You guys are sick

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You guy’s think it’s awesome to have sex with a girl you don’t no and get her pregnant. For the girl it can be life changing. I am 21 yo now and have a 7 yo daughter I become sexually active at 14 lost my virginity to a 19 yo guy. I didn’t no what I was doing but he did.
Well shortly ofter I lost my virginity my family went on vacation for spring break to the beach. My parents trusted me to stay by the hotel and not wonder off. There was a party on the beach so I went to see what was happening. They were all nice finally a good looking guy ask me who I was and how old I was. I told him I was 18. So he hung out with me a little bit we talked then he kissed me. And ask me if I wanted to walk by the pier and have a beer. I couldn’t say yes fast enough. So we stopped at a shop he got a couple beers and then we walk to the pier. At the pier he started kissing me and touching me I let him I wanted it I wanted to have sex with him. We then walk over to the hotel pool and got a couple cushions we laid them down out of view of everyone. We started making out on the cushions and then he ask me to suck his dick I did it and soon we were in 69 position. I was a little nervous because I had never had a guy cum in my mouth and I didn’t no if I could swallow or not. But before he came he stopped laid on top of me and said he wanted sex. I was ready I felt him go inside of me it felt so good. He started slow and asking me if I liked it. I told him I loved and then he said you not really 18 are you. I told him no I was 14 but not to worry I wasn’t going to tell anyone one. He laughed and said well even if you do you don’t even no my name. Then we started having great sex I came for the 1st time ever I hugged him told him it was great. He told me he was close I then told him he had to pull out or I could get pregnant. He kept going told me not to worry about it. Then as he started speeding up he ask me do you no what’s really hot. What? I’m going to knock up a 14yo tonight. As I started to panic he started to cum inside me. I started to cry he laid on top of me his dick still inside me. He told me I should be happy this is what I was meant for it’s just nature I am supposed to bred. Said he wished he could see me when my belly swells up. Or I tell my parents then he left. I didn’t say anything to my parents even when I missed my period I was in 8th grade and had a little bump not much but I could tell when summercame. Finally my mom came into my room and ask me if there was anything I wanted to tell her. I said no then she ask are you pregnant. I just cried my daughter started preschool when I was finishing high school. So guy’s your 15 minutes of fun can last a lifetime for a girl.

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