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Wife Pays for Husbands Shortcomings – Chapter 9

By the time they arrived home, Jane had dried off but looked a mess. The hosing outside the back of the diner washed the surface grime off her, but it didn’t actually clean her. And her clothes dried wrinkled and her hair dried stringy. With all that had been happening to her, Jane wasn’t surprised at her bad luck when her daughter saw her enter the house.
“Holy shit! What ya do, fuck an entire army barracks?” Jenny exclaimed. Continue reading

In my pants

I thought, maybe somebody was getting into my underwear, but I had no idea who. For one thing, the only man in the house was my dad, and for another, he didn’t get in my dirty laundry, I don’t think? Well, it’s not like I folded up my clothes in the basket, but in the morning, when I got up, or sometimes when I took a bath before I went to bed.
Sometimes, they were out of place, and I’m not OCD about it or anything, but mommy always did the laundry with me, and she showed me how to pull my undies out straight. Continue reading

Wife Pays for Husbands Shortcomings – Chapter 4

Read Chapter 3… Jane wanted to run as fast as she could when she left Mr. Jones’ office, but she didn’t want to be conspicuous. So she walked at a fast pace, wishing to put as much distance between her and the two perverts as quickly as possible. Every time she was with Mr. Jones, Jane ended up doing more and more degrading things. In her wildest dreams — nightmares actually — she would never have thought she’d ever have sex with a woman. Continue reading

Blackmailing my sister for sex

I was lucky enough to catch my sister giving her boss a blowjob.
It was the summer after my high school graduation and I had nothing to do till I started college in the fall. I had not been able to find a summer job so I was just going to hang out and relax for the next couple months. We lived in an upper middle class neighborhood in a nice house on a two acre lot and we had a pool at home so I expected to spend a lot of time in it and to invite friends to come over and join me. Continue reading

Just curious

I am a female. I was put in a position where I had to have sex with a stranger. And I just have a question for you guy’s why does this turn you on to force a girl into sex? Even worse to get her pregnant. How does this make you happy?
I have to put more text on here or it won’t take it.
On spring break I got a ride on a motorcycle with a guy I didn’t no. He rode a long way down the beach to where he was staying. Continue reading

Dark Dilemma of a Soldier’s Wife

At the mere age of 25, Mrs. Jennifer Brenner felt so helpless and scared, praying daily that somehow things would improve across the world. Such would only be the case that would bring about a cancellation of the recent call up of her husband’s guard unit. Prior to marrying her true love, Jennifer knew of her fiancé’s military commitment and grudgingly was forced to accept it if the marriage was to take place. Continue reading

The revenge sex

Hi I am Rachel, and this is my story (true story). So i had a friend named Lisa we are friends for over a decade since middle school. She was better than me in every thing like subjects, sports etc.. so my parents always compare me and her and it was really irritating to me. We went to high school were very one really wanted to be in a relationship or lose their virginity. So i had a boyfriend in my high school days he was really and hot and one of the popular guys in the school so every girl would look at me in jealousy and i liked it so much. Continue reading

Driving shotgun

I picked up my sister, and her friend, Astrid. From the middle school, they said “Pop the trunk,” and loaded it up with old gym mats.
“What are those for?” I asked Astrid, when she got in up front, then Harmony closed the trunk, and left the rest by the curb. There was piles of them, apparently “They got new mats, so they said we could take the old ones.” She shrugged, getting in. “Drive around the school, real quick.”
I shook my head, but then Astrid said “Hey,” and smiled at me. Continue reading

Kinkiest sex Ive ever had:

I caught my 9 year old cute as a bug neighbor girl having a wild sex romp with her Labrador retriever and I started blackmailing them into performing their dirty deed for me.
I made Kira come over to my house with her black Labrador retriever Jack and get naked. I stood and admired Kira’s 9 year old lithe slim body. The only hair on her was the shoulder length dirty blonde hair on her head. Continue reading

Dad dog best friend and me the park

The weirdest fortnight ever ,last Tuesday I was walking the dog on our local park which is a large area with lake children’s area various picnic areas tennis courts mini golf etc and several car parks , its about 8 going dark and im feeling horny as hell I’m parked in a secluded area so what the hell skirt up knickers off two fingers slid straight in so eyes closed sliding in and out rubbing my clit I opened my eyes at point of Cumming to find a lad stood about 3m meters away with his hand down his jeans. Continue reading