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A Tale of Two Sisters

I’m not sure what came over me or what possessed me to even think of such a thing.
I’m Megan, I’m 17 and I was watching my 9 year old sister after school. My parents usually got home late and I had to make sure she was ready for dinner then bed when they got home.
This involves giving her a shower, I just had to help rinse her hair out, she’s just getting used to taking showers on her own. Continue reading

April – Made by Wombat from Igapes

(Hey guys, the Pussy Gaper Here. I haven’t been able to write as much lately due to some evens that are stressful so I decided to go for the ROPSFI route (Republishing Other People’s Stories From the Internet) And decided to think about the first gaping pussy stories I ever read. This is one of those stories and it is made by a dude name Wombat and he specifically posted this on the Igapes website. Continue reading

The Sleepover

Hi My Name Is Danielle and I’m 16 and This is a Story of What Happened to me this One Weekend with My Friends. So Me and My Friends (Ella 16 & Sarah 17) were having a Sleepover at my place one night while my parents were gone for the Weekend and we where playing truth or dare and Ella Asked Me “Truth or Dare?” And I Said “Truth”, Ella and Sarah Whispered to Eachother and Ella Asked “Have U Ever Been Fucked or Raped Before?” And I was Surprised at what she just got asked, I Said That I haven’t Been Raped or Fucked, and Ella and Sarah Look at Eachother with a Smile and Out of Nowhere Sarah Jumps on Me and holds me down and Says “We are Gonna Show You What it’s like to be Fucked” and Ella Hands Sarah Some Rope and Ties my Hands and also ties my Feet. Continue reading

The Hangover Part 2

The next day, the 26th, a Sunday, we all woke up. We had the same idea, but even at a young age, we came with the idea of “Brutal”! Something all of you, I hope, will love! We woke up at 7:30. The dogs were awake this time. They came over, and licked our faces to wake us up. As soon Angela got up, they pushed her down. She said, “Round 3?” I replied, “Round 3!” The others got nude, because believe me, they love it, and they still do, and so did we, for nude. Continue reading

The Interview and antics part 2

Casey and Samantha returned to the dorm as they walked in they could hear the typical noise coming from the common room as there was a few of the girls playing Cards against Humanity and having a grand old time. A couple of the girls saw them come in and waved at them. Casey made her way to her room and began packing her stuff. She didn’t have a lot of stuff not wanting to be overburdened with the small closets of the dorm. Continue reading

Lesbian sex triangle

As I got to my girlfriends house she opened the door and I was greeted by the site of her in a tight tube top and a mini skirt and I was reminded that she doesn’t wear underwear as I could see her nipples pointing out she invited me in we were sitting on her couch making out when her mom came down the stairs holding two dildos I recognized them as the ones I had bought my gf for her birthday Continue reading

My slutty sister

My sister (Stephanie) was a beautiful girl, aged 17 was in the school cheerleading team. And she also wanted to date the hottest boy at school but she couldn’t. Stephanie had a bestfriend i think her name was Bella or so…… I’d noticed my stepsister taking longer time to shower, and always getting the heated water almost out. So one day i decided to take a peak at what she doing… not that i had thoughts of doing any sexual things to her i just wanted to know why she always had a lot of shower time. Continue reading

Kissin Cousin (and her sweet little cunt)

Elizabeth is a good student and a good athlete, like me. At 12 she looks up to me and her parents let her spend a lot of time with my bro and me because they run a bakery and are often out all day. Her dad and my dad are brothers, and though my uncle may not run a church he is still a very nice guy. His bakery donates baked good for our potlucks and for homeless outreach. I had to be very careful because if she freaked out and went to her parents, they would contact my dad and it would be over. Continue reading

The Interview and antics part 1

Erotic World
Note to the Reader: This world is very similar to our own in events and history, however that is where the similarities end. Our world’s history is governed by the physical properties that occur in our universe. This world’s history is governed by the physical properties our own, and the powers of the metaphysical. This world has many of the creatures from folklore. These beings some living among human society others living on the outskirts of human society or the places that humans dare not go. Continue reading

I really hate horses

Me and my friends used to play at the park every friday afternoon until it got dark. I live in a small neighborhood a few blocks away so I usually walked home from the park alone.
One day after I was done playing at the park I started walking home alone it was fall so it had gotten late quickly. After a few minutes of walking I heard footsteps behind me and stopped walking I looked behind me and saw a black man I got scared and ran off but he grabbed me and put something over my face and I passed out. Continue reading