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You guys are sick

You guy’s think it’s awesome to have sex with a girl you don’t no and get her pregnant. For the girl it can be life changing. I am 21 yo now and have a 7 yo daughter I become sexually active at 14 lost my virginity to a 19 yo guy. I didn’t no what I was doing but he did.
Well shortly ofter I lost my virginity my family went on vacation for spring break to the beach. My parents trusted me to stay by the hotel and not wonder off. Continue reading

Telemachy – Moral cheating

Telemachus always wanted to be like his father. Odysseus, the man who won the Trojan war, fighting alongside the Greeks for ten long years. He was instilled the values of valour and bravery by his mother, Penelope. With no central male figure to look upon to, Telemachus had to rely on his mother for all the teachings. Although she did not know how to handle the sword or the shield, she oversaw his schooling. Continue reading

Accidental sex with daughters boyfriend!

I had a daughter 18 years old, I say had cause she is 25 now! It’s unbelievable how we look like each other, almost like twins and very often the neighbors have called us by each others names! we used to have a laugh about it and still do, I was a single parent but not by choice, my husband died and, well I just got on with it raising her and at least we were financially Ok, so she wanted a 18th birthday party, Ok it’s not a problem I thought the house is big enough and far enough away from neighbors as not to bother them. Continue reading

Problem of an Army Soldier’s Wife

Dark Dilemma… For 26 year old Jennifer Brennan, life had just been a dream up to the last year and a half or so, with basically everything going straight downhill when her husband’s unit was called up to replace another unit returning from the Middle East. Her husband was a lieutenant, fulfilling his military obligation after having graduated from college on an ROTC scholarship. Gary, her husband, was not really a gung- ho military man but the ROTC program was a means of his financial ability to get through college. Continue reading

Teen Babysitting a Curious Boy

As a lot of other teenagers, I would babysit to get an allowance for myself. I was 17 when I said yes to babysitting for a family I didn’t know and it didn’t go as I would ever expect.
To start off the family was super wealthy, the couple needed to go on a business trip and needed a babysitter.
They offered a generous amount for just a weekend babysitting, not to mention it’s beginning to feel like a paid vacation for me. Continue reading

A Victorian Wifes Wedding Night (part 3)

Standing as still as a statue, Elizabeth Robinson felt Belladonna one of her new husbands most trusted servants run her hand and fingers around the top of her legs. She gave a little cry as the back of Belladonna’s middle finger ran the length of her lips protecting her vagina from prying fingers.
” Hahaha “laughed Belladonna, “whats the matter Lady Elizabeth,did I excite the virgins cunt, I hear your a virgin, is that right,” she asked the poor frightened girl . Continue reading

Trailer Traps

They went in the office, but Brooke stopped by the kitchen to nuke a couple hot-dogs in a zip-loc. I didn’t think anything of it, but I knew that trick, from my wife. It keeps the casings from drying out, and cracking, especially on the ends, but I had no idea what they’re planning on using them for, until I heard Claire type in.
“S, E, X. Sex.” Then, my daughter brought in the zip-loc and popped it open. Continue reading

I finally fucked my wifes fat ass

From the beginning of our relationship I’ve wanted to fuck my wife in the ass. She’s a big girl and has a huge ass and every time I’m fucking her from behind I just stare at her asshole dreaming of the day she lets me in. Unfortunately for me she was quite adamant about never going down that road.
One night she had gone out with some friends for a birthday party and came home drunk. Continue reading

Liked the wrong guy

When I was 15 I had a crush on a guy who worked cutting our lawn. I would always get him a drink and talk to him he was 22. One day he ask if he could us our bathroom I let him. When he came out we talked for a minute then he kissed me. I was so happy I told him he should come by sometime. He said he couldn’t he was to old he might get into trouble. I told him we could meet somewhere I would tell. Continue reading

Pig Worms

“Huh!” I stood in front of the mirror, watching my hair dry. I don’t know why I thought that dying it brown would change what I am.
Isn’t that the joke? “What do you call it when a blonde dyes her hair?”
“Artificial Intelligence.” Ahahahahahaha!
I don’t feel any smarter, but how could I be so stupid? I knew he was a liar, but honestly, I had no idea why he always went to check his E-mail when he came over to my house. Continue reading