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Unexpected First Dick

I was 15 years old and I had started basically raping my mom while she would pass out from a cocktail of pills and alcohol. I had been doing it about a year now and it was slowly becoming mundane. The thrill of it had gone away and it felt like the end.
I was hanging out with a neighbor kid, Joe, that was a year younger than I was and I really only hung out with him because he lived next door and it was convenient. Continue reading

Family fun

Hi I’m Marian male 15. (have a twin sis)
For this story you have to know some info: I had sex with my sis my mom and my cousin and my sis also fucked dad.
Our parents are knowing about me and my sis and so one day me and my sis where in the living room and watched TV and our parents called us upstairs to her room. When we went up and in the room we saw our parents siting on the bed, and they said we should sit on the bed. Continue reading

2 men in my pussy

I was 15 years old and already had been having frequent sex. There was a mattress in the woods at city park where teens would go hang out and sometimes have sex at. I agreed to meet a man I met online and his friend there. The man claimed he and his friend were 25 years old but when i saw them i realized they were older and didn’t look like the pictures but i chose to go ahead anyways since they were each paying me $50. Continue reading

Father Fucks Me HARD !!

Jack woke up with a raging hard on. Thinking about the 100% verified real incest videos he watched on the night before. Morning wood was the best wood as Marion often observed, thick and hard with the skin smooth and tight over his engorged shaft. On the weekends they would often delay getting up and make love in the soft dawn glow filtering through the curtains. When the children were little this was often the only time to be alone and the faint sound of morning cartoons had been a frequent soundtrack to their lovemaking through the years. Continue reading

Daddys only true Girl

Welcome my horny Readers, first of all, the Bio of our protagonists ?
Alexis: 15 years old, 150 cm, 60 kg, Breasts Size DD close-Set, curvy and firm ass, natural brown skin, sportly Body, brown-blonde long hair, green eyes. A very charismatic girl with a popular Reputation cause if her “noticeable” outlook in School and talentes for many things. One day she founded her Moms phone opened with a chat of her new secret fiancé. Continue reading

Pretty little flower

Emily Flower was only 5 when her mother died, after that her father started drinking and after one too many times of her not turning up at school because he had been drunk and overslept she was quickly placed in an orphanage, in 11 she had never forgotten her father and then one day she was called to the head of the orphanage. As she walked into his office, she saw herself in the mirror, small roughly 5’3, short brown boyish hair with large C cupped breasts hidden in her baggy shirt, she dressed girly up until 14 when the president of her school had invited her into his office and ordered her to suck his cock or get expelled, she never told anyone about this and kept doing it for a year until another girl reported him for the same thing. Continue reading

You guys are sick

You guy’s think it’s awesome to have sex with a girl you don’t no and get her pregnant. For the girl it can be life changing. I am 21 yo now and have a 7 yo daughter I become sexually active at 14 lost my virginity to a 19 yo guy. I didn’t no what I was doing but he did.
Well shortly ofter I lost my virginity my family went on vacation for spring break to the beach. My parents trusted me to stay by the hotel and not wonder off. Continue reading

My first dick

I had just turned 13. We still lived in the same 3 bedroom apartment but my grandfather had recently passed away so the 3rd bedroom was now mine and my 12 year old cousin’s. Despite being cousins, we acted like brothers. We fought like brothers and we got along like brothers. Derek was a year younger but his sexual curiosity was almost at the same level as mine. His mom wasn’t very sexually active, but now that my mom had a room to herself again, she was back at it with whatever guy she met at the bar that particular night. Continue reading

My Mother, My Whore.

My Mother was 21 when she married my 38 year old Father, she was 22 when I was born, and she was the one woman in our little town of 784 people that all the guys would have given there right nut to fuck.
Black hair she had this gypsy look about her , and a great figure, she was the happy type, would help anyone in trouble ,did everything she could for the local charity’s, just a great all round person and a real good wife and mother. Continue reading

An afternoon with a Pedophile

I had been chatting online with what I thought was another young girl of about my own age. We got on very well and after several weeks of exchanging messages and texts, we decided to meet up for an afternoon at her place. But it would have to wait till the school holidays.
She told me she had an older brother, Edgar, who might be home at the same time, and he was interested in chatting with me. Continue reading