Ashleys Tale Part 2

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Hello it’s Ashley again with another bit from my interesting sex life. First I must say that my family brought out my inner slut and I am not complaining. The revelation that came from my Step- dad’s rule for no clothes while my mom and I were home really got interesting when we had company. One example would be Dad’s game night when a few of his friends came over. There was another rule that he put in place was no underwear beneath our clothes. Which to be honest worked for me anyways as I didn’t wear any in the first place.
After the first since my dad fucked me, my mom’s pussy and mine pretty much stayed filled with cock and cum. The first game night came the next week Dad’s friends showed up. So there was 6 guys playing cards and my mom and I were naked waitresses. I found myself getting really horny being naked in front of them and seeing how they were looking at us. Sometimes they would even get a little touchy which I didn’t mind.
The one that was really watching me was Dad’s friend from childhood named Demetrius. Uncle Demetrius was a large black man that was big in every way. I often found myself fantasizing about how big his cock was. What I didn’t realize is that my imagination did no justice to what he packed in his pants. After an hour or so Uncle Demetrius decided to stay out a few games and grabbed me and pulled me close “Girl how is a man supposed to concentrate on cards when you’re naked and very distracting?”. I couldn’t answer as he had already taken his cock out and it was the biggest I had ever seen. “Now since this is your fault are you going to fix it?”. I could only stand there and stare at this huge cock wondering how it’s going to fit in my pussy. Before I could respond I heard my Dad “Well young lady you have a problem to take care of you better get to it.”.
In my surprise I hadn’t noticed just how wet I was. Without saying a word I straddled his lap barely staying above his cock. I rubbed the head of it against my pussy covering it with my juices. I took a deep breath and slowly lowered myself on to his cock. It was so big my eyes widened when I got it inside, I rode his cock up and down going further with every thrust until I found myself with the whole thing inside me. I had never been filled like this before and I was so focused on getting his cock inside me I hadn’t noticed that mom was now getting gang banged by the rest of the guys. I stayed still basking in the fullness I felt with my uncle’s huge cock inside me.
My uncle was telling how good my tight little pussy felt, hearing that turned me on even more and now I wanted to make him cum. I held on to him and began to ride his huge cock. I don’t know how much time passed but riding that cock made me cum a bunch of times my legs were beginning to get weak. I guess my uncle sensed it and wrapped his large arm around me and lifted me and put me on the table. He decided to go down on me and began licking my pussy and sucking my clit. He was holding my legs so I couldn’t get away. I was screaming in ecstasy, my body was trembling and I was trying to catch my breath.
He finally stopped I didn’t know what was going on around me it just sounded like mom was having a really good time. As I caught my breath my uncle said now it’s my turn. He slid his cock into me in one stroke and began to fuck me. He had my ankles in his hands as he slid in and out sending me into ecstasy over and over again. It felt so good a part of me wanted him to stop like it was overwhelming but at the same time I wanted more. The entire time he was telling me how tight my little pussy was. He started to increase his pace and I felt his cock get harder “I gonna cum baby girl oh yeah here it comes!”. He groaned as he slammed deep inside, his cock pulsing inside me as he came filling me with his warmth. He stayed inside me until his cock softened and fell out of me.
I laid there and basked in orgasmic delight that I felt. If this was going to be every game night mom can have the gang bang I will be content with uncle Demetrius. I looked over and watched while I recovered mom getting filled over and over as each of the other guys came inside her.
That’s it for now I will write some more soon.

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