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Raping sex worker true story

a couple months ago before all the Coronavirus stuff I was in Nashville TN for a conference. I had an itch for some pussy so I started driving around a sleazy area and finally saw a young girl to my liking. she was short, brown hair real skinny. Told me she was 22. Obviously on drugs or something. I picked her up n she told me only $50 to fuck her so we went to a cheap motel. I poured us each a couple vodka shots. Continue reading

I destroyed my sister

When I was 16 I got my little sister who was 15 at the time really high on some kush. She had never tried it before,she got really stoned. We were both high laughing and talking then we smoked up some more I kept giving her more. Eventually she was laying in my bed halfway passed out.
I started kissing her and rubbing her boobs she muddered a little bit so I thought she liked it. I started rubbing her pussy and she started moaning. Continue reading

Ball Room (Valentines)

“This is the place,” I got out, and put on my hat, while Russ backed in. Climbed up the loading dock, and beat on the door.
“You better go around front.” He said, right before Emily pulled up the elevator door. Well, half of it, the bottom rolled down at the same time. “Oh, you want me to back in?”
“No, there isn’t a garage up there, but you can unload the.” She looked down the window in the hatch back. Continue reading

Messed up Holidays, to messed up life 2

Rare occasions leading to rare nightmares. My birthday is a rare one because it comes once every four years. As I sat hookah pipe in my mouth, browsing through all my birthday wishes on the 29/02/2019. There was one particular text that caught my attention. M I a perverted officially 36 year old man? M I at the prime of my sexual predatorship? That particular text read ” Happy bday daddy lover, we wish you a day filled with lots of pussies ( ours). Continue reading

A sexy news reader forcefully fucked chapter II

But he chroformed me. I didn’t expect that from him. I didn’t know what he was going to do. After 4 hours, I gradually regained my consciousness. But, I felt severe pain in my abdomen and my private areas. I wept for getting raped by that man.
I felt my hands were tied with a rope which was tethered to the beam on the roof. I was in standing position with my hands upraised. I was unable to predict his thoughts. Continue reading

Uncle fucker

I was a mistake. I’m the youngest of 4 and significantly younger than my siblings. I wasn’t planned. I was a mistake.
My sister, the older of the 2 I have has 4 kids. The oldest is just 2 years younger than me. Her name is Katie and she’s 14 and in 8th grade. She’s thin and athletic and an aspiring gymnast. Her black hair reached just to her shoulders, and she has dark brown eyes. She’s tall with long legs and very flat chested. Continue reading

Mamas little Bi

Incest is abuse, even covert incest. I’m skipping past the years of grooming here, to get on with the action, but these things don’t just happen. They take preparation, and that prep is sexual abuse. Even before the incest becomes more overt, and physical. Don’t try this at home…
“Momma,” my little boy came in, “Are you pregnant?” Not so little any more, he’s just turned 13, and next year, he’ll be going to high school. Continue reading

Marcus Claudius (part 3)

Marcus Claudius , his Adiutor, and his two favorite Decurions (leaders of a 10 man tent) slowly climbed the slope to the small village he had just taken on the Romans Army’s invasion of Gaul .
He was still slightly annoyed that the village had held out for two days, but at least it had given his men time to relax, eat the villagers crops they had been growing in the fields where he had camped. Continue reading

One in 3

“I’ll see all yall later,” I said goodbye to my friends, after school, and looked back. Before I got to the car, they turned the corner. So, they wouldn’t see what I was doing, I grabbed the door handle, but it was locked.
“What do you want?” He leaned over, but he didn’t roll down the window.
“Uh, let me in.” I didn’t even have to lean over, “I just want to talk.” He finally unlocked the door, so i could get in. Continue reading

Had no idea I was getting raped

I think I was about 8 or 9 when this happened. It was a normal school day and it was a sports evening so I had to stay at school until like 5PM. My brothers friends brothers were about 2 yours older than me.
So the one brother took me to the toilet because he wanted to show me something weird. At that time I had no idea about sex and about cocks and that. So he said take your pants off, but I didn’t want to then he took my pants off. Continue reading