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Pig Worms

“Huh!” I stood in front of the mirror, watching my hair dry. I don’t know why I thought that dying it brown would change what I am.
Isn’t that the joke? “What do you call it when a blonde dyes her hair?”
“Artificial Intelligence.” Ahahahahahaha!
I don’t feel any smarter, but how could I be so stupid? I knew he was a liar, but honestly, I had no idea why he always went to check his E-mail when he came over to my house. Continue reading

A Vampire’s Debaucheries Chapter 1

I’m certain most people have some sort of vampire fantasy these days… Wanting to escape into a world of dark passion, sinful erotica and the freedoms of immortality….but what’s that saying?… “Be careful what you wish for…. You just might get it!”
Now then, let’s think. How best to start? Maybe let’s start on that night? Yes, may as well, that night, the night I met her, the night everything changed, the night I became a bloodsucking deviant and the beginning of my fall into the deepest of depravities…. Continue reading

Another ride

Hi I’m Emily,  16 year old junior in high school. As you may have read, my older brother started fucking almost daily me when I was 13, until I was almost 15. If you haven’t,  please read my story, The Ride.
My body has changed a lot in those few years, most of all my tits, I now have perky 34C size breasts with chocolaty brown nipples that get hard and pointy enough to poke an eye out. Continue reading

Brother And Sister Underneath The Sheets

I awoke in daze. I had stayed up all night watching the verified real incest videos on Peering at the clock it read 6:47am, much earlier than I normally wake up on a Tuesday. It was summer after all, school was out and my twin sister and I were going to be attending the local university in the fall. Why was I awake? I normally slept in until 7:30 to my alarm.
Then I hear a soft, muffled moan through the wall. Continue reading

Lesbian with my daughter

I am helen a 40gearsold mature brown long hair with blue eyes big breasts 1,70height i am married with jason and we have two daughters joan 16years old and kate12yearsold i read all stories in this site and i take decision to write my real story, in my secret life i am bisexual jason is working as captain in ships and he leaves for months most times and then i discovered my other side with women first not my daughter. Continue reading

Head out back

I know I was supposed to be watching her, but I wasn’t expecting her to get into mom’s room. Then, I heard her run down the hall, and looked out of my room, to see the master bedroom door, wide open. Then, she slammed the door.
The back door, and while I was supposed to keep her from leaving, the house, it was okay if she wanted to go out in the back yard. In the rain, with her friend Kensie jumping up, and down, excited. Continue reading

Ashleys Tale Part 2

Hello it’s Ashley again with another bit from my interesting sex life. First I must say that my family brought out my inner slut and I am not complaining. The revelation that came from my Step- dad’s rule for no clothes while my mom and I were home really got interesting when we had company. One example would be Dad’s game night when a few of his friends came over. There was another rule that he put in place was no underwear beneath our clothes. Continue reading

Losing virginity in hotel at age 11 preteen

the first time my stepmother used my body instead of hers for money I was age 11 and a virgin. we drove to a hotel around 8pm . It was very run down and the room was dimly lit. on the drive over she told me a man wanted to meet me and this would help out our family. I knew I’d be having sex for the first time, I was nervous but also excited.
so we got there and she instructed me to take off all my clothes and lay on the bed. Continue reading

Teen Modelling

We are mixed race asian, we are identical and we are to be fair very attractive and we also had very mature figures as children, we were 32 D and curvy and in addition having spent time around much older models and noted that so many shaved their pussies so we ere shaving ours from a very early age and we would shave each others to make sure no accidents, we believe that this revelation was overheard by the photographer o one particular shoot for bikinis in Spain. Continue reading

Rats! (Part 2)

By now, I had started to figure things out. Mother WANTED
me to fuck my sisters. Yes, and she even seemed to want me to
get them pregnant too! What a sexy thing to happen to a
perennially horny teenaged boy. If this was just another wet-
dream, I hoped I never woke up.
I decided to test my hypothesis a little further.
“What about Cathy and Judy,” I was going to ask, when Mother
stopped me with a final injunction that seemed to answer my
question without my asking it. Continue reading