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She offered herself for her husbands life

At approximately 9 p.m. on June 27, Florence F., age 57, and her husband Samuel F., age 66, had just parked their car in the garage of their apartment building in Montgomery Township. Before they reached the garage stairway, they were surrounded by three young black men, named Joseph T. and Norman and Michael G.
Joseph and Michael held guns to the temples of Samuel F., while Norman trained a gun on Mrs. Continue reading

Fathers day

On Father’s Day, at approximately 1:00 p.m., Sally, a 48 years-old senior curator for an Art Gallery at T. University, heard a knock on the door, and a voice asked:
“Can you tell me where room 215 is?”
She answered through the door:
“It’s upstairs on the second floor.”
Within seconds, she heard a second knock at the door. A voice said:
“We can’t find 215.”
She opened the door and saw a young man standing in the doorway, wearing a white t-shirt and white jeans. Continue reading

Pig Worms

“Huh!” I stood in front of the mirror, watching my hair dry. I don’t know why I thought that dying it brown would change what I am.
Isn’t that the joke? “What do you call it when a blonde dyes her hair?”
“Artificial Intelligence.” Ahahahahahaha!
I don’t feel any smarter, but how could I be so stupid? I knew he was a liar, but honestly, I had no idea why he always went to check his E-mail when he came over to my house. Continue reading

Fucking my husbands young uncle

Good afternoon my readers, I’m addressing my new reader and friend Carol and dedicating this storied event for her and my love Kevin. I was in my bedroom masturbating to the sight of my husbands uncle, when my husband walked in, to my surprise. He immediately began to eat my pussy, while I stared out the window at his uncle, wishing it were him. I squirted in my husbands mouth, and we got into another position, dogie style, as he plowed into me while I called him by his uncle’s name and begging, In a whisper, his uncle to fuck me. Continue reading

Very first Blow job by older man

I think I was around 14 at the time, I wasn’t old enough to drive but I did have a girl friend that would have vaginal sex with me once and a while. I lived with my parents in the country a few miles outside of town so if I wanted to g into town I either had to wait for a ride from my father or hitch a ride. Back then you didn’t hear very much of anyone getting hurt or killed when they hitched a ride so for me it was common for me to go into town a few times a week. Continue reading

A Vampire’s Debaucheries Chapter 1

I’m certain most people have some sort of vampire fantasy these days… Wanting to escape into a world of dark passion, sinful erotica and the freedoms of immortality….but what’s that saying?… “Be careful what you wish for…. You just might get it!”
Now then, let’s think. How best to start? Maybe let’s start on that night? Yes, may as well, that night, the night I met her, the night everything changed, the night I became a bloodsucking deviant and the beginning of my fall into the deepest of depravities…. Continue reading

Another ride

Hi I’m Emily,  16 year old junior in high school. As you may have read, my older brother started fucking almost daily me when I was 13, until I was almost 15. If you haven’t,  please read my story, The Ride.
My body has changed a lot in those few years, most of all my tits, I now have perky 34C size breasts with chocolaty brown nipples that get hard and pointy enough to poke an eye out. Continue reading

Big sister gives a little brother a boner

My name is Ben and I loved to get naked with my sisters I was just 10 and my little sister was 6years old and my oldest sister was 12 . We were out side on a hot summer day and I said let’s get naked my oldest sister said I know a place ware no body can see us I said ok it was the shed that had ower bikes and toys in it me and my little sister tuke our clothes off and oldest sister said I have what she has she pushed her shirt and bra up and out came her boobs I look down and my penis was was sticking up like a flagpole my oldest sister said why does it do that I said I don’t know? Continue reading

Brother And Sister Underneath The Sheets

I awoke in daze. I had stayed up all night watching the verified real incest videos on Peering at the clock it read 6:47am, much earlier than I normally wake up on a Tuesday. It was summer after all, school was out and my twin sister and I were going to be attending the local university in the fall. Why was I awake? I normally slept in until 7:30 to my alarm.
Then I hear a soft, muffled moan through the wall. Continue reading

Candice trading girlfriend

Hi everyone, my name is Candice and if you’ve seen my videos on pornhub, where my boyfriend Fredrick and his buddies fuck me, then you know who I am. I’m a single 20 year old attached white Michigan female who’s been fucked by my Uncle, Cousins and my boyfriends buddies since middle school in 8th grade, and all through high school. He, my boyfriend Freddy, didn’t have to try real hard to have me fucked by his fraternity brothers, who are all living on the 3rd floor, not the fraternity brothers on the first and second floors. Continue reading