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Having a family with mine brothers part 2

When I wake up I saw my brother Mike inside his car in the back passenger sweating and fucking me harder and harder I was moaning ooooooooh oooooh car was shaking. I started moaning ooooooooh whyyy youuuu doooing this( moaning) While he fucking me harder and moaning he told because of you slut our parents are dead and no girls want to get closer to us and know you going have our babies. Continue reading

Babysitting A Teen 2

If I pretend it didn’t happen can I get away with not addressing it? It was all I could think about. The sight of her clean-shaven soft peach. The sounds of her moans. The way her lips tasted. How her hands felt against my shaft.
I tossed and turned in bed, trying to take a nap to cool off but my dick was still rock hard and it’s been two hours since it happened. I wonder if she would let me put it in her. Continue reading

Lesbian with my daughter

I am helen a 40gearsold mature brown long hair with blue eyes big breasts 1,70height i am married with jason and we have two daughters joan 16years old and kate12yearsold i read all stories in this site and i take decision to write my real story, in my secret life i am bisexual jason is working as captain in ships and he leaves for months most times and then i discovered my other side with women first not my daughter. Continue reading

My sister my teacher

I had arleady finish my bath and i took a look in my 10yearsold girly body hairless pussy boobs still small of very small age i was curious for my body i discovere the pleasure of play with your pussy when i was 7 and this when i had catch my 4years oldest sister play with her pussy in bathroom i of curiosity try it later when it was my turn for bath my mum full bath with water and foam and she put inside me when she left me alone i put my hand in my pussy and like my sister start rub it with my eyes close it was so good all this first time feelings rise me in seventh heaven when the big explode come i want to scream but i with big difficulty i keep my mounth close but when i open my eyes i had a suprise. Continue reading

A Leg Between my Thighs pt 1

Samantha and I were always close. Very close. As friends that is. Ever since first grade we stuck together. We even went to the same high school. But that’s where our friendship started to crumble. I took the nerd route, focusing on grades and my studies, while Sam pushed her way to most popular. We hardly ever said hi to each other anymore. That was until junior year of course. It started on a Saturday night, on the phone. Continue reading

Dont knock it till you try it

Jasmine was a nice looking girl she had nice b cup boobs perky and she had a juicy curly body nice ass, to bad she hid under boy clothes and only girls got to see.
Her brothers Jordan was confused he knew she’d never tried dick so why just chose pussy over it.
Jordan was 5’2 muscular and had tanned skin like Jasmine while Jasmine’s hair was black and straight his was floppy on all sides and curly. Continue reading

How rubber gloves could be used for sexual relieve

Mine mother and I were always together. I had 1 jonger sister and mine father was never in the picture. I was born as a boy but knew from when I was little that I liked to wear girl cloths and do girl thinks better. Liked to play with dolls more than little cars. Liked to wear mine sister’s clothes more then mine own boys cloths. Mine mother found out and went to an psychiater for it. Continue reading

A Tale of Two Sisters

I’m not sure what came over me or what possessed me to even think of such a thing.
I’m Megan, I’m 17 and I was watching my 9 year old sister after school. My parents usually got home late and I had to make sure she was ready for dinner then bed when they got home.
This involves giving her a shower, I just had to help rinse her hair out, she’s just getting used to taking showers on her own. Continue reading

April – Made by Wombat from Igapes

(Hey guys, the Pussy Gaper Here. I haven’t been able to write as much lately due to some evens that are stressful so I decided to go for the ROPSFI route (Republishing Other People’s Stories From the Internet) And decided to think about the first gaping pussy stories I ever read. This is one of those stories and it is made by a dude name Wombat and he specifically posted this on the Igapes website. Continue reading

The Sleepover

Hi My Name Is Danielle and I’m 16 and This is a Story of What Happened to me this One Weekend with My Friends. So Me and My Friends (Ella 16 & Sarah 17) were having a Sleepover at my place one night while my parents were gone for the Weekend and we where playing truth or dare and Ella Asked Me “Truth or Dare?” And I Said “Truth”, Ella and Sarah Whispered to Eachother and Ella Asked “Have U Ever Been Fucked or Raped Before?” And I was Surprised at what she just got asked, I Said That I haven’t Been Raped or Fucked, and Ella and Sarah Look at Eachother with a Smile and Out of Nowhere Sarah Jumps on Me and holds me down and Says “We are Gonna Show You What it’s like to be Fucked” and Ella Hands Sarah Some Rope and Ties my Hands and also ties my Feet. Continue reading