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Helping next door milf

I had returned home to stay with my parents after being away for some time and I was 25 at time.
My parents both worked and I was taking a week off, I knew the couple both near my age next door and they got on well with all. I had drink at local pub with them at weekends Sally was a real beauty and sun bathed in her garden in a black bikini showing all her assets but it was always clear that Brian her hubby watched her closely and did not take her being chatted up. Continue reading

Mating with Curley

Who could predict the thoughts in the mind of married women. Some women wonder what it might be like to fuck some certain guy while others go out of their way to do it. Gone are the days of the man being a serial cheat. These days it’s the women. And, for some women they even go outside the species.
Valerie Daniels wouldn’t have thought of herself as such when she married and had three little girls just as cute as their mother. Continue reading

Make Me a Mommy

“Daddy can you come help me” I hear Zara call from the living room. I walk in and see Zara in the “puppy dog stretch” yoga position but you are much much flatter
“You have got to stop you are going to get in so much trouble with her” I whisper. “But what if I want to be in trouble with you instead” Zara says as she stands up. And glance over her shoulder at me before she bends over into the “downward dog” yoga position
I give Zara a light tap on your ass causing you to giggle “mmm maybe that’s what I need daddy maybe I need you to spank me so I’ll listen to mom” “oh really is that what you need” I chuckle back. Continue reading

I love sex with married men

I am a 57 in the closet gay man.
A few years back I got a phone call from a friend and former co worker. he saw an ad I had on Craigs list. with my pic so there was no denying it was me in the ad.
this man is a couple of years younger than me married about 6 foot tall stocky and very solid.
After talking a bit we agreed to meet at a motel. When I entered the room he was in just boxers showing off his broad hairy chest, I grabbed him and kissed him hard and he stuck his tongue in my mouth, I clutched his cock thru the fly in his boxers an stroked him. Continue reading

My weekend dose

Hello everyone, it’s me Katelyn, letting you in on my May 19th weekend with Steve in Philadelphia as my husband took off, in flight to Texas, then onto California for a military briefing for his next assignment. I appreciate the comments and readership of those of you who are truly interested in my true-to-life recollection of my electronic diary, written in story form, Steve was my inspiration to start the chronicling of my life as a 27 year old, recently married California girl, now living on the east coast. Continue reading

Renewed attraction for hubby, but still loving his best friend

Hi readers, I spoke with Cindy and Tessi individually, about some of the bestiality sex fantasies I’ve been having orgasms to while fucking my husband. Tessi loves it and we’ve incorporated it into our sex romps. As many of you know, I truly enjoy cheating on my husband, and yet I love him, but I do prefer his best friend Derek as my love and lover. We are the best of friends, yet I love cucking my husband without him knowing. Continue reading

Emiley wants more

Shortly after midnight on May 16, Todd M., 38, commenced his regular morning routine before departing on his job driving an eighteen-wheeler. While walking his dog, Todd.noticed a young black man in the parking lot of his apartment in Memphis. Returning to his second floor, one bedroom apartment, he unleashed the dog, said goodbye to his sleeping wife, Emiley Brooke M., retrieved his overnight bag, and headed out. Continue reading

I caught my wife… with her dad!

I am a happily married 30 year old man. My wife, Elaine, 28, is a very attractive woman and we are married for about 3 years.
Before I met my wife and got married, I was a sexually active person. I’ve been in threesomes and foursomes with my girlfriend.
After I got married, my wife didn’t like the idea of those ‘activities’ and I was stuck only with her…
Many times I tried to convince her to share her fantacies with me, or at least try do something different than the regular once-a-month sex that we ended-up with…. Continue reading

My Husbands Unexpected Return

Hello my valued readers, as some of you know, I’ve decided to chronicle my life with blogs, personal emails, and stories, depicting my changing sexual life over the past year, since my husband was sent overseas to Iraq after only two weeks of marriage, so yes, I’m an Army wife, a very, very sexually active Army wife. I am extreme feelings of guilt about my cheating on David, my husband of only a year, but I’ve realized over the past year that my submissive nature is something that I have a problem controlling. Continue reading

Wife Pays for Husbands Shortcomings – Chapter 1

Jane Marlow was fretting over the monthly bills scattered on her desk. She scratched her head as she stared at the credit card statement. The amount owed was huge, and it was getting bigger each month as the interest piled onto their new charges. Frustrated, she tossed the statement aside and opened the next envelop. It was the mortgage. The house that her husband talked her into building was gorgeous, but much too large and extravagant for their means. Continue reading