Long Story

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I was embarrassed, so I didn’t say anything to my boss, but I moved out. Got a room-mate, shared a furnished apartment, and then his girlfriend.
She was a real piece of work, bossy and high maintenance, but hot. I guess that’s why he was so pussy whipped, but I should have seen it coming.
A long story short, she had him kick me out, so she could move in. Ask me what she wanted the other bedroom for, but he didn’t tell me. Just helped pack up my clothes, and load them in my car, then waved as I drove off. Until she took his hand, turned his head, and pulled it down to kiss her, I stopped looking back.
Drove off as soon as the light changed, so I could pull out the parking lot, and tried to think of my options. Not many, unfortunately. My parents still lived back home, and while I had a little gas, it wasn’t like I’d make it all the way up there. Not to mention it wouldn’t be like stopping bye to wash some clothes.
It’s funny how I didn’t smell them, until I got in my car, but that just reminded me, and I was used to running through the argument. Whenever I got kicked out by mom, or dad, for no good reason, other than they’re sick of me, being around the house.
The difference was, this time, there was no argumen. She put her foot down, and said “I need the room.” Wouldn’t say what for, but it had barely even started feeling like home, and now I was homeless, thanks to her.
Also, I worked at Walmart, which ment that I’d seen the campers or whatever staying in the parking lot, overnight. So, I figured I’d save some gas, and a drive in the morning, then tried to sleep in my back seat. With all my clothes in the trunk, it wasn’t very comfortable, and my mind was full of all my options, which was basically none.
That was the fucked up thing about it, I had nothing on my mind, to chew on. I tried to think of something I could say, to my room mate. My ex room mate, because his girlfriend hated me, and just ignored me. Turned her back, and crossed her arms whenever I even tried to make a case for myself, and just pulled him over, to whisper to him.
So, I didn’t never know what she said, but I guess I was just exhausted enough to finally pass out. I woke up, when the security guy tapped on the door, and fell off the back seat when I tried to roll over. She smiled, and motioned for me to roll down the window, then stepped back when I opened up the door.
I said “I’m sorry, but.” I noticed the time, on the radio when I got up, on the hump between the seats. 4AM, and some change. I tried twisting my neck, and rubbing the kink out of it, yawned. “Yearh, but I thought I could stay the night here.”
“It’s not a problem,” she smiled, and nodded, “I just saw your car, and.” She shone her flashlight on the shoes, and sweat shirt I had wadded up as a pillow. “Are you all right?”
“No, not really.” It’s embarrassing, but I broke down, in tears I told her all about it. As best I could, while she held me, and patted my back. Here I was, a grown man, crying on a stranger’s shoulder, half in, and half out of the back seat when she pushed the shoes over, and sat down with her legs hanging out the door.
“Huh, well.” She stood up, without even pulling her legs in. “I’m sorry, but I have to go check on something, you all right?”
“I feel much better, but. You’re not going to tell anyone at work?”
She just laughed, and shook her head, but then I heard glass breaking, around the corner. It turns out that she saw a bunch of kids out late, or early I guess. That time of the morning, but either way, they’d gotten their hands on some liquor, and got drunk around the corner. Then, they broke the vodka bottle, so she had to deal with them.
Now, there’s a lot of people that work there, at the Walmart. Also, she worked for the security company, and her name-tag just said E. Seltz. I didn’t even know her first name, and I never really talked to her before, but she was the kinda woman that worked for a security company, so. Not my type, I guess. More motherly, or I saw a motherly side of her, but I bet she lifted weights.
At least, if not Steroids, I’m just saying that through the baggy uniform shirt, you couldn’t see it, but hugging me like that. I felt how strong her arm was, and how hard the muscle was in her biceps, around my shoulders. So, I shut the door, and watched the drunk kids run out. She chased them off, but stopped when they got to the end of the parking lot, and turned off her flash light.
One of those big black metal ones, that held at least 2 D cells, so it was like a baton too, I guess. I don’t know what she did to scare them off, maybe just threatened to call the cops, but she could be pretty intimidating, when she wanted to. There was 4 of them, and they’re all guys, but also young, and drunk, and probably scared, I don’t know.
I was so tired, and once I got my shoes stacked up under my sweat shirt again, I guess I was able to get them in my sore neck in such a way that I could fall asleep again.
I thought that she’d told my boss, or the day manager. I guess that’s his official title, Team Leader, which is like Floor Manager, but irregardless, when I showed up. Unwashed, my hair messed up, and my clothes wrinkled from being wadded up in the trunk all night. I tried washing up in the restroom, but I was changing when he came in, and asked “Bad night?”
I sure as shit didn’t want to talk about it, because I was afraid I’d break down crying again, so I just nodded.Tucked in my shirt, buttoned my pants, and pulled the smock on. He came back with a comb, and said “Here.” Handed it to me to “Make yourself presentable.” Then said “Keep it” when I shook the water out, and tried to hand it back.
I just clocked in, and went to work. Managed to forget about my situation while it was busy, but then he stopped by the shelves I was stocking, when it slowed down enough. Before it picked up again for lunch, he got to talking, and took a picture first, which I thought was weird.
“What was that for?” He held up his hand, and sent it with his thumb.
“Welp,” he started tapping in his phone, held sideways. “I was just asking my wife, if it was okay for you to stay in our spare room.” He shook his head, “I called corporate, to see about giving you an advance, but no dice.” He stuck his phone in his pocket, and patted me on the back. “She said yes,” then he left me to my stocking, while he walked down to the end, and turned away from the aisle.
So, I didn’t really think about it. Rotating stock, so the new stuff was behind the old. It took my mind off of the photo especially, but in retrospect, it was kinda weird. He didn’t say “Say cheese,” or even let me know he was there, until I heard his phone click, but then before I could ask what that was for, he stopped me, and told me his wife would let me stay.
They had a spare room, that’s all I knew, and when I got a chance, I mostly worried about how big my paycheck would be. I’d been living month to month all ready, but I knew from looking for a place before that I needed first, and last month’s, usually a security deposit, and I wondered if Mr. Sanders would co-sign on a lease?
After what he’d already done for me, or at least offered to let me stay with them, and I hadn’t even asked him for an advance. He just called it in for me, and then got denied, for whatever reason. So then, the lunch rush hit, and that made time fly, but he came bye, and found me in the brake room.
Finishing a pot of coffee, and brewing another for the next shift. “I clocked out,” I said, but he squeezed my shoulder, and told me not to worry about that. Not in a gay way, more fatherly than anything, and I wanted to shake his hand off.
My father and I, we didn’t really get along. These last few years, even my own mother stopped caring, but at least she was more passive aggressive about it. She didn’t come right out, and call me a loser, but she kicked me out as often as he did. I guess that’s where I got my problem with passive aggressive manipulative women.
I’m not sexist, I don’t believe that all women are like that, but. Well, growing up with my mom, I can tell you, for sure that some are, at least. So anyhow, I followed him home, and he helped carry half the trash-bags I had all my clothes in. Dropped them off in the laundry room, and gently pushed me down the hall, but he just pointed to a door.
“You’ll be staying in there,” with his thumb, but he turned me, and reached around my shoulder to open up another door, across from it. “Why don’t you get cleaned up?”
The bathroom, and the coffee was wearing off, but I also had to pee. I probably stank to high heaven, and I didn’t want to get in the fresh sheets, so he pulled the door, and said “I’ll hold off starting the washing machine, until you’re done in the shower.”
I nodded, and locked the door, before I took my filthy clothes off. Sure enough, I stank like I’d just played a game, and headded back to the locker room, to take off my uniform, but I was alone. I got cleaned up, turned off the water, and heard it start up to fill the washing machine. I realized that it was right on the other side of the wall, but we had to go around, through the kitchen. Coming in the side door, to drop off the clothes in the laundry room, I didn’t say thank you, or you don’t have to wash my clothes for me, but I should have.
Now, I know what you’re thinking, this being that kind of story site. No, he wasn’t gay, or even bisexual. He never even tried to touch me, other than on the shoulder, and back. He was sincere about giving me a place to stay, get cleaned up, wash my clothes, and save up for my own place.
i didn’t have anything clean to put on, though. I guess, if i’d thought about it, I would have remembered that it was just the 2 of us, when we got here. Assumed we still had the place to ourselves, but I got dried off, and tied the towel around my waist before I came out. Thinking about what might be clean enough to wear in the laundry, when I didn’t really get a chance to pack.
Just pick op my clothes off the living room floor, where she threw them out of my room, and my ex room mate gave me some trash bags. “Thanks for nothing, asshole.”
“Hm?” I guess I said that out loud, but as soon as I realized that the bedroom door was cracked, it swung wide open, and a girl looked up. “Oh, hi. You must be Tom.” She held out her hand, and smiled, but I must have squinted, or something.
“Oh, sorry, I.” Shook my head, “I’m just tired, but. You, are?”
“Lynne.” She put her hand down, unshaken, but she shrugged. “My step dad said you’re taking my old room, so.” She turned around, and let me in. Started pulling things out of a dresser, and stuffing them in a bag. “I’m adopted.” She shrugged, and dropped a vibrator in her purse.
“Uh,” I shook my head, and tried to think of something to say, but. I didn’t know what to say about her, well. I suppose i assumed she came over, to grab it, before I found it in the dresser drawer, but that wasn’t it. She also pulled out a small bottle, half full of lube, and dropped that in as well.
“So, you’re an orphan?” I guessed.
“Huh!” She zipped up the bag, and tuned around. leaning back, and holding onto the top of the dresser, with the bag behind her. “No, I. Uh, it’s a long story, but the short version is, my mom came here, and she got. Pregnant on the way, from Singapore?”
I nodded, and tried not to squint. Again, realizing it was mildly offensive, but that explained her oriental eyes. “Huh!” She rubbed her arms. “She uh. She had to, do things. To pay her way, so. Suffice it to say, I never knew my father, and she couldn’t even be sure, which one he was.”
“Oh, I’m so sorry.”
She shrugged, “Not your fault, and if it hadn’t happened, i would never had been here, but she got busted, and child protective services took me. Found me a home, and i got into college, so.” She spread her hands, “Here I am?”
I looked around, it was obviously a girl’s room, but whatever posters she had up were taken down, leaving nothing but squares of dots. A lot of them, but I tried to imagine, what? J-pop bands? Is Singapore a part of Japan, China, or an independent country all it’s own? I don’t know, if they covered it in Geography, and Civics, I couldn’t remember.
Now, I should be used to being at a loss for words by now, but there’s the normal not knowing what to say, and then there’s this. The last time I opened my mouth, I found out a lot more than I bargained for, but I didn’t have to ask what her mother got arrested for. She made it pretty obvious that the things she had to do, to pay her way were sexual, and whoever her father was.
Well, I suppose it’s possible that Singaporians are naturally dark skinned, but with her smiling up at me, in the uncomfortable silence, I couldn’t help noticing her other features. Besides her oriental eyes, her nose was flat, and round. Like a card pip for the ace of clubs, turned up side down, only a deep tan, and also her lips.
Let’s just say she had full dark lips, so dark it looked like she was wearing lipstick, and you couldn’t see any red in them, but her high round cheek bones were flushed, and she finally looked over my shoulder.
“I know these probably won’t fit you,” the man of the house came in, the open door, and threw some clothes on the bed. The pink comforter, that told me this was a girl’s room, as much as anything. “Come on, Lin.” He took her arm, and leg her out, with his other hand on her shoulder, but she pulled the door shut.
I was so tired, I had forgotten, pretty much that whole time that i was standing there, in nothing but a towel. Until she checked me out, but then I heard her laugh through the door. “You told me he was cute, but I had no idea, from the photo. How tall is he?”
“I don’t know,” he answered. Muffled, but still loud enough to hear every word, “But he used to play basketball, in high school.”
“Uh, six two.” I finally had something I could say, in answer to her question, but their voices died down. Moving down the hall, so i couldn’t hear what they’re saying, so much as who was talking by his deep fatherly voice, and her lighter, softer, higher pitched one.
I pulled on the clean boxers first. Sure enough, they didn’t fit me, but he’d thought to bring a belt. So, i pulled the waist band out, and cinched it tight, to hold them up, but now I had nothing else to think about, other than her.
Lin, or Lynne? She’s in college, she said, but she looks more like a teenager, and she left her bag. I guess she forgot to grab it on the way out, but I couldn’t help but notice how he. Well, he’s kind of a hands on sorta guy, even with me, and most of the guys at work. Though being the manager, he knows better than to treat the women, and girls like that.
“Huh!” Just a baggy teeshirt, I left untucked, but there was also the air of sexual tension, still hanging in the room. She looked me in the eye, the whole time we’re talking, but then before her adopted father showed up, she definitely let her eyes wander. Then, she said i was cute, and then I remembered the picture he’d taken of me.
Squatting in the aisle, pulling out bread bags, to put new ones back behind them, to rotate stock. He said he took it for his wife? No, I guess not, but i can;t remember the conversation, with my mind so fuzzy, and tired, I looked at the bed, and finally just got on it. Still fully dressed, but before i fell back asleep, I thought about, what she said.
Growing up, in America, I’m sure she’d heard the middle school jokes about. You know, your mom being a whore, but what if it’s actually true? I guess i never thought about that, but what’s that got to do to a girl? Growing up with that knowledge, and obviously, she kept turning tricks. I’m just assuming, that’s what she got arrested for, and her daughter taken away, to get adopted by my manager.
After i slept on it, I realized that I was kind of adopted like her, too. It’s just the kind of man he is, and also his wife showed up eventually. Of course, she worked too, and it’s not just this economy, forcing both parents to work, but I found out later on at the dinner table.
Well, i woke up to the smell of bacon, and the sun going down, but in that strange bedroom, with the smell of bacon, I mistook it for morning. Then, I came out, and followed it to the kitchen, where Mrs. Saunders was scraping onions off a cutting board, into a frying pan.
“Smells good,” I didn’t clear my throat, but i said something to let her know I was there. Turn around, and wipe her long straight black hair out of her eyes, but when she did, I realized that she wasn’t oriental. She was hispanic, and looked nothing like her adopted children, of course.
“Poyo reyenyo,” she nodded, and showed me a platter, “My husband,” without a trace of accent, “Loves bacon. You?” I nodded, but it turned out to be just like Chicken Cordon Bleu rolls, only instead of ham, it was bacon, and after she coated it in batter, she fried it in the bacon fat, and onions, with a little garlic, salt, and pepper.
I got the multi-ethnic part, about their household. What took a little more getting used to was how open, and frank they were, at the dinner table. She told me, straight up that they couldn’t have kids for medical reasons. She didn’t go into, and I didn’t ask, so they adopted.
A black guy came home too, and washed up for dinner, but he didn’t say much, neither. Just dug in, but he turned out to be another kid, they adopted, with a troubled past, and i felt a lot better about my family. Let me say that, yeah they were maybe a little neglectful, and mean. I could complain about emotional abuse, but those are first world problems, and I got a lot of perspective, staying in that home.
“Hey,” he offered his hand, “That your car in the driveway?”
“Yeah, I can move it,” I offered. “I’m Tom.” He didn’t squeeze my hand or anything, but then Lin came up behind him in the hall.
“He plays basketball.” she offered, but he rolled his eyes, where she couldn’t see him. “So, maybe you 2 can shoot some hoops after dinner?”
“Well,’ I laughed, “That’s mildly racist, but I didn’t see a goal in the driveway, and besides.” It was so full of cars. 2 car garage, which ment the driveway widened out around the house, but with my car, and all 4 of their’s, there wouldn’t be enough room to dribble.
“Oh, sorry.” She bonked her head. “Of course.”
“Well, not really.” he turned around, and hugged her. “I mean, I only ever played it to fit in, with the other kids, but it’s true. They do love that basketball.”
Awkwardly, I didn’t point out that he was maybe 5’9″ at best. He turned back, “But we can go over to the park, and I can introduce you to the gang. I mean,” he shook his head, “They’re not a gang, gang. Barely even a basketball team, but they try to act like it.”
“Yeah, you know. Suburban wannabe gangbangers, wearing colors with no idea what they mean, and trying to throw hand signs.”
“Not really,” I shook my head.
“Oh,” Lin piped up, helpfully, “He’s not from around here.”
“Yeah, I’m from a small town, up north of here. You ever heard of Independence?”
“Should I have?” He shook his head, but he spoke the same city English as the rest of the family.
“Probably not, it’s little more than a truck stop out I20, but they overstaffed, so they asked around. Who wanted to trasfer down to the big store, down here.”
“He works at Walmart, for Pop.”
Like I said, long story short. But then, we argued over who’s going to take the couch, or they did.
“Oh, no.” Lin said, “You can have my old room, i don’t mind. I’ll crash on the couch.”
“No, I’ll take it,” and like brother, and sister, I wandered off to get my laundry out the dryer, and left them to it. They weren’t just being polite, Vin offering Lin his room. Oh yeah, Kevin, but his friends call him Vin, and since I was going to be staying with them awhile. Lin just didn’t want to drive back to school, she said.
After she came to get her sex toys out of her empty underwear drawer, before i found them. Changing out of their pop’s loaner clothes, I noticed that she still hadn’t come back for them, but I smelled the strange detergent, and off-brand fabric softener on my clothes, before I put them on, still warm from the drier.
It turned out, the reason why they fought over the couch is they only had the 1 TV, in the whole house. Also, the computer, and pretty much everything was crowded into an entertainment center in the living room. To save money, they shared everything, equally, and fought over the couch, so they could stay up, and watch.
Stuff, on the internet. Now, this was back in the 90s, so if you’re rich, you might have a Blackberry, or something. The basketball boys, in this multi-ethnic neighborhood, they all wore pagers, just to act like they might be drug dealers, or something, when really, it was for their moms to call them to come home.
Oh yeah, and Vin had bunk beds in his room, because over the years, the Saunderses adopted a lot of foster kids, and orphans, but Vin never said how he got in that situation in the first place. He made a face, and shook his head, even if the conversation started going in that general direction, but a long story short.
She won the argument, over who got to sleep on the couch, and came back for her bag of toys, after I was dressed for bed. “Oh, I just forgot something,” she took it in the bathroom, and took a shower, pretending that it was toiletries, or a ditty bag, but i knew better. Not like i even touched it, or looked over her shoulder when she was packing it up, but she didn’t hide it very well, I’ll say that.
Well, she’s 19, and it’s not my place to judge. It’s her house, and I mightabeen a little sheltered, but I knew that women, and young ladies did that kinda stuff. That’s what they sell vibrators for, even if the box is marked “Back Massager” on the aisle, but what with my late nap, and all.
I wasn’t at all sleepy any more, I had a clear head, and I couldn’t help thinking about that when she came out the bathroom. Just the one, like the big screen TV, and the computer, I guessed. The other thing I didn’t realize was the reason why they could be so frank, and honest about adult subjects, around the dinner table.
I wasn’t raised like that, but then again, I wasn’t the only child of a single immigrant mother, who at least had to turn tricks to make ends meet, to be as kind as possible. On the other hand, she made it sound like sex slavery, paying her way across the ocean from Singapore, and maybe even paying her debt when she got here.
I got to look that up, sure enough it’s semi-independent, but it’s been occupied by the Japanese, Chinese, British, and practically everyone else at some time or another. Anybody in the business of occupying islands in the west Pacific, that is.
Long story short, I couldn’t help getting a boner. Trying to imagine her, in whatever she wore to bed, which turned out to be nothing. Her legs spread out on the couch, the dark curls between them, oh yeah. She had curly hair too, but not like, you know. African American curly, more like loose curls, but if she hadn’t shaved her body hair, it would have been even curlier.
What with all the sexual tension, I let it all out, and it was a lot of it, but I didn’t have a sock, or any tissues handy. So, I wound up using the outside of the covers, and folding it over, so I could curl up, and fall back asleep.
Lin hadn’t stayed there in a while, it seemed. She came back, from college, and the pillow case had been washed, so it didn’t smell like her hair or anything. Even the cheap Mexican detergent powder was unscented, and the dryer sheets they used had had time enough for the scent to wear off, but when I woke up.
I still had dreams stuck in my head. Wet dreams, with the dried up sperm sticking the pink comforter together, in between my legs. At some point, I guess I got stuck on her in the shower, since that’s where she went after grabbing her toy bag, and saying goodnight. With a shy smile, and her eyes turned away, so I could see the whites in the corners.
“Huh!” A long story short, I had an erection again, I had to pee, and all of my adult life, I knew that wasn’t going to happen with it this hard. So, I took care of it again, got up, got dressed, and went across the hall to find it locked.
“In a minute,” Lin was in there, taking a leak I guessed. So, I went outside, and found a private bush in the back yard. No where near the bathroom window, but tucking it in, and zipping up, I saw it. Closed, and frosted over, it turns out that their mom and pop were in there after she got done. Taking a shower together, but coming around through the laundry room, I saw my car.
Davises car, that’s my boss. Davis Saunders, I know 2 last names, but he doesn’t like being called Dave, and the 3 other cars in the driveway, blocking us in. “Dang it,” the clock over the stove said 5:17, “I got to go to work,” but i remember talking to Vin last night, about that being my car in the driveway, and he mentioned his Camaro.
Nice car, if you like that sort of thing. One of them new ones, but I knocked on the door, with the shower running in the bathroom behind me.
“Whoizit?” Half awake, I heard his inner city accent for the first time, but he unlocked the door, and just pulled it open. Stark naked, and rubbing his eyes, I looked down, and he wasn’t fully erect, but definitely still chubby. From the way it almost stood out, hanging down over his balls, and I looked away.
“Uh,” I scratched my head, “I got to go to work, but I’m blocked in.”
Thank god, he put some shorts on, picking up his pants, and fishing his keys out to toss them to me, but that’s about when I found out that their frankness didn’t end with what they’d talk about, at the dinner table.
“You know how to drive stick shift?” His accent went away as he woke up, but I just nodded, and promised not to put a scratch on it.
He was obviously proud of that car, candy apple red, with a creme interior, and polished to a mirror finish, but I backed out, parked it on the street. Went back for my car, thank god Lin and her mother pulled in behind Davis’, so I didn’t have to deal with either of them in their night clothes, wet towels, nor naked.
Come to find out, not much later that they don’t got no nudity taboo. In their house, they’re not nudist, but they don’t go to any extra trouble to hide their bodies, “Because there’s nothing to be ashamed of.” Mr. Saunders said later on, when he came in for his shift, and I asked about it.
“Welp,” he shifted his belt, under his belly, “I got more to be ashamed of then you, and Kevin.” They all still called him Kevin, “But you know what I mean. Clothes don’t grow on trees, and if it bothers you, i can have a word with him about it.”
“Oh, no. That’s okay, I don’t want to intrude, it’s just. I was a little taken aback, this morning, but like you said. I’ll get used to it, probably. You just forgot to mention it?”
“Yeah,” he put his hand on my shoulder. “Honestly, I didn’t know you’re so sheltered, but I should’ve.” Being from a small town, I’m not churchy, or preachy, at work. On account of how churchy, and preachy everyone was growing up, and how they reacted to it when I got there, but thinking on that. You know what? I hadn’t even looked for a place to go on sundays, since I moved down here.
I guess I lost track of time, but it’s not like we have a 9-5, Monday through Friday schedule, around here. Or Walmart closes on Sunday, or this one closed at all. So, you get to forgetting it was on a weekend, or a weekday at all, until the lunch rush hits, and you realize people must be stopping by for something on break for work. Or the church rush hits, and you see everyone come in in their sunday best, to realized you missed church again, because you had to work.
That’s how I remember it was Saturday So, a friday when I moved in with them, and a thursday night I got kicked out, by my room-mate’s girlfriend.
Which got me thinking on our living arrangement, driving back. Funny how it felt like home already, when I only really ever even met most of them the night before, and barely other than Lin, because she’s the most talkative. I don’t mind, I’m not one to talk much myself, unless i got something important to say, or I can figure out the way to articulate it.
That’s my problem, I want to say something, but I don’t want to offend, and the first thing out my fool mouth led to that uncomfortable conversation. About her biological mother, her past, where Lin come from, and how she wound up getting adopted by the Saunderses.
Which made me wonder about Kevin, and what kind of inner city momma names their boy Kevin? I mean, look there weren’t a whole lot of colored people, of any color back where I grew up, and most of the immigrants were Canadian, not Mexican, but is that really a common name, for colored boys, or did they change his name to Kevin when they adopted him?
I don’t know, but his pop talking about not having anything to be ashamed of, as far as sleeping naked, or seeing each other, first thing in the morning, just hanging out likeat. All right, i can’t help but compare what i saw to my 7 and 3/4 inches. Okay? Yeah, maybe it’s as racist as assuming basketball, Newports, fried chicken, and watermelon, but it was his own sister that made that goof about basketball, in the halfway, and I don’t want to offend anybody, but that didn’t look like even close to 7, and 3/4 inches, even half hard, and hanging.
It didn’t seem gay at all, neither. I mean, I was on the basketball team, and what few black guys we had in school, yeah. The tall ones played basketball, we shared a locker room, and while you don’t want to get caught lookin’. There ain’t nothing homosexual about it, you just can’t help but size them up, and compare them to, however much you got, in high school.
Like his pop said, “Nothing to be ashamed of,” but still. I’m bigger, so I had that to be proud of. Even though he’s broader shouldered, and obviously stronger. No idea what work he did at the time, but the heaviest things I got to lift without the palate jack was maybe a #10 can of green beans, or a gallon of milk. Muscular, is alls I’m saying, and if he doesn’t like sports, because he’s offended.
Guys like him get picked first, for pickup games, because he’s obviously muscular, and athletic. That just doesn’t translate to being well endowed, or as well endowed, just because he’s urban, and colored, so I guessed that was a myth.
Until i realized I was almost to my turn, to our neighborhood, and our street before I realized that I drove most of the way home, thinking about Vin naked, with a chubby. Practically full on morning wood, after I beat off thinking about his sister.
Adopted sister, mind you, but their cars were pulled up next to each other, in front of the garage. In the driveway, and i forgot that she was supposed to be moved out. In college, and living in the girl’s dorm, if not a sorority house. I heard it, right in the laundry room, since you had to go through there to get to the kitchen.
“Ah ah ah ah hah! Ooh!” I shook my head, but as soon as I looked around the corner, I saw that it was just the TV.
They had DVDs, and internet, but back in the AoL, Netscape, and Myspace days, internet porn was mostly pictures. Also, the blockbuster days, but in addition to the rental tapes, you could buy DvDs the same place as vibrators, astroglide, and a butt plug, it turned out.
A long story short, they got home, put on Jasmine, and Chocolate. 4 hours of hot interracial gangbang action, and busted out the toys before I got home. She had the butt plug set on the corner of the coffee table, to sit on, and buzz her crotch with the vibrato. meanwhile he was standing up, holding her head, and running his fingers through the loose black curls.
“NAh Ahh! Aglh gugh!” The girl on the TV taking 5 guys at once. Deep throating, another one in each hole, and the last two in her hands, on either side of her.
“Ah, shit!” Vin pulled his pants up, still hard, and swinging, wet and shiny until he could tuck it all in.
“Uhn!” The butt plug dropped, still clenched inside her when she stood up, and then it squeezed out with a grunt. “Huh!’ She flopped over, and curled up on he couch. Shivering, and even over her ragged breaths, i could her the vibe rattling on the floor boards.
Vin had to bend down, and fish it out from under the couch, but his sister.
Adopted sister. She wiped her mouth, but kept her eyes closed. Squeezed so tight the lids wrinkled, and she was still shuddering. Stuttering breaths, with this look of orgasmic bliss on her face, while he stood up, and turned off the massager with a twist.
“Uh,” I didn’t know what to say.
“Huh!” Lin caught her breath, and relaxed. Squirming, and smiling, but looking up at me sideways through wide eyes. “I’m sorry, but, we had no idea you’d be home so early.”
“Never mind, it’s none of my business,” but I jumped at the sudden silence, when Vin shut off the TV, and dropped the remote. Trying to hide the hardest boner I ever had in my whole life behind the end of the counter, and not bothering to look away from her, naked.
Curled up on the couch, her arm across her chest, but that just squished her breast so it bulged out rounder. Her leg crossed over her crotch, but not before I looked for the dark triangle of black curls, that weren’t even there.
She shaved, because of course she did. She’s a college girl, and let me put this nicely. She’s not shy about her body, and I don’t even want to judge her so much as to say promiscuous, but also pretty liberal about who she shared it with.
She’s like a sister to me, and already was, after one short night. Just getting to know the family, but I had a lot to learn. Compared to my sisters, aunts, and cousins, who could get you in trouble just by implying that you might try to peep in on them in their underwear. Look up their skirts, or down the neck of their tops.
It’s not like, we’re really related. It’s not that kind of family, but considering her past, and where she came from. It didn’t take long for me to understand how she turned out like that.
It’s not my place to judge her, let alone forgive her, but I love her, too. It didn’t take long for us to show it, our love for each other, and though it is a little like brother and sister. In so many ways, it’s a whole lot more…
I can go on, but “A long story short” is intentionally ironic. It’s complicated, and he doesn’t know how to tell it. Let alone with any brevity.

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