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You are going to hate me

My boyfriend and I moved in together right out of high school we were in love or as much as you can be at 18. But very soon we found out you need money to live on your own. We were working as much as we could just to get by. So we decided I would become a sugar baby to a couple men lots of money and no one would no. So I met the 1st guy at a cheap motel it was nothing like pretty woman. Continue reading


My ex-bf and I enjoyed the outdoors camping hiking just being outside. He and I went camping on a nice lake we found a good spot in the middle of nowhere. On our 3rd day two men came into our camp ask if we had any beer. My bf told them no and that’s when one of then hit him. He was on top of my bf beating him. As I tried to get to him the other man hit me and knocked me to the ground. Continue reading

Yuris Sexual Diaries Pt 8 Chapter 7, A Looser Feeling

March 22, 2019
Dear Diary,
I’m starting to believe that I am near my goal of permanently gaping my virgin pussy. It’s too sensitive now yet I felt it become looser and even more empty. So much pleasure in such a short amount of time. I think I became some kind of dirty slut, just the one who prefer to keep her virginity.
I never thought my life would change so much. I fell in love with pussy gaping, I use many toys (sometimes more than one inside me), Lacey knows my secret yet she helps me instead of trying to fuck me, I became a furry with a murrsuit, I started to do shows in my new favorite place, and I stopped wearing panties and only using my long skirts. Continue reading

What Best Friends Do Best!

I’ve been masturbating long before I even had my first sex. I really like touching and rubbing my clits until I cum.
Me and my best friend, Dan, have been best friends since childhood. We both grew up in the same neighborhood and even went to the same schools. We both loved going to the movies and watch anything even if it’s not a good movie, we just enjoy being together.
At the age of 16, Dan and I started watching adult movies. Continue reading

She could have been older

(A true story)
So here I am , alone again. England, Midsummer 1979.
It’s going dark, just started to rain lightly and I’m in the middle of nowhere. Well actually I’m on the A38 between Exeter and Plymouth. Been hitch hiking all day from Manchester to Launceston in Cornwall. I picked up a lift at Exeter Services with an old chap in an old camper van but he was headed down the A38 to Plymouth and not the A30 (a more direct road to my destination) but I’m just glad to be on the move again. Continue reading

Just Being A Nice Cousin/Pimp

Like I said before, Elizabeth (names changed to protect everyone) was getting a little more confident and a little more demanding now that she’d fucked my brother. and also as I said before, I liked it. She’s becoming a hot, cocky bitch. She kept up the good girl look, as I have, but something let loose in her once she realized how hard she made my bro when she texted him a pic of her pussy with our double sided dildo in it. Continue reading

Mu Aunts boyfriend

Not really incest. But I have a really cool Aunt she was so different from my mom. I used to go over to her house on weekends to party. Her boyfriend was a biker and he got us good shit.
So I was over one Friday and we were having a good time my Aunt and him were on the couch I was on the floor. My Aunt and he were kissing and she was rubbing his crotch. He undid his pants and she went down on him. Continue reading

Summer with Kim IV

She had on a floral, silky robe. Which she shed on the way to me. God her curves, tan lines and plump lips made me forget I’d just had my ass used by my dad’s brother. “Awe hunny, let me make it better. He used you pretty good didn’t he baby.” All I could do was grunt, I was still semi erect even though I had sent my ropes flying onto my chest a few minutes earlier. When she got to the bed close to me I assumed she was getting on her knees to wrap her mouth around my cock. Continue reading

I married a hooker 2

My wife Alena had climbed into the back of her Russian pimp Dimitri’s car, ” you sure you want to watch ” he said to me , “after all she is your wife ” ? I laughed ,”she was just long enough for her to get married and get her Green Card, now I hardly ever see the bitch , yeah I want to see you punish her, thieving little cunt that she is”.
He laughed and said “get in the front with Maxim,I need to talk to Alena”, his idea of talk sure is different from mine, we had not gone a quarter of a mile up the road, when I heard him slap her, I turned and looked over my shoulder just in time to watch him slap her face again, grab her by the hair and pull her so her face was in his lap. Continue reading

Female Hysterior

Female Hysteria
Practice and treatment
Dennis St. John
This book entirely fictional and solely for adult entertainment as it contains graphic sex between m/m m/b, bondage, rape, taboo subjects, offensive words, and language, and generally ignores PC correctness, the rules of good behavior and good manners. Being duly warned, read on.
Copyright © 2020 by Dennis St. John. All rights reserved. Continue reading