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A Tale of Two Sisters

I’m not sure what came over me or what possessed me to even think of such a thing.
I’m Megan, I’m 17 and I was watching my 9 year old sister after school. My parents usually got home late and I had to make sure she was ready for dinner then bed when they got home.
This involves giving her a shower, I just had to help rinse her hair out, she’s just getting used to taking showers on her own. Continue reading

Big Brother’s Sex Slave

When I was 12 my 18 year old brother Max went off to college half way across the country. He came back to visit every summer and during spring break. Every summer my parents go off on an “exotic” vacation for the whole summer so it was usually only me and my brother. This year was his last year at college and he was moving into an apartment about 20 minutes away from the house and I planned to move in with him so this was our last summer in the house. Continue reading

My little cousin Demi

It was a saturday night, I was at a family get together at my cousins house, me and Demi were the only two kids there so everyone else was getting drunk and partying. Demi has always been pretty hot she has long brow hair, Blue eyes and she’s mixed. Anytime i seen her i always had to hide my boner that was trying to burst out of my pants, that night i had enough of fantasising about her and decided to make it reality. Continue reading

Becoming a Gurl

I am a lifelong CD, back when I was 14, I dressed every chance I got in secret. My parents worked so summer was perfect for me to wear my mother’s clothes. Since her clothes were a perfect fit for me, I would try on everything, and on occasions I would get brave wearing one of her wigs and go outside, on one of these times I walked a couple of blocks. I was in heaven. I was wearing this wrap around dress that the breeze would blow open the skirt. Continue reading

Fuck my neighbor son

My 13 years old neighbor son used to come by me to do homework, his parents wasn’t home, mine wasn’t home too neither, so I finished his homework, then he was copy it down, while I gone for a shower. The guy went in my phone and saw some of my nude pics in my phone. While I came back I saw he staring at me, I asked him what’s the matter, he just smiling, he said I looked sexy, I felt Lil embarrassed because I was wrapped with my towel only. Continue reading

Make Me a Mommy

“Daddy can you come help me” I hear Zara call from the living room. I walk in and see Zara in the “puppy dog stretch” yoga position but you are much much flatter
“You have got to stop you are going to get in so much trouble with her” I whisper. “But what if I want to be in trouble with you instead” Zara says as she stands up. And glance over her shoulder at me before she bends over into the “downward dog” yoga position
I give Zara a light tap on your ass causing you to giggle “mmm maybe that’s what I need daddy maybe I need you to spank me so I’ll listen to mom” “oh really is that what you need” I chuckle back. Continue reading

Wedding Night

He didn’t ask, he just did it, and after the little kids were tucked in there beds, I went back down to the den. To see what the boys were up to, which was watching an infomercial, for Girls Gone Wild.
You know the one? 30 minutes of drunk college girls dancing around drunk, and playing bi-curious for the cameras. Blurry blocks over their nipples when their tee-shirts got wet, or their bathing suits got pulled out of the way, to shake there boobs together. Continue reading

Uncle asks nephew to fuck his wife

This first happened when I was 19 . I am from Delhi and had got admission in a college in Bangalore where my aunt and uncle resided. I used to stay in the hostel and visit them occasionally on the weekends. Gradually i got quite close to them .
On one such visit I was browsing my instagram when my uncle asked me to accompany him to get some food. I was relunctant but then ge insisted and said that he had something to talk about. Continue reading

My dad spanked me for not having a clean room

I was home alone with my dad and he came into my room and spanked me for it being a mess i moaned because I was horny (i had been watching alot of porn lately) he asked my why i moaned i stayed silent and pulled down my shorts to reveal my g string i was wearing and i could hear him gasp i turned around and unzipped his jeans and his hard 8 in cock sprung out and was in my face i starting giving him a blowjob and he told me if i knew what i was doing and i replied with” yes daddy iv done this many times ” and carried on after his cock was wet enough i went and
pushed him on the bed and i climbed on his cock and started to bounce up and down really fast soon enough he came in me and then i told him its his turn i climbed on the bed and he started licking my pussy and sucking my clit and after about two minutes i had an orgasm. Continue reading

Teen crossdresser finding out has a brother

Well it was a total surprise to me when I was just 17. I just got home and there was a guy talking to my mom a little a couple of years old than me. I was dressed pretty hot that day in a mini skirt and lace blouse and thong matching bra and garter belt and stockings and high heels. Of course makeup and lipstick and accessories.
Well I had been gone for a good two hours. She said introduced us saying that he was my half brother from a fling. Continue reading