelter in place in Mississippi,if I could take her for a ride. Sure go get ready I told her. So she went and put on light skirt with skimpy things halter top that leaves her big boobs hanging out ,she grabbed some toys to play with big pink vibrator and green dildo so she can stick to the passenger side window and do her thing. Continue reading

Call Guy

“I’m a bachelor, too!” I tried to tell my dad, “I don’t even have a girlfriend,” but he said I was too young to go to the party, and instead, I had to go watch the stupid kids next door. So anyways, they passed out about 11, and they were so happy to get to stay up late, on a school night, but that left me with the couch.
Stupid old couch, the springs are shot, so it sags down, and even with a pillow under my side, my shoulder digs into the cushion, and it makes my neck hurt, so I got up. Continue reading

A close call

It was amazing watching Jenny’s transformation in just a couple of weeks. How she went from shy and timid to aggressive and insatiable. In just a few weeks I watched the same woman go from someone who was afraid to meet me in the most casual of senses to someone who would suck my dick in a parking lot and not think twice. One of the best transformations was watching her inner disdain for Robyn grow and her become much more territorial over me. Continue reading

Becoming a Gurl

I am a lifelong CD, back when I was 14, I dressed every chance I got in secret. My parents worked so summer was perfect for me to wear my mother’s clothes. Since her clothes were a perfect fit for me, I would try on everything, and on occasions I would get brave wearing one of her wigs and go outside, on one of these times I walked a couple of blocks. I was in heaven. I was wearing this wrap around dress that the breeze would blow open the skirt. Continue reading

Pocket Pool

Honestly, so much happened so quickly that it’s hard to keep track of what happened first. Okay, before that Julie came over to my house, to show off her new bras. A bunch of times, because she got a lot of them, but she was the first to graduate from training bras, to A-cups.
Not sure who left the door open, I guess we both forgot to close it, but this one time she took her whole dress off, and turned around, this way and that to show me from all sides. Continue reading