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Pay your debt or this Bank will take your wife away

It was a warm spring night, Mathew James sat around the table with his wife Elizabeth , the two men and there wives that owed him money sat silently each sipping a glass of wine. Another wet cold spring, a bone dry summer , then pouring rain day after day at harvest time had made for a disastrous crop for the second year running, any chance the two men had of paying even the interest on the loan to the Mississippi Bank of Burnt Bridge owned by Mathew James had gone, and and any thought of paying off the actual loan was a pipe dream. Continue reading

Two Performanes Hotle Fun

I got a job performing in the club at the La Quinta in Portland. I played there every Friday and Saturday night and this was my third week there. The club was an upscale club where not only business men who were staying there, but people from the area would come in for dinner or drinks. There were usually a number of good looking men in my audience and I had flirted with a few and been hit on by a few but nothing had happened. Continue reading

My dog raped me

let’s get an image into your head of what i look like, I’m a 42 year old single mom, I have long blonde hair, blue eyes, i’m 5’4, 120 lbs, 32D tits and quite a large ass.
It all started 2 years ago when i was 40 years old, it was a month or two after I got divorced so I felt quite depressed at the time and hornier than usual since I had nobody to fuck. I was having a night at home alone, My 15 year old daughter was away to a concert and my 17 year old son was at a party in the town across. Continue reading

Intruders successfull raping

I was a happy 36-year-old, fairly petite woman, living alone for a few years in an old cottage by a reserve and stream. On a fine but breezy Wednesday afternoon, I came home from work as usual. I had gone out the back to get in my laundry when I heard what I thought was a local stray cat near my back door.
Returning back inside I put the laundry down in my room to be sorted later and then went to the kitchen to begin making my dinner. Continue reading

ftm transman forced at party

i was born female, but came out as ftm (female to male) transgender when I was 11. i am now 17 and have been on testosterone(T) for 2 years, and had top surgery 3 months ago. when I was 15, about a 2 months after I started T i was at a house party with my friends. i had been drinking a little, and was buzzed when my best friends boyfriends friend, J (who was 17), came over. We weren’t very close but we had chatted some. Continue reading

Sangheili Honor Lust/Halo Fanfiction

Long time ago, I use to fight for the Covenant army against the human colonies which the prophets deemed as heretics to the Great Journey. I was a high ranking warrior and had slain many in battle. World upon world I help lead the Covenant into victory and all cheered for me. I had the highest of honor and all would have warriors follow me into battle. Sadly, I had no mate and my leaders wouldn’t allow me to have one until the war was over. Continue reading

First Blow Job from a Black Girl

When I was in my early thirties I was managing a store in a primarily black area. About ten minutes before closing it was only me and a young black girl who’d been looking around for quite a while. I suspected she was going to try and take something so I casually watched her in the security mirrors. Sure enough, when she thought I couldn’t see her she slipped a couple of items under her shirt. Continue reading

No one believes you

At 19 I was a single mom and high school dropout working as a stripper to make money. I worked from 6 at night till 2 in the morning I didn’t have a boyfriend at the time all the guy’s I was meeting were perverted old men at the club where I worked. I did learn quickly the more flirting you did the more guy’s wanted lap dances and that’s where the money was.
These old men would always talk shit. Continue reading

Goat Mamas Hyper Cream Pie / An Undertale Fanfiction

Hello my dears. My name is Toriel and ever since we left the monster caves with my child, we had a new life in the world above. I began my new life as a teacher for both human and monsters and I live a comfortable life with my new son Frisk. He is a good boy and he would always do the right. He sometimes do weird things though like how he at times flirt with me. Still I love him no matter what. Continue reading

A Gail of a time

I saw Gail Ponder recently, not seen her for years, didn’t get chance to catch her up and talk, but would like to, she still has it. She did not see me.
Some years ago Gail broke up with her abusive husband and played the field, before getting back to him after he had anger management therapy. I have heard they are now divorced.
During the break up I overheard Gail and some mates planning a long girls weekend away and hatched a plan. Continue reading