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The Interview and antics part 1

Erotic World
Note to the Reader: This world is very similar to our own in events and history, however that is where the similarities end. Our world’s history is governed by the physical properties that occur in our universe. This world’s history is governed by the physical properties our own, and the powers of the metaphysical. This world has many of the creatures from folklore. These beings some living among human society others living on the outskirts of human society or the places that humans dare not go. Continue reading

I really hate horses

Me and my friends used to play at the park every friday afternoon until it got dark. I live in a small neighborhood a few blocks away so I usually walked home from the park alone.
One day after I was done playing at the park I started walking home alone it was fall so it had gotten late quickly. After a few minutes of walking I heard footsteps behind me and stopped walking I looked behind me and saw a black man I got scared and ran off but he grabbed me and put something over my face and I passed out. Continue reading

Dad dog best friend and me the park

The weirdest fortnight ever ,last Tuesday I was walking the dog on our local park which is a large area with lake children’s area various picnic areas tennis courts mini golf etc and several car parks , its about 8 going dark and im feeling horny as hell I’m parked in a secluded area so what the hell skirt up knickers off two fingers slid straight in so eyes closed sliding in and out rubbing my clit I opened my eyes at point of Cumming to find a lad stood about 3m meters away with his hand down his jeans. Continue reading

I fucked my twin at 12 years old

I’m Amelia, I’m 12 and i’m from England. i’ve got a Identical twin called Nova. We both have long brown hair down to the top of our butts, Green eyes, Tanned skin and we are both 4’9. we’ve got quite big butts and we both have around 56a boobs.
This all happened 4 months ago when we were in sex ed class, we found out that there were different types of sex such as Lesbian. I’ve wanted to have sex for a while now but didn’t realise there was lesbian sex. Continue reading

Carlos Garcia Governor of The Paradise Club Womens Prison (part 3)

Carlos Garcia left school after seeing the careers master ,who suggested a position of oil change boy at speedy lube, and left him and his Mother Luciana sitting at a table looking dumbfounded at the lack of interest he showed in her sons future.
The following week Carlos applied for a job in the Prison Service, where a 6 foot 2 inch, 200 plus lb man was gladly taken on, to say it came as a shock when Carlos received a letter in the mail on the Friday informing him he had been assigned to The Adora Hermia WOMENS prison as of Monday morning. Continue reading

Harvey Quinn and Her Seeds of Poison Ivy

So how should I start this? It began in the night of Gotham City and I was visiting my sweet yet poisonous Ivy. Mr. J was still in Arkham Asylum from the confrontation he had with Batman like always and I needed to take a little break from my antihero group called the Suicide Squad.
Usually I wanted to do my own things at times. Since I became the Joker’s partner in crime I barely have time for myself anymore, even with the Suicide Squad with more freedom I still don’t have time for myself. Continue reading

The Hangover Part 1

Previous: 6 People, 2 Dogs, The Final Chapter… for this part (Parts 1 & 2)
My dogs are also included, but, my friends are new to it, so technically, it is something different. Hope you enjoy my story!
The Next day after the 24th (Friday, Snow day. I brought my 5 friends over the day before, considering the school knew about severe snow. My parents went on vacation 2 days earlier, and were to return the next 2 days), we had a conversation about our dreams. Continue reading