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Rainy Day (Gb)

“Huh!” In never thought he was cute, before. Okay, maybe in that way that some little kids are. I don’t know, androgynous? There’s not really any big difference between boys and girls until, well.
Okay, I was just starting to notice, a few things that ment my body was going to start changing. I talked to mom, and she told me about my period. I didn’t have that yet, but there were a couple things that started sticking out. Continue reading

My little cousin Demi

It was a saturday night, I was at a family get together at my cousins house, me and Demi were the only two kids there so everyone else was getting drunk and partying. Demi has always been pretty hot she has long brow hair, Blue eyes and she’s mixed. Anytime i seen her i always had to hide my boner that was trying to burst out of my pants, that night i had enough of fantasising about her and decided to make it reality. Continue reading

Pay your debt or this Bank will take your wife away

It was a warm spring night, Mathew James sat around the table with his wife Elizabeth , the two men and there wives that owed him money sat silently each sipping a glass of wine. Another wet cold spring, a bone dry summer , then pouring rain day after day at harvest time had made for a disastrous crop for the second year running, any chance the two men had of paying even the interest on the loan to the Mississippi Bank of Burnt Bridge owned by Mathew James had gone, and and any thought of paying off the actual loan was a pipe dream. Continue reading

Brother fucked me (Part 2)

Hy i am Malissa.I shared my first sex with my brother(sam).now im gonna share what happened after that.
So sam fucked me that first night.i enjoyed it but i knew he did that so he was gonna do it after the night he fucked me.on the morning when i was eating breakfast he started to talk with me. Indirectly he was asking me that if i were awake last night.i said that i was not.i added that i am a deep sleeper and i dont know anything happens around me after i sleep.i saw his devil smile on his face.then he started to move forward.he started flirting with me.i let him do that.after a while he said something strange that i wasn’t prepared for.he told me “you know sister i usually sleep naked.but now im sharing room with you thats why im not comfortable”. Continue reading

A Wife’s Punishment Part 2

Jenny text bright and early the next morning. “so is our little dog slut awake yet?” “Nope she’s still out cold lol” I responded. “I’m going to tell you this because I love you … it’s time to ruin her for good” Jenny said. “Oh yeah and what do you have planned for that” I asked. “I have a few more toys on the way. They should be here by the end of next week. Until then use the two she got last night on her as often as possible. Continue reading

The Bad Day Continues

Jenny steps out of the shower as I’m walking in the bathroom. My head is still spinning of the way she used Janine to get me off. “Mmm hey stud are you ready to punish that little bitch some more?” She asks. “Mmmm you know I am what do you have in mind.” I ask. Jenny lifts your panties which now have a very visible yellow stain on the front of them and holds them to her nose and inhales the smell of Janine’s wet cunt and piss mixed. Continue reading

Man of the house

It all started when my parents got a divorce. Me and my younger sister Becca moved to Tennessee with my mom. I was 15, Becca was 12, and my mom, Debbie, was 42. Things were normal for awhile but I often heard noises coming from mom’s room at night so one night while she showered I hid in her closet and got quite the show later that night as she played with her pussy until she came. I masturbated at least 3-4 times before sneaking out and back to my room.i was still horny ..I knew Becca took sleeping pills and slept like a rock so I went to her room and got in bed with her. Continue reading

Drunk daughters first time pt2

Woke up just as the wife walked in, looked at the clock and realised it was midday,
Asked her why she didn’t wake me earlier? and she told me I had a busy night and deserved a lay in, fair enough I said.
I asked how bobbie was this morning and she proceeded to tell me she’s proper suffering laying around on the sofa moaning her head hurts she feels sick and her tummy hurts, my cock kinda twitched as she said about her tummy thinking thats probably down to me, she then tells me we need to have a chat later, dread feels me and my heart starts to beat fast, what is it just tell me now I say,
But she tells me to get up showered and come have some lunch and we can chat there as Bob’s going back to bed for a few hours. Continue reading

Losing my innocence

I was 10 and had an uncle I loved we always talked about creating a monster truck for a monster truck Rally it was going to be our own personal project. I was excited, happy, and nervous as I didn’t know how we were going to make it. It was a stormy day so I was stuck inside he was my babysitter as my mother and stepdad were at work and my biological father wasn’t allowed to see me that day as I was grounded. Continue reading

Drunk daughters 1st time

Bit of background, been happily married to my wife now for 15 years, neither of us have cheated or strayed, and still have a healthy sex life despite having a daughter just turned 13, she is our only child so tends to get away with quite a bit.
This is happend just before Xmas 2019 so still fairly recent, Bobbie our daughter asked us if she could sleepover at her friend Daisy’s tonight, they have been best friends since the start of school and always staying at one and others house, so after checking with Daisy’s mum we agreed it was fine for her to go. Continue reading