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Wife Pays for Husbands Shortcomings – Chapter 7

Chapter 6… Jane’s listless arm dangled at her side as she dragged her robe along the floor. She was naked, except for her bra which somehow had remained on. Her legs felt like rubber and her mind was dazed as she staggered back to her bedroom. Jane was sweaty, with her wet hair stringy and sticking to her face; and her son’s sperm was dripping down the inside of her thigh. It wasn’t until she entered her bedroom and saw Mr. Continue reading

Teen Modelling

We are mixed race asian, we are identical and we are to be fair very attractive and we also had very mature figures as children, we were 32 D and curvy and in addition having spent time around much older models and noted that so many shaved their pussies so we ere shaving ours from a very early age and we would shave each others to make sure no accidents, we believe that this revelation was overheard by the photographer o one particular shoot for bikinis in Spain. Continue reading

Blackmailing the neighbours wife

It all started last summer when I glanced out the window and saw my neighbour’s 38 year old wife laying on their sofa masturbating. The living room curtain was wide open in the front of the house as well as the side facing us, and it was pretty obvious that she was being an exhibitionist. Now most exhibitionists like exposing themselves in public ways but if they’re ever actually seen or caught they bolt out of sight. Continue reading

Best Subject

I was busy, trying to catch up on history, or back into even thinking about it. So, I didn’t even look up until Brandy came up behind me.
“Hey,” she pointed over my shoulder, “You know that guy over there?”
He was grabbing his stuff, to run off. “No, he’s cute?”
“Yeah. Well, I just thought you should know he was taking pictures of you.” She hopped down, and straightened her bookbag, on her back. Continue reading

Young wife Blackmailed by boss 2

The next morning I woke up with a sick feeling in my stomach,thinking about the events of the previous day. As I came into wakefulness I hoped it was a nightmare,but immediately knew it was’nt. Dave had already left for his job at the library and I got up not wanting to face going to work.
I knew Sharp had all the cards stacked against me,so I put on my work suit and got to the office on time. Continue reading

Wife Pays for Husbands Shortcomings – Chapter 6

Chapter 5… Jane’s abused and exhausted body trembled as she stood at the front door to her house, hesitant to enter. Dried sperm was all over her body and in her hair, and her clothes were filthy from laying on the dirty dance floor and people stepping on them at the Japanese company party. But she couldn’t remain outside in the condition she was in. Her only hope was that neither of her children were home. Continue reading

The Orc War Trophy

A long time ago I use to be a warrior for my Elven brothers and sisters of the Elwood Age of the Aeldari Republic. I use to be apart of a small village where I lived as a soldier for my people and I was consider as beautiful in my lands. Gelflings would always remark on how beautiful I would look in their ideals of Thra while the Woodland, Mountain, Mirkland, and Dark Elves would ask to be theirs as their wife. Continue reading

Helping next door milf

I had returned home to stay with my parents after being away for some time and I was 25 at time.
My parents both worked and I was taking a week off, I knew the couple both near my age next door and they got on well with all. I had drink at local pub with them at weekends Sally was a real beauty and sun bathed in her garden in a black bikini showing all her assets but it was always clear that Brian her hubby watched her closely and did not take her being chatted up. Continue reading

Young wife Blackmailed by boss 3

I left work and when I got home went upstairs and started looking through wardrobes and drawers, I had really been wearing very ordinary clothes since Peter was born. I found a skirt I had worn at college in my teens and held it up. It surprised me how short it was and realized how quickly I had settled into the respectable young mother role. I put it on and pulled out a suspender belt and stocking Dave had once bought me for Valentines. Continue reading

A Wife’s Punishment Part 2

Jenny text bright and early the next morning. “so is our little dog slut awake yet?” “Nope she’s still out cold lol” I responded. “I’m going to tell you this because I love you … it’s time to ruin her for good” Jenny said. “Oh yeah and what do you have planned for that” I asked. “I have a few more toys on the way. They should be here by the end of next week. Until then use the two she got last night on her as often as possible. Continue reading