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Outdoors Fail

It was late at night when Mr. Pain met his girlfriend at that party, in the Universities…Lights were off, music was loud and the atmospere full of smoke, alcohol and swet was apparently showing a hot night with plenty of sex and promises…
They were drinking, flirting and dancing close to each other the whole night and when the party was about to end, they started kissing and caressing themselves with no stop. Continue reading

New invention goes wrong

This is my story of enduring the most shameful day of my life.
I made a big mistake by leaving the house and getting trapped in crowded places.
I’m a straight guy but I love prostate play. It all started when my ex girlfriend “raped” my ass while bdsm and forced several orgasms. I remember it like it was yesterday. I was lying on the bed strapped on all ends and there was no way to escape when she pushed her vibrator inside my ass. Continue reading

Accidental encounter

In South Africa, Eskom ( Electric power supplier own by Government) implented load shedding. Lemme me introduce myself. I am known as Rider from my soccer playing days. The name stuck. Working in the health sector, there I often knock off around dark. I came back from work work very late on the 15/03/2020. On my arrival it was dark ( pitch black). Had to walk +- 1 km from the public transportation to my place. Continue reading

Why I Love Gaping my Tight Pussy

Hey my honeysuckles, the Gaping Pussy Queen? here. So we,ve haven’t been writing in a while due to some circumstances, but since we’re kinda back I would finally get the chance to tell my story. Yay!
So where to start off. In many cases even though I am the Gaping Pussy Queen?, I don’t really have a gaping pussy “Most” of the time. In fact I have a virgin tight pussy which both me and my Honey Bunny loves to stretch. Continue reading

Wifes family

This all happened about 15 years ago and yes it actually happened.
My wife and I (in our early 20’s) were dating at the time and staying at her mom’s house for the weekend. My “mother in law” is a widow and an annoying bitch, but pretty hot. And my gf had a younger sister who was still in high school.
We were all hanging out, watching tv, chatting, and having drinks. I noticed that my gf was getting a little horny, so I slowed way down but kept her drinks filled. Continue reading


Hi this was a real story of me.. I have much more feelings in sex and I thought the same for girls do so I planned a online portal and met a girl . So we had a chat and she aslo keen to talk about sex , so every day night we got mad and we do roleplays and sexchat by sending live pics .. and this helps us to get our feelings and cum as well … really it feels thrill when both are in same mood .. Continue reading

Who knew what went on once you joined the Company

We lived in a dump off of Houston in the Alphabet City area of New York City’s Lower East Side . My Mother was hardly ever home, but she paid the bills, and there was always food in the house ,and I always had nice clothes and new kicks to wear.
When ever I asked her when she got up at 5 in the evening where she went of a night time she said “to work, now do you homework,I won’t be long”, and she was always there in the morning, OK in bed and asleep but my breakfast would be on the table and there was always a few bucks for candy or what ever so the world was a wonderful place. Continue reading

Taken advantage – Part 3

I was in big trouble now. I was thinking that I am been used and everything has happened but still there is a big trouble. I had no one to share the problem. I spend 2 3 days thinking what to do and whom to contact. In the end I had no options left except to Richi. I decided to give my body to him and earn the money to pay off and then I will change my house and everything. Next day I went to him. Continue reading

Good Kids Who Couldnt Wait

He’s used dildos in my ass while fucking my pussy from behind as I go down on my cousin. That was established, pretty much a part of the way we did things. I knew he’s a lot bigger than the dildo we were using. We read that a lot of lube would help, too. But what we weren’t ready for was how being near the bathroom at the church would get him stiff and start my honey flowing. We promised our cousin she could be there when we did it, and she was coming over later, but her parents would be there. Continue reading

Very attractive blonde slut fifteen that loves flashing her pussy and tits haha

Hello there I’m Charlotte I’m nearly sixteen years old but I am very sexually active already haha I have been forced to get naked growing up because apparently my parents are nudists lol. Complete bollox I was just used to get my dad’s friends hard lol I didn’t understand why they would sit next to me when I was younger but I soon realised when I started getting twinges in my pussy haha
My Continue reading