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Blackmailing Mom

I think they left the blinds open, so they could keep a lookout. I did that, sometimes when I had the house to myself. So, I could look up dirty stuff on the computer, and [x] out the Incognito window, when somebody came up.
Of course, I had my phone, too. It’s just such a tiny little screen that if you zoom in enough on any detail, you can’t see anything else. I got it out, and didn’t even try the door to find it locked. Continue reading

Young wife Blackmailed by boss

Things had been very tough with the financial situation. We owed for our house,in debt with the credit cards and our 5 year old son Pete needed fitting out for school.My husband Dave was clinging on to a part time job,but it was’nt keeping our heads above water.There was an Accountancy firm in our town and I heard they needed a clerk. It rang alarm bells as rumours about how staff were treated had gone round,but the pay seemed ok and we were about to get a foreclosure on the house. Continue reading

Pretty little flower

Emily Flower was only 5 when her mother died, after that her father started drinking and after one too many times of her not turning up at school because he had been drunk and overslept she was quickly placed in an orphanage, in 11 she had never forgotten her father and then one day she was called to the head of the orphanage. As she walked into his office, she saw herself in the mirror, small roughly 5’3, short brown boyish hair with large C cupped breasts hidden in her baggy shirt, she dressed girly up until 14 when the president of her school had invited her into his office and ordered her to suck his cock or get expelled, she never told anyone about this and kept doing it for a year until another girl reported him for the same thing. Continue reading

Show Dont Tell (BbGg Toy)

I couldn’t believe my luck, when Blaine and her little sister got on the bus, they sat right in front of me. That wasn’t the best part, but Blaine, she’s in 6 grade, and a lot farther along then some of the other girls. At least all the girls that ride my bus, but I had the seat to myself.
As usual, it’s not like nobody wants to sit with me, they just didn’t fill up all the seat yet, is all. Continue reading

Susan and her two daughters

Susan was 32 years old when I first met her (4 years older than me). She was short, a little bit chubby (which i liked), had nice 34DD tits, a nice phat ass and curves. She was my ideal body type. And she had two daughters Kate and Jeanie.
Kate was 14 years. She was tall, slender build but she wasn’t skinny, she had some meat on her bones. She had a nice ass with a great set of firm C tits. Continue reading

Problem of an Army Soldier’s Wife

Dark Dilemma… For 26 year old Jennifer Brennan, life had just been a dream up to the last year and a half or so, with basically everything going straight downhill when her husband’s unit was called up to replace another unit returning from the Middle East. Her husband was a lieutenant, fulfilling his military obligation after having graduated from college on an ROTC scholarship. Gary, her husband, was not really a gung- ho military man but the ROTC program was a means of his financial ability to get through college. Continue reading

Wife Pays for Husbands Shortcomings – Chapter 8

Mr. Jones, Jenny, and Jane washed up after Jenny lost her virginity and then returned to the kitchen for what was now a late lunch. Jenny then went to her friend’s house, Jane did her grocery shopping, and Mr. Jones did some office work at the desk in Jane’s bedroom.
Later that night, after they all turned in, Mr. Jones ordered Jane to go to her son’s room and have sex with him. She begged for Mr. Continue reading

Wife Pays for Husbands Shortcomings – Chapter 7

Chapter 6… Jane’s listless arm dangled at her side as she dragged her robe along the floor. She was naked, except for her bra which somehow had remained on. Her legs felt like rubber and her mind was dazed as she staggered back to her bedroom. Jane was sweaty, with her wet hair stringy and sticking to her face; and her son’s sperm was dripping down the inside of her thigh. It wasn’t until she entered her bedroom and saw Mr. Continue reading

Teen Modelling

We are mixed race asian, we are identical and we are to be fair very attractive and we also had very mature figures as children, we were 32 D and curvy and in addition having spent time around much older models and noted that so many shaved their pussies so we ere shaving ours from a very early age and we would shave each others to make sure no accidents, we believe that this revelation was overheard by the photographer o one particular shoot for bikinis in Spain. Continue reading

Blackmailing the neighbours wife

It all started last summer when I glanced out the window and saw my neighbour’s 38 year old wife laying on their sofa masturbating. The living room curtain was wide open in the front of the house as well as the side facing us, and it was pretty obvious that she was being an exhibitionist. Now most exhibitionists like exposing themselves in public ways but if they’re ever actually seen or caught they bolt out of sight. Continue reading