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Family get together Part 1

this Christmas Eve 2019
my family always has Christmas get together. This year it was hosted at my house one of my Nieces Reyna (Rey) who is a 12 year old (2019) and is tall for her age, with long tan legs attached to a firm bubble butt ? , she has cup side boobs but doesn’t wear a bra ? , if I had to compare her to a Young Actresses it would have to be Storm Reid (in her Pre-teen years). Continue reading

Lesbian with my daughter

I am helen a 40gearsold mature brown long hair with blue eyes big breasts 1,70height i am married with jason and we have two daughters joan 16years old and kate12yearsold i read all stories in this site and i take decision to write my real story, in my secret life i am bisexual jason is working as captain in ships and he leaves for months most times and then i discovered my other side with women first not my daughter. Continue reading

Mom and I on halloween

Now that my sister Kathy is away at college,mom and I can do alot more fucking in the evenings without worrying about being caught by my sister,for months we had to be real and I have been fucking for about a year now,most of the time in the evenings while dad is at and I always come up with great ideas to keep the sex exciting,were having so much fun behind closed Continue reading

Forest encounter

My name is Vivian, this is a record of the events leading up to my stupid rape.
I had spent several years overseas working on projects and had become moderately wealthy. I had a few lovers but by the time I returned home, I was definitely single. I could have lived off my savings, but I wanted to do some work and earn my own keep.
I was 34 when I started part-time work in a boutique lingerie shop. Continue reading

CU rAider (FB)

I was just sitting on the bus, looking out the window, when we went past a break in the trees, and I saw something.
“Did you see that?” The boy next to me was turned around.
“What?” He shook his head, but of course, it was past.
“Nothing,” I guessed, maybe he wouldn’t believe me if I told him, but I’d swear I saw breasts bouncing, in the short glimpse I got through the trees.
The bus squeaked to a stop, so I pushed his shoulder. Continue reading

Head out back

I know I was supposed to be watching her, but I wasn’t expecting her to get into mom’s room. Then, I heard her run down the hall, and looked out of my room, to see the master bedroom door, wide open. Then, she slammed the door.
The back door, and while I was supposed to keep her from leaving, the house, it was okay if she wanted to go out in the back yard. In the rain, with her friend Kensie jumping up, and down, excited. Continue reading

Ashleys Tale Part 2

Hello it’s Ashley again with another bit from my interesting sex life. First I must say that my family brought out my inner slut and I am not complaining. The revelation that came from my Step- dad’s rule for no clothes while my mom and I were home really got interesting when we had company. One example would be Dad’s game night when a few of his friends came over. There was another rule that he put in place was no underwear beneath our clothes. Continue reading

A Wife’s Punishment

It was no secret that Robyn was a bitch. If you saw us all out in public it was much more believable that me and Jenny were married and Robyn was the bitch friend. So one day about 2 weeks before Robyn’s birthday she decides that it would be a good idea to act a fool on me in public. I walk off and immediately Jenny sends me a text, “don’t respond to her I have something in mind to teach her ass a lesson. Continue reading

Cats on the Roof

It was my boyfriend’s 16th birthday when I gave him my virginity. We set up a place and time where we’ll have sex and he will bring some porn DVDs from his older brother’s collection.
We decided to have unprotected sex in the attic at my parent’s house. We were both excited and got so horny from watching porn! The pussy licking made me cum so hard. My boyfriend licked all the fluids coming out and begged for more. Continue reading

Losing virginity in hotel at age 11 preteen

the first time my stepmother used my body instead of hers for money I was age 11 and a virgin. we drove to a hotel around 8pm . It was very run down and the room was dimly lit. on the drive over she told me a man wanted to meet me and this would help out our family. I knew I’d be having sex for the first time, I was nervous but also excited.
so we got there and she instructed me to take off all my clothes and lay on the bed. Continue reading