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Sex with my dog and boyfriend after volleyball practice

Hi I’m Cora I play volleyball and this is my story about sex with my boyfriend and my dog max. So one day last fall I was really horny after volleyball practice I decide I would call my bf to come over and to have sex since I really need some dick in tight pink pussy. He came over he started to lick my pussy omg it felt so good I cummed at least twice over his face he said I tasted so sweet kind of like Carmel popcorn but I sweet and salty from all the sweat from volleyball practice. Continue reading

Indian Mallu Mother & son – enjoy vacation on a lonely sea beach part-2

Her big boobs were now fully nude and she was clinging to me in shame. I put my fingers in her waistband and pulled her panty down. Mother bent down and removing her panty took it in her hand.
Now she was standing fully nude near me. Her naked body was shining in moon light. She was looking like a goddess of sex. She was though bit chubby but very sexy. She was bushy on her cunt and her big boobs were at least 38DD. Continue reading

Biker Rape

My Father, Mother and I were camping across the country in an RV. Dad pulled into this camp ground in an offsite location. When we got there we were to only one there. About 8 pm I heard a loud rumble and up pulled a biker gang. About 15 to 20 bikes. They look rough and gross. My Mon told me to get into the RV and wait.
My dad was 32 years old and mom is a years younger at 31. She was about 5’ 6” blond hair and deep blue eyes. Continue reading

Introduced to cheating by husband, but fell for his best friend Kevin

I cheat on my husband all the time, hello, my name is Michelle, I’ll withhold my last name, I’m 28 and have been married for four wonderful years. I love my husband and we enjoy our lifestyle choices. I’m a hotwife, but at first I was very reluctant, but I really got into it after a few months, anyway I’m getting ahead of myself. Richard and I met at a mutual friends dinner date, and he and actually he and I hit it off immediately, he is tall, ripped and drop dead gorgeous. Continue reading

Auntie Christa

Dad dropped us off, with our overnight bags, but he had to go out of town for a job interview, and mom had to work. So, we got to spend the night over there, in her big old farmhouse, but she didn’t have a farm, or a family.
Just the big old house out in the country, with a pretty big yard left, after they sold the fields to the neighbors. She practically had a playground, with swingsets for kids of different ages, slides, and stuff, but we were getting a little too old for any of that. Continue reading

First experience with my cousin sister

Hi all I’m bhaskar . Im in to textile Business. This my first store with my cousin sister .
While coming to store me and my cousin sister navaneetha had a affair before her marriage but now she got divorce After her divorce she started living independently .
Navaneetha age is 30 and I’m 25 . I came to know about her divorce matter and thought of having a chance with her .so I normally call her. Continue reading

My Brothers wife

This is my first story, so let’s just get right to it.
My older brother(let’s call him chace) has been married to his wife(let’s call her Lili) for over 10 years now, and they have 2 kids, two girls 4 & 6. Chase works as a medical doctor and Lili works as an IT consultant for one of the local companies, so most of the time she works from home.
I have always like visiting my brother, because he has a really nice house. Continue reading

Beths punishment

I had made the mistake of telling my oldest sister that my boyfriend and I had been having sex. I needed someone to talk to about it, and I thought I could trust my sister. We had a big family fight, and my sister ended up telling my dad about my boyfriend and I. He was so angry. He smacked me across the room and told me to go to my room. I cried all night, expecting my dad to come in and beat me for what I had done. Continue reading

Jerking Off For Mother

Let me start out by telling you a bit about myself. My name is Ryan, I got caught by my mother watching the 100% real incest videos on that we all know of, and I am your typical 18 year old whose hormones are in crazy overdrive. All day, every day, all I can think about is sex and when I can jerk off next. It’s become so crazy, I honestly believe I am hard 24 hours a day. Continue reading

Wrestling Matt

At first, I didn’t really realized why I liked wrestling so much, probably because I was too young. I remember watching it, Saturday mornings after cartoons, and thinking that looked fun, but then my big brother said “No, wrestling is for Homos.”
Well, if you think about it, Monday Night Raw, and the flamboyant way some of the wrestlers dressed, or acted. Macho Man Randy Savage, doesn’t that kinda sound like a porn star name? Continue reading