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Honeymoon on wheel

Hello friends, my name is Rajiv a 26 year old male. The incident I am about to tell u happened on Salman wedding. He was one of my childhood friend. I never liked him and wanted revenge for telling my girlfriend how I fucked one of his cousin. This happened when we were 16 and I will tell u how I fucked his cousin. After that I banged his mom and sisters as revenge. But I wanted to complete my revenge by impregnating his wife before him. Continue reading

Daddy’s Cinderella

Finding alone time inside the house was sometimes hard to come by. Jenny knew this but her desire for the next step in her journey was strong. The winter break for Christmas made “day dates” harder to come by so we had to make the most of the Friday nights Robyn had to work and Jenny didn’t have the kids. But in the same sense my kids were at home so there was only so much freedom we could get away with on those nights. Continue reading

A Victorian Wifes Wedding Night (part 3)

Standing as still as a statue, Elizabeth Robinson felt Belladonna one of her new husbands most trusted servants run her hand and fingers around the top of her legs. She gave a little cry as the back of Belladonna’s middle finger ran the length of her lips protecting her vagina from prying fingers.
” Hahaha “laughed Belladonna, “whats the matter Lady Elizabeth,did I excite the virgins cunt, I hear your a virgin, is that right,” she asked the poor frightened girl . Continue reading

Journey of a Pain Slut – Act 2

PART 1 – The Guy
I sat back on the large rock next to my bag. I was exhausted, but elated. This past few hours had fuelled my desires, my kinks, my perversions … and how!
This girl, my Little Girl, whose actual name was still not known to me, nor mine to her, hung by her wrists above me, several feet from the ground as the dusk turned to twilight and the darkness began to descend.
It had been a relatively warm December day with heavy cloud cover and a deluge of rain. Continue reading

My wonderful Arab Dad

I am Humaima a girl of 20. My story started the day my father came to know that I am not a virgin. This was my secret, which I disclosed to my mother, whom I trust, but she has a bitchy nature and she spilled the beans. One day my cloths were in washing so I wore one of her black bra, (she wants me to wear white only). She became furious.
“Bitch, whom you want to seduce,” she shouted
I told her the reason but she kept calling me a slut. Continue reading

A whore at 50 looking 40 (last weekend)

Things had been looking good in the couple of weeks since left Prison , I have not got a car yet or a place to live and call my own, but the woman who’s apartment I was staying in has taken a long bus ride to Denver to spend a couple of weeks with her family, so I have got the place to myself.
The guy who is now pimping me was an ass hole over the weekend, he called me on Friday said he had a request for a “few” girls to work a party Saturday night and was I interested. Continue reading

Online meet up

Taking place one year after my cousin and I had sex. I became a sexually active young gay boy, and I enjoyed my first sexual experience with him. I wanted to find a gay boy my age to fuck.
In middle school but when that didn’t work. I turned to social media, how did I know? Well my friend told me about MySpace, and that it was a fun place to find and meet people on there.
I created my account; started to search for any friends but another problem occurred. Continue reading

I abused 3 chicks for my perverse pleasure !

I am 68-year old bastard, a thorough pervert. i pass time watching porn, chatting with young girls at different dating sites, show myself fucking on cam, and also invite escort girls for my private pleasure. I have many friends above my age. in their seventies, They abuse little girls mercilessly. Sometimes I commit extraordinary feats of raping poor girls, beggar girls, kidnapped girls. Continue reading

The one Im ashamed of

When I was 7 I met my best friend, Jason. We played baseball together and slept at each other’s houses almost every weekend. He and I were pretty inseparable. He lived in the same apartment complex that I lived in so we were never really that far away from each other. We became even closer when his dad started dating my mom. The relationship didn’t last more than 2 months but for a short time we pretended to be brothers. Continue reading

Father Vincent

When I had just turned 12 I lived with my single mother and attended Catholic school. My mom thought it would be good for me to be an alter boy and I had been for a year or so. I just turned 12 when my mom got a new very good paying job that required her to work weekends, so she went to our priest and explained her situation. Father Vincent who was a tall thin man in his 40s told my mom she could drop me off on Sunday mornings on her way to work, around 5:30 am. Continue reading