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Pay your debt or this Bank will take your wife away

It was a warm spring night, Mathew James sat around the table with his wife Elizabeth , the two men and there wives that owed him money sat silently each sipping a glass of wine. Another wet cold spring, a bone dry summer , then pouring rain day after day at harvest time had made for a disastrous crop for the second year running, any chance the two men had of paying even the interest on the loan to the Mississippi Bank of Burnt Bridge owned by Mathew James had gone, and and any thought of paying off the actual loan was a pipe dream. Continue reading

The Sext Generation

I had the house to myself for a while, and Zena wanted to see me do a [Monkey Tail.]
So, I typed back [Okay, just a minute.] That took a little while, but I got the plastic toy banana out of the hiding spot, and rolled over on the bed. So my butt was up in the air my balls hanging down, and my greasy ass hole spread wide open.
Apparently, they have something at Dairy Queen called that, but it’s just a frozen banana on a stick. Continue reading

Bis Next Door

My brother tried the door, but I had it locked. “In a minute!” I can’t believe that when I came, the only thing I could think of was him walking in on me. The look on his face before I made him get out. So, I made sure to lock the door, but he came back with a butter knife, to Jimmy the lock.
I had just started playing with the spurts all over my body, and I don’t know why I never tasted it before, but if it’s okay for dad, let alone the guys next door. Continue reading

Hotwife leeza fucking her son and his best friends

It s lockdown time and my son is back home from college….I was very happy to see him too but he brought 3 of his foreign students who happen to be his best friends too. I arranged for their accomodation needs and got the guest rooms ready. Due to lack of rooms I told my son to sleep in my room with me since it had been a long time we had sex.
Normally my son and I are comfortable being nude around the house but with his friends around this was not possible. Continue reading

Good Selective Kids

I was very jealous of Patty because she’s beautiful and my brother wants to fuck her. Who doesn’t? But then I started liking her, too, and I’ve had a lot of fun licking her pussy as my bro does me from behind. I didn’t know how this would work out with her boyfriend because she said he lived in a different town, and I thought he’s in his 20’s, like her. She knows how much I want my dad, how sad I am that I will probably never have him, so she hasn’t wanted to mention how good she has it. Continue reading

Grandchildrens Visit – 3

I have a pool in the back yard that a lot of the kids in the neighbourhood come over to use. While we were eating breakfast, I heard a splash and looked out. Tommy, who lives a couple of houses away was in the pool. Breakfast was over quickly and the two grandkids were out getting into the pool with Tommy right away. I cleaned up and went outside. The three kids were playing in the water and I noticed a swim suit laying on the edge of the pool. Continue reading

Grandchildrens Visit – 4

Tommy started coming around every day after that. I wasn’t surprised but I wasn’t sure what his parents were thinking. It just so happens that as I was thinking about it, the doorbell rang and upon opening the door, there stood Tommy’s parents. I was a little hesitant and worried but they introduced themselves with smiles and I invited them in.
Tommy’s father, Gary, was not very tall and had a good athletic look. Continue reading

My brother and I…

…She just didn’t bother with all the usual courtship, marriage, and wasting time. That’s what she called it, “A waste of time,” because her career came first.
We weren’t rich by any stretch of the imagination, but she made enough with her Graphics Design, and got lucky with the timing. She worked through the best of the .com boom, and while she didn’t make a fortune, she had enough left over from buying a condo to go see the doctor. Continue reading

The Interview and antics part 1

Erotic World
Note to the Reader: This world is very similar to our own in events and history, however that is where the similarities end. Our world’s history is governed by the physical properties that occur in our universe. This world’s history is governed by the physical properties our own, and the powers of the metaphysical. This world has many of the creatures from folklore. These beings some living among human society others living on the outskirts of human society or the places that humans dare not go. Continue reading

Grandchildrens Visit – 5

By the time Gary and Jean left, she had been fucked and sucked by all of us. Gary had taken his first cock up his ass, Tommy’s and Ben’s and he had fucked me. They were spent and happy, assuring us they would be back.
A couple of days later, I took the two kids to the beach. Jill insisted on wearing a very skimpy bikini that didn’t cover her at all. Ben wore very short shorts and no shirt. Continue reading