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My Sons Friend

If I would have known what was going to happen, I never would have agreed to let my son have the party.
Let me start from the beginning; my son turns 18 at the end of the school year and he graduated this year. He begged me and his father to allow a late night party with his friends. Usually my husband and I would have said no, but he only turns 18 once and on top of that he graduated high school with great grades. Continue reading

Stuck and Stretched made by the Warlock

(Hey guys, the Pussy Gaper here. This is not my work, it was made by a different author who put so much work into this master piece and I really love this story. His name is Warlock and he use to post his things on Tumbex but since last year he said his final goodbyes on his account. I recently found him in Loosepussyland Tumbex and my girlfriend and I read his story so many times as we were fucking. Continue reading


My name is Samantha, Sam for short, I am living in Bradford West Yorkshire, I’m 28 yrs old 5′ 6″ tall with medium length brown hair, and have a long term boyfriend called Chris.
I stayed in Bradford living with Chris after graduating from university. An old university friend of mine Sheila had returned to Bradford after living and working down south in London.
I had not seen Sheila for several years, in fact I did not know she had returned until I bumped into her whilst I was down town doing some shopping. Continue reading

Invaded my moms lust

Hi everyone, Myself ashok belongs to south india.wheatish and average in body physic.This story is completely true and is about how a traditional, Introverted lady (my mom)expressed his sexual desires with a son and satisfied her sexual desires through son.Story started with when I was at the age of 17 and mom’s age was 38.At that age she was know to big milky boobs in our jain colony.I used to sleep after my parents room.few months later I came to know that,after confirmation that I am sleeping they stared to fuck each other in the night.When I saw for the first time my mom with dad in nudity,I was emotionally uncontrollable started to masturbate.Her big white boobs,long shaved brown pussy made me mad and decided want to become a second husband and fuck partner of mom. Continue reading

Fucked by the same dog twice

When I was 16 my parents were going out for a few weeks and we had a big dog I don’t know what the breed is but he was big anyways when my parents left I was home alone and I decided to take a shower because why not after I was done with my shower I saw my dog sitting there.
I ignored him because he sometimes does this, then he does something he starts sniffing my pussy so I pushed him off of me then he jumped at me and knocked me on the ground so I started to get up then he mounts me and I know exactly whats going to happen so I freak out. Continue reading


I am 35 years old unmarried Lady with good figure.I have no interest in boys so I never had sex. I worked in pvt company.. I stay alone in one bed room apartment. One day when I was coming from my office .I saw a lady standing on road was 9 pm. I stopped my car and asked her why are you standing she said she is new in this city.and searching
A place to stay . I asked her do you know any body in city she said no.I felt pity so I asked her can you stay with me to night ..she said its my pleasure
She came with me in my room. Continue reading

Dark Dilemma of a Soldier’s Wife

At the mere age of 25, Mrs. Jennifer Brenner felt so helpless and scared, praying daily that somehow things would improve across the world. Such would only be the case that would bring about a cancellation of the recent call up of her husband’s guard unit. Prior to marrying her true love, Jennifer knew of her fiancé’s military commitment and grudgingly was forced to accept it if the marriage was to take place. Continue reading

One in 3

“I’ll see all yall later,” I said goodbye to my friends, after school, and looked back. Before I got to the car, they turned the corner. So, they wouldn’t see what I was doing, I grabbed the door handle, but it was locked.
“What do you want?” He leaned over, but he didn’t roll down the window.
“Uh, let me in.” I didn’t even have to lean over, “I just want to talk.” He finally unlocked the door, so i could get in. Continue reading

Personal Sex Edd

Hi, my name is Eleanor Walts and I want to say that I am a teaching whore. And when I mean whore I mean a giant O between my slutty thighs. Let me explain why this is the case.
I am 26 year old science teacher and I worked at a University. I have black raven hair, white skin, green eyes, and a small nose with little lips. My boobs are tear drops with the cup size of DDD and my ass is plump like a peach. Continue reading

Driving shotgun

I picked up my sister, and her friend, Astrid. From the middle school, they said “Pop the trunk,” and loaded it up with old gym mats.
“What are those for?” I asked Astrid, when she got in up front, then Harmony closed the trunk, and left the rest by the curb. There was piles of them, apparently “They got new mats, so they said we could take the old ones.” She shrugged, getting in. “Drive around the school, real quick.”
I shook my head, but then Astrid said “Hey,” and smiled at me. Continue reading