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Long Story

I was embarrassed, so I didn’t say anything to my boss, but I moved out. Got a room-mate, shared a furnished apartment, and then his girlfriend.
She was a real piece of work, bossy and high maintenance, but hot. I guess that’s why he was so pussy whipped, but I should have seen it coming.
A long story short, she had him kick me out, so she could move in. Ask me what she wanted the other bedroom for, but he didn’t tell me. Continue reading

Hung black guy and a pregnant white girl

I was pregnant and horny but my husband avoided sex with me.
I was sitting at home dressed only in my robe because it felt better not to have on tight clothing on, seeing that I was six months pregnant. My husband was off at work. His job kept him at work usually 70 or 80 hours a week. It kept me lonely but I knew that he was doing it so that we could have a better family life in the future. Continue reading

Micheles mistake

Michele and I have an understanding, if she can benefit by fucking someone else she can, but she must tell me.
Michele is forty eight and fit, ex cabin crew and still got the looks. She works in admin now, and travels a little for work. She screwed up recently. She helped out at a firms promotion party with family members present.
Michele got chatting with the son of one of the potential customers sons, he looked about eighteen or nineteen, thick build and as black as coal, his name is Sabastion, but known as Seb. Continue reading

Mommy’s Little Whore Part II

MLW stands for Mommy’s Little whore, but this chapter starts with Background Music:
By the time we were dressed, and back out to the driveway, there was a car, parked out front. The driver got out, with a hat wrapped in plastic, and an umbrella.
“Oh, he sent a limo?”
“It’s just a towncar.” She ran up, before he made it around to the sidewalk. Continue reading

Having a family with mine brothers part 2

When I wake up I saw my brother Mike inside his car in the back passenger sweating and fucking me harder and harder I was moaning ooooooooh oooooh car was shaking. I started moaning ooooooooh whyyy youuuu doooing this( moaning) While he fucking me harder and moaning he told because of you slut our parents are dead and no girls want to get closer to us and know you going have our babies. Continue reading

my little black desire

In my village we welcome a group of refugees most of them families but and some unaccompanied minors and then some families like my take decision to take one to our house mayor hasnt problem with this so the same day mom and dad return to house with a little black boy with very short hair and blue eyes his name atem he was at my age 10yearsold i also have a sister kristy 8yearsold we welcome them at door little boy suprice us talking english dad explain us in his country before war he was learning foreign langueges and he is very good at them lets go inside kids. Continue reading

She offered herself for her husbands life

At approximately 9 p.m. on June 27, Florence F., age 57, and her husband Samuel F., age 66, had just parked their car in the garage of their apartment building in Montgomery Township. Before they reached the garage stairway, they were surrounded by three young black men, named Joseph T. and Norman and Michael G.
Joseph and Michael held guns to the temples of Samuel F., while Norman trained a gun on Mrs. Continue reading

Ashleys Tale Part 2

Hello it’s Ashley again with another bit from my interesting sex life. First I must say that my family brought out my inner slut and I am not complaining. The revelation that came from my Step- dad’s rule for no clothes while my mom and I were home really got interesting when we had company. One example would be Dad’s game night when a few of his friends came over. There was another rule that he put in place was no underwear beneath our clothes. Continue reading

Wife will never be the same

This was a holloween party a neighbor throws every year. We are always invited so we got a sitter for our 1 child and planned for some fun later as we where trying for our 2nd. We usually are lame with our costumes, usually throwing something together last minute. This year she thought of going as Wonder Woman, so shortish skirt and all. She is a blonde so she had to wear a wig for the costume. Continue reading

The Orc War Trophy

A long time ago I use to be a warrior for my Elven brothers and sisters of the Elwood Age of the Aeldari Republic. I use to be apart of a small village where I lived as a soldier for my people and I was consider as beautiful in my lands. Gelflings would always remark on how beautiful I would look in their ideals of Thra while the Woodland, Mountain, Mirkland, and Dark Elves would ask to be theirs as their wife. Continue reading