Honeymoon on wheel

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Hello friends, my name is Rajiv a 26 year old male. The incident I am about to tell u happened on Salman wedding. He was one of my childhood friend. I never liked him and wanted revenge for telling my girlfriend how I fucked one of his cousin. This happened when we were 16 and I will tell u how I fucked his cousin. After that I banged his mom and sisters as revenge. But I wanted to complete my revenge by impregnating his wife before him. I planned my final revenge once I got invitation from him.
I went to the ceremony and met with him. The ceremony was taking place in another city and train reservation were made to come back once all was done. Rest of people were in regular coach but reservation for bride and groom was made in top tier compartment. I knew someone in reservation and I bribed him for reservation next to theirs. While in room he ordered food for bride. He went to pantry and asked if he could get some drinks. I told the bartender to put pills in his drinks. While going back to his compartment he got dizzy. I grabbed him and told him he might be weak due to ceremony. So, I will drop him to his room.
He accepted the offer but he became unconscious before reaching home. I knew he was most probably knocked out for whole night. I removed his clothes and wore them. Then I locked the room and went to his compartment. I opened the door and moved in. His wife Asifa was lying in the bed. She was 5’5″ tall with a sexy face. Most attractive were her broad red lips on her perfect white face. Her figure was 37-28-37 with prefer round ass and huge tits. I locked the door and switched off the light. Then I went close to her and placed my hand on her waist. With her face turned to other side she said we agreed we will not do anything in train. I was thinking it would be easy to get her in pitch black but now I knew I need to play rough. It just turned me even more.
I placed my hand on her boobs and started to massage them. she got up in shock and told me to stop. I said nothing and placed a kiss on her lips. She was reluctant to do that but I kept her pinned down. Then I got up and stood in front of her and slipped out of lower exposing my 8″ rod. I grabbed her hair and pressed my dick against her lips. She softly said I like how rough you are. It only motivated me to get rougher. I pushed my dick in her mouth. She was only able to get the tip inside. Her mouth was so tight. It only increased my motivation to punish her. After allowing her to lick and suck my dick for few minutes, I pushed hard pushing almost whole in her mouth. I could even feel her tonsil against my dick and then I pushed even further reaching her throat.
As I entered her mouth completely she was not able to breathe. She tried to push me away but I kept going deep. Then after few minutes I moved out of her mouth and allowed her to breathe. I did the same a few more time. I could feel her tears rolling down her cheeks on my hand. It just made me even hornier and I pushed harder in her mouth. After few minutes I was about to cum. I decided not to tell her and dumped cum deep into her mouth. She gagged and coughed for few seconds. She was angry for cumming in her mouth. She started to hit me and said you are mean. I didn’t reply to her but I flipped her getting behind her. I pulled down her lower and untied her blouse. She was wearing nothing beneath the blouse and was standing there only in her panties.
She placed my hand below her blouse and started to massage her huge boobs as I bit her on the neck. I was kissing and biting at her back. Then I turned her and pulled her blouse up and started to kiss her on the nipples. I sucked her nipples while I massaged her boobs. Then I moved down and ripped her panties leaving her completely nude. I placed my dick on her pussy and roughly pushed. She was wet but moaned in pain you are too big for me, please stop. But I ignored her and kept on giving hard push. My tip entered in her and she dug her nails in my back. She was literally shaking from the experience.
I kept on going rough until I was completely inside her. Then I started to move in and out of her. She kept on begging me to stop but I knew she wanted me more. I kept on going slowly picking up my pace. She was shaking in pain and pleasure. The intensity of her shaking told me she was having an intense orgasm. I kept on moving fast without giving her a moment to rest. As I moved I got closer to orgasm. After a while I cummed in her pussy for next few moments we were hugging each other tightly. She said softly I love you, Salman. After hearing those words I remembered I need to ruin her completely and her ass was still intact.
I twisted her and made her move in doggy position and got behind her. I was having cream with me and I applied it over my dick for smooth movement. Then I placed it over her asshole and pushed hard. It was so quick she was not even able to react. She was about to shout but I stuffed her mouth with her blouse. I went harder and harder until I was completely in. She was bleeding from having my dick in her ass. She was moaning and crying in pain. But her pain made me harder and I increased speed and intensity of my pushes. She was trying to push me away but I twisted her hand behind her back. And kept on moving harder and harder. After moving for a while I cummed in her ass.
Due to the rough ass fucking she lost her consciousness. I left her there and went to my compatment. I dressed Salman in wedding dress and moved him to his couch. throwing him on floor. I looked at Asifa and got an instant boner. I wanted her to know it wasn’t her husband who banged her. But I clearly knew the risk and turned off the light and moved out of the compartment. Then I reached my station and got off the train. It was one of the best train trip I ever made. I soon heard that Asifa was pregnant. I think it’s my son as day add up but it’s hard to tell. So, I kept a straight face not telling anyone what happened that that and how lucky I was to use Asifa like that.

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