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Gang-banging Prissy Pat While Kim Takes Photos

A couple of weeks after Kim had suggested I bring some friends over to fuck his wife I happens to mention it as a bunch of us were having a cold one. one of the guys said BS and I whipped out the photo on me doing her as Kim took the picture. You could see from the photo she was pretty good looking and when I said she sucks cock and swallows and does 2 guys at a time, they got all hot to do her. Continue reading

Wife Gangbanged For My Job

Hi I am Vibrant live in Mumbai. I am 30 years old. My family consists of my wife Mansi 28 years old. As we were married early so we also have one son who is 4 years old.
I was working in a company and had a reasonably good salary. We had bought our flat on bank loan. But one day we were told that our company has been acquired by an American company. A party was organized to celebrate this occasion. Continue reading

Be careful what you wish for

Hello to my readers, as some of you know I am a erotic Black male dancer and I’ve lived out and enjoyed every one of my sexual fantasies. I’ve recently become engaged to an Indian Brazilian beauty, but I won’t tell her real name, lets just call her Demi since her favorite actress is Demi Moore. Demi loves me, and I love her, but she knows that most of my sexual fantasies and lust belongs to a friend of mines’ wife Kathy. Continue reading

Mom and son caught/wedding anniversary!

I was finally able to watch all the recordings of my wife and son during the lock down.i had a blast.i could not wait for some hot new that Kathy and I are back to work after two long months of fucking lock down.monday was are wedding anniversary.kathy told me Friday she was going to be off if I could get it off,her work was still kind of slow.i knew she was hoping I had to Continue reading

Sharing wife with older men

My wife Lynn and I got married when we were both eighteen years old and only months after we were married we started taking nude photos of her. This soon led to us showing her photos to a close friend and then to a threesome with him. And before long we found ourselves in the swinger lifestyle swapping wives with other couples, threesomes and exhibitionism.
This was in the late seventies and VCR’s were first coming out. Continue reading

Over heard husband planning

I’m Sandy I’m a 46 yr old housewife, I have been married to Bob for 28 yrs. Me and Bob have 2 children together,i also have 2 kids by.. that’s a different story already posted here somewhere.. well last night me and Bob watched a movie and a few shots of tequila,i wondered why he insisted on me taking a couple trying to get me drunk,i asked Bob,no he replied just helping you enjoy the night. Continue reading

Micheles mistake

Michele and I have an understanding, if she can benefit by fucking someone else she can, but she must tell me.
Michele is forty eight and fit, ex cabin crew and still got the looks. She works in admin now, and travels a little for work. She screwed up recently. She helped out at a firms promotion party with family members present.
Michele got chatting with the son of one of the potential customers sons, he looked about eighteen or nineteen, thick build and as black as coal, his name is Sabastion, but known as Seb. Continue reading

My wife gang banged

Tammy started out with our friend Tom that is married to a woman we hang with and they had an ongoing affair for a short time then she branched out wanting to try different men and at first she would go out to a bar and pick up a guy and let him take her home and fuck her then she would come home to me and show me her well used pussy with his seed all over her pubes and her pussy looking all swollen and used and we would talk about her date and then we would have sex. Continue reading

My Husband, his best friend Teddy and Teddys nephew Brad

Some of you might know me from my bestiality videos with a few of my ex-boyfriends dogs and the one video of me getting fucked by his brothers horse in Texas. Well this is about another part of my sex life now, which is a new chapter in my true to life sexual adventures with my husband. I’m a beasty whore and I love it, my husband accepted that and loves me more because of it. I’ve spread my legs for his six closest friends and he’s shared me with them for the entire three years of our marriage. Continue reading

Watching my wife get fucked by strangers

My wife and I got married when we were 18 and soon after we got married we started having threesomes with some of our male friends. I was surprised at how turned on I got watching my wife sucking another guys cock or seeing them fuck her. Before long we were looking for every opportunity to have another guy join us in bed. And I always got so hot as I watched her slowly strip in front of them. Continue reading