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Hi I’m Marian male 15. (have a twin sis)
For this story you have to know some info: I had sex with my sis my mom and my cousin and my sis also fucked dad.
Our parents are knowing about me and my sis and so one day me and my sis where in the living room and watched TV and our parents called us upstairs to her room. When we went up and in the room we saw our parents siting on the bed, and they said we should sit on the bed. They said they know about me and my sis and know about that I fucked mum and dad fuck my sis. I and my sis didn’t know what happened At that moment. So my parents say they would do this again but this time together. I and my sis said we have to talk and went out to talk if we should do that, but we went after a minute in and agreed. We and our parents put our clothes off and laid in the bed my dad started to grab my sisters breasts and I started to lick my moms hot wet juice pussy. When I watched to my sis I saw her pussy, and she was so wet that all dripped on the bed. After few minutes I started to push my 6,9 inch long dick in my moms wet pussy. My mom moaned very loud and said I have to go faster, so I went faster. I hammer my dick in her, and she came after two minutes 3 times on my dick. When I saw to my sis my dad started to push his dick in her wet pussy and started to fuck her doggy style. Meanwhile, I fucked mum very hard and laid a little down to suck her breasts. After ten minutes i said I’m close, and she said I have to cum in her so in shot my big load in her hot wet dripping pussy. I laid on her and kissed her. After a minute I pulled my dick out and my cum and her pussy juice dipper on the bed. A few minutes later my dad came in my sis. My dad laid down and my mom went to my dad to give him and blowjob. My sis and I made 69, and she gave me a blowjob and I licked her pussy. I licked so hard that she came right in my face and turned around and kissed me. I went up and my sis laid on her back and I stared to fuck her anal and suck her breasts hard. My mom never tried anal and dad asked if they can do it too. Meanwhile, my dick went in and out off my sisters ass. I fingered her pussy, and she came two times on me after twenty minute I came in her ass and push my dick much in as I can. When my dad put his dick first time in moms ass she screamed very loud and came in the same moment. After I come into my sister’s ass I pulled out and started to fuck her cum dripping pussy. She moaned and after eight minutes i come into her hard. After that i laid down and kissed her and my dick was still in my sis and i fell in sleep and our parents fell in sleep too. Next day we all stand up and went naked down to eat breakfast. I sat on my sisters left side and our parents were in front of us. My sis starter to give my and handjob and I came on her hand and kissed her.

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