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Emiley wants more

Shortly after midnight on May 16, Todd M., 38, commenced his regular morning routine before departing on his job driving an eighteen-wheeler. While walking his dog, Todd.noticed a young black man in the parking lot of his apartment in Memphis. Returning to his second floor, one bedroom apartment, he unleashed the dog, said goodbye to his sleeping wife, Emiley Brooke M., retrieved his overnight bag, and headed out. Continue reading

Cheating at Work

I worked as a par-time employee at a public library, one of only three males other than the custodial staff and the only African-American. I had a regular full-time job which I worked a swing shift and that allowed me to work about 15-20 hours per week on average at the library. I had worked there for some time and since I was an associate instead of a librarian I got to select my hours and come and go as I please, it was a good part-time job. Continue reading

Karens Manipulation

Husband has an affair. The other woman seeking revenge, manipulates his wife Karen, into affair with black man, who impregnates her.
I had been home from work for over an hour when my wife Karen came home.
“Honey I want you to meet someone, ” she called out.
Strolling into the living room I received the shock of my life, when Karen introduced her knew friend.
“This is Jan, we met at the gym. Continue reading

My Husband Bob And I Are Getting An Anullment

My name is Anne. I am 23 years old, 5’2”, petite, 36d, bubble butt, long curly brunette hair with hazel eyes. I have a college degree in Computer technology, IT and AI. My day job is working for a large corporation in computer technology. I still work part time as I did in college for Charles at his bar and club named Chaz’s. He is a black businessman. He is 6’6”. He is a big man. He loves to work as a bartender at his club. Continue reading

my little black desire 2

I was in house after beach wearing only a white tshirt and a black speedo neither inside better i will have some time alone i go to my bedroom i take off my tshirt and put down my speedo i was now full nude and ready for bath when i take a look in atem bed and come again in my mind the day atem take my virgin ass my cock was erected and i remember some scenes in porn movies and a position that you are like a dog and they fuck you so i take this position above atem bed and start my fantasy atem be behind me and fuck me and to be more real i put my hand in my ass entrance and start rub it like to be atem cock. Continue reading

A black gift for Christmas

On Christmas morning, at about 11:30 a.m., Robert M., a doorman at the J.H.Building in Chicago, was on duty. He noticed a black man enter the lobby and approach the “marquee.” The man wore a black “Zorro” hat, a black three-quarter length coat, a black vest, dark pants, black boots and wire rimmed glasses. He had a “fine” moustache and facial hair in the area of his chin.
The man examined the building directory for about 15 minutes, then dialed a number on one of the
building phones. Continue reading

Make my little neighbor a slut part 1

Im a black guy 24 year old. I’m rich because I do YouTube video. I saw this beautiful 13 year old girl. She white and blonde girl and that sexy school uniform. She was crying and I stop her and ask her what is going on? She told me mom got arrested for stealing from her job as a secretary and there were a 20,000 dollars bail money and my dad can’t pay because he work same place and they fire him because that and my dad have pay the bail money and plus 40,000 dollar he owe to the bank and he don’t paid we going be on the street. Continue reading

Happy Fathers Day

On June 21, Gill Armstrong and his wife Jane were traveling with their infant daughter from Virginia to their home in Florida. They stopped at a hotel off I-95 in St. George about 11:00 p.m.
After checking in, Armstrong went to a nearby restaurant to get some food. When he returned, he
noticed three men standing in the breezeway near his room. Assuming they were hotel guests, he
proceeded back to his room. Continue reading

Isn’t it big?

About 9:30 p.m. on December 15, Julia Solis and Edward Gonzalez returned to their Whittier home from the house of Edward’s parents. Edward pulled the car onto the driveway, exited the car, and manually opened the garage door because the automatic garage door opener was not working. After opening the door, Edward returned to the car, drove into the garage, and turned off the ignition and car lights. Continue reading

My dads friends got me pregnant

Hi lol let me tell you about me I’m 19 5’2 and about 105 lbs I’m pretty petite lol smaller breast so my dads friends there in the 50s and 60s my dad has no idea I’ve fucked any of em well recently my mom and dad went back to grandmas house in California to spend time with her and I was home alone my dads first came over to have sex hes pretty big and still has alot in the tank hes about Continue reading