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How I found out I was a cuckold husband

This this is how I found out I liked it when my wife was getting fucked by our neighbor! He had came over one night and my wife Renee was getting in the bubble bath so she ask me to get the door so when I opened it I yelled to her it was our neighbor Lou and she said for us to come in the bedroom and she would be out in a few minutes! I thought then how this was going to be a interesting night! Continue reading

My bestfiends wife is my lover (Ode to Kathy)

I come to see my best friend in NYC (lets call him Richard), we sit at a Cafe sipping either coffee or tea, as he and I discuss a few issues that he has been helping me with, but all the while I’m imagining making love to his sweet, soft wife Kathy. I’m lost in the fantasy, the imagery of the pictures he sent me of her, I fall in lust at first then over the next year the lust turns to love as I assess my feelings for her against the feelings I have toward my fiancée. Continue reading

Wife is addicted to big cock

My wife and I were at a local bar when a guy came in we know from the bar. He was not a friend of ours, but he was a familiar face. The bar was full so he asked if he could sit at our table. We were chatting and having a little small talk. He was telling us about his heart attack he had a few months ago. He is only 40 years old. He decided he needed to change his lifestyle and start exercising. Continue reading

Polyamorous Deborah

Hi everyone, it’s me Debs, the wife who gets to tell her sexual events her way, as I express my true affection for my husband Brandon, and his life-long best friend Steve, and for those who don’t know about us, we live a Polyamorous lifestyle, where my husband lives as a willing alpha Cuckold, not a sissy Cuckold, as I’m unequally shared with his best friend Steve as his girlfriend, lover and surrogate wife, and Steve is allowed to date and have other sexual relationships, but my husband Brandon must remain faithful to me, and I have to remain unfaithful to him, but faithful to Steve. Continue reading

Threesome with my wife

Love the threesome with my wife
I met my wife on line many years ago, she was from another part of the world so was not too sure if we were going to hit it off or not, just normal chat for a couple of weeks then she asked me if I like oral, I said yes and asked if she did too and she said yes then I said giving and receiving and she said yes again, that’s all it took and we took our relationship to a whole new level of conversation. Continue reading

Thinking of my ex-swinging wife

Many a times I am thinking of all the fun we had with my wife. We started swinging after we were married for 15 years. One of the best stories we had was in Venice. My fetish was to watch her fuck big black guys. I had won a trip for 2 in Venice by my company so before the trip we met a black guy on line and after she decided she liked him we actually met him when we arrived. He came to our hotel room because he was going to take us out for dinner and then we would all go together to a swingers club nearby. Continue reading

After Party

Dad (MF fmmG. D/s.)
Beverly dropped me off in the parking lot, and I got in my car. Unsure about where this was headed, but it was late, it had been a long week, and I was just happy to have the report finished.
She’s not my boss, but she is an Executive, and she went over the Sexual Harassment policy at the company. I denied sexually harassing her, and she laughed. Washed it down with a sip of wine, and then kept her voice down. Continue reading

Niccy Hicky

I barely even remember my biological father, and what little I remembered was him yelling. He, and mom were fighting all the time, and then he left. I don’t know why she kept her wedding ring on so long, but then she got the divorce papers, and took it off.
She threw it in the sink, and broke the garbage disposal trying to grind it up, but she didn’t get it fixed right away. We just had a broken sink, that leaked, and a mixing bowl under it. Continue reading

My wife’s second threesome

For the readers information – This is a TRUE story of how I got my wife into letting other guys fuck her and sucking their cocks. The first time Is the story – MY WIFE’S FIRST THREESOME and this is the next party with the same guy.
2 weeks after meeting with Arlie for Linda’s first threesome, she was more that ready to have another one as she had loved the first one except her cunt was a little sore for a few days from taking his 9″ cock to the hilt. Continue reading

My Wifes Fourth Threesome

A week after the cocksucking party with Arlie (My Wife’s Third Threesome) we were laying in bed with Linda looking at the album and licking on my cock when she asked when we were going to do another party. I told her Arlie had called and asked the same thing. She said he could come over for some more cocksucking but she was not going to let him tear her up anymore. I commented she was getting into this cocksucking in a big way. Continue reading