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Head Out

My husband called from work, he had to shout over the music, it sounded like a party, but he said that he was going out with the guys, for a drink.
“Don’t keep me waiting,” maybe I said it a little too quietly, because then, it was a few hours before he got home. I took a bath, and shaved everything. Well, almost everything, I washed my hair, and stood up, while I let the water out. Continue reading

Long Story

I was embarrassed, so I didn’t say anything to my boss, but I moved out. Got a room-mate, shared a furnished apartment, and then his girlfriend.
She was a real piece of work, bossy and high maintenance, but hot. I guess that’s why he was so pussy whipped, but I should have seen it coming.
A long story short, she had him kick me out, so she could move in. Ask me what she wanted the other bedroom for, but he didn’t tell me. Continue reading

Teen sex addict-step father seduction part 2

The next morning after my mom left for work, my stepdad came into my room with a mighty erection and started caressing my round boobs and stiff nipples. When i awoke he gave me a long open mouthed kiss that left me breathless so early in the morning. He also inserted 2 fingers into my pussy after stimulating my clits and boy…..was I wet down south. He told me that he was thinking about me while fucking my mom last night and needed my tight pussy before he left for work. Continue reading


I was reading a good book, and nearing the end when my husband came in, and started getting affectionate. “The kids are gone,” he murmured in my ears, “So we have the house to ourselves.”
Nuzzling my neck, and shoulder, fondling a breast, but I asked him “Can you give me a minute?”
He sighed, and got up, left me to finish it without the distraction, but it was disappointing. The ending, I had it figured out by the third chapter, due to some clumsy repeated foreshadowing. Continue reading

Good Girl/Bad Girl (fff Bondage)

Well, school started up again, and I guess it was back to normal. Except for the first day back, we got to tell each other what we got for Christmas, besides clothes. I mean, that was the one thing, of course you’d wear the nicest things you got to show them off, but then, after we got done with that, we just naturally started talking about the other stuff.
Then, on the way home, Judy just blurted you: “What’s the sexiest thing you ever seen?”
We all laughed, and leaned in together so we could keep our voices down. Continue reading


I skipped lunch, for my scheduled appointment with Dr. Bitten. He’s German, and I’m taking German, but I kinda wanted a female councilor, who I’d be more comfortable talking about this sort of thing with.
His secretary, I didn’t get her name, she got up, and went right to the door. “Here he is.”
“Sorry I’m late.” He got up, and went right to the couch.
“It’s your time, but I didn’t have any other appointments this morning, so I’m running a little late myself.” He folded up the bed, back into the bottom of the couch, and started picking up cushions. Continue reading

How rubber gloves could be used for sexual relieve

Mine mother and I were always together. I had 1 jonger sister and mine father was never in the picture. I was born as a boy but knew from when I was little that I liked to wear girl cloths and do girl thinks better. Liked to play with dolls more than little cars. Liked to wear mine sister’s clothes more then mine own boys cloths. Mine mother found out and went to an psychiater for it. Continue reading

Dont knock it till ya try it part 2

Jasmine but her lip thinking about it the next day Jordan wasn’t anywhere to be seen and she craved his cock feeling her up and his kisses.
Maybe she should’ve listened to all those guys telling her she should fuck them or don’t knock it till you try it because now she sees what they were talking about
It was way better then plastic it was warm and it honestly made her feel a special Linda bind between her brother
But this was her blood brother but she didn’t care be she here she was on his bed in his hoodie fingering her self thinking of him kissing her and making love to her. Continue reading

Young & Hung/ry? (g Porn)

Hi, my name is Lisa, and I’m a sex addict. Too bad there’s no meetings for SAA here, just NA, and AA. The problem with that is that once they find out you’re a sex addict, the guys seem to take that to mean you’re a slut, and a nympho, so they took advantage of me, and led me off the dildo wagon.
Reading other people’s stories here, I guess it’s not all that uncommon for it to start with porn, and learning about sex from porn, when you’re too young to understand might not be the cause of it, but my therapist said that it might have affected how I acted on it. Continue reading

Grandchildrens Visit – 2

When I woke up in the morning, Jill was sucking my cock, licking up and down its shaft and I could feel her little tongue washing my balls. I turned my head and Ben was looking at me before straddling my chest, his hard little cock inches from my mouth. I opened up and he thrust his cock into it, his hips moving back and forth as if he was fucking me. I tongued his head as best I could and sucked him deep inside me. Continue reading