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Big sister gives a little brother a boner

My name is Ben and I loved to get naked with my sisters I was just 10 and my little sister was 6years old and my oldest sister was 12 . We were out side on a hot summer day and I said let’s get naked my oldest sister said I know a place ware no body can see us I said ok it was the shed that had ower bikes and toys in it me and my little sister tuke our clothes off and oldest sister said I have what she has she pushed her shirt and bra up and out came her boobs I look down and my penis was was sticking up like a flagpole my oldest sister said why does it do that I said I don’t know? Continue reading

New Girl at School

I don’t play soccer. But we have a new soccer coach, and I have to wonder what brought him to us in a small town in the deep south. They are from Oregon, supposedly. They don’t attend church. His daughter, Kira (names changed to protect innocent), is on the girls’ soccer team and she’s very pretty. Some people talk about her because she has a couple of tattoos on the back of her shoulder, but they like to gossip about anyone. Continue reading

Bachlorette party

Well Mark and I come from well to do Family’s and money has never been a problem we had to worry about and all of our friends are pretty well off also and besides Shirley told me that My Dad had given her money to help finance my going away party.
I was told to dress up because they were going to take me to dinner and have a few drinks and party so I was looking forward to it as I dressed and Mon and Dad kissed me as I left and Dad said have fun baby and Mom said don’t drive if you are drinking take a cab and Sue said she will probably stay at my place tonight Mrs Davis and Mom OK Baby have fun. Continue reading

i use my vacuum to suck on my clit

i’m a very horny women. i’m 22 , medium sized tites with which thighs and a big ass, and whenever i start to get horny and my nipples and clit gets hard , i get my vacuum cleaner, plug it in , sit down , get fully naked and spread my legs apart . i use the hose of the vacuum and place it over my clit and turn the vacuum on and let the vacuum suck on my clit & my pussy lips , oh how i love it . Continue reading

First experience with my cousin sister

Hi all I’m bhaskar . Im in to textile Business. This my first store with my cousin sister .
While coming to store me and my cousin sister navaneetha had a affair before her marriage but now she got divorce After her divorce she started living independently .
Navaneetha age is 30 and I’m 25 . I came to know about her divorce matter and thought of having a chance with her .so I normally call her. Continue reading

Foos Goaled

“Is that your mom?” I heard two boys talking on the bus, and looked over the seat to see one of them holding his phone.”
“No, she’s my aunt.” He sure took a while to answer.
“Well, she sure looks like your mom. Oh, she’s got a twin sister?”
“No, they just look alike, because they’re sisters.”
“Well, she’s a slut.”
“No she’s not, she just got drunk.” At a party, it looked like, and up on a table. Continue reading

Bother and sister dance together naked

My name is Ben I have a once in a lifetime experence to talk about. I was just 10 years old my little sister was 6years old we had a family room at the back of the house . We have seen each other naked she sece she was 4 years old and was 8 years old we sleep next to each other like a married couple . I had a big t-shirt on and underwear she had a tshart and panties on . We Ware Laing thare and I said let’s dance together naked so we got up and clothing came off and we dance together naked . Continue reading

Outdoors Fail

It was late at night when Mr. Pain met his girlfriend at that party, in the Universities…Lights were off, music was loud and the atmospere full of smoke, alcohol and swet was apparently showing a hot night with plenty of sex and promises…
They were drinking, flirting and dancing close to each other the whole night and when the party was about to end, they started kissing and caressing themselves with no stop. Continue reading

New invention goes wrong

This is my story of enduring the most shameful day of my life.
I made a big mistake by leaving the house and getting trapped in crowded places.
I’m a straight guy but I love prostate play. It all started when my ex girlfriend “raped” my ass while bdsm and forced several orgasms. I remember it like it was yesterday. I was lying on the bed strapped on all ends and there was no way to escape when she pushed her vibrator inside my ass. Continue reading

Accidental encounter

In South Africa, Eskom ( Electric power supplier own by Government) implented load shedding. Lemme me introduce myself. I am known as Rider from my soccer playing days. The name stuck. Working in the health sector, there I often knock off around dark. I came back from work work very late on the 15/03/2020. On my arrival it was dark ( pitch black). Had to walk +- 1 km from the public transportation to my place. Continue reading