We ran an add in the Adult mag at the book store and it was not long after the add came out we had several answers and we had fun going through the pictures sent to us to out e-mail.
Trish had mentioned several times that she was not interested in a guy with a huge cock but when she saw Allen she looked at his picture for a long time so I asked want to try him??/.
I was excited watching her she was obviously impressed with his cock and she said laughing god it is big but it is beautiful look at his cock head how perfect it is but I don’t know if I could take something that big. Continue reading

Wife Pays for Husbands Shortcomings – Chapter 9

By the time they arrived home, Jane had dried off but looked a mess. The hosing outside the back of the diner washed the surface grime off her, but it didn’t actually clean her. And her clothes dried wrinkled and her hair dried stringy. With all that had been happening to her, Jane wasn’t surprised at her bad luck when her daughter saw her enter the house.
“Holy shit! What ya do, fuck an entire army barracks?” Jenny exclaimed. Continue reading

Maami is too naughty

Without any delay lets come to the story.
Actually i went to my maami’s house for a marriage party where i stood 4 days and the incident took place within those days.
I never had any bad intentions on her but her reaction always made me suspect her intentions.
Actually on that party all the relatives came and everything was going well and the time to sleep came. All of us busy in finding bed to sleep. Continue reading

You are going to give us head

In the early morning hours of August 5, Christopher Moore and his girlfriend Maxine Jackson had just arrived at Christopher’s house when they were approached on the sidewalk by six men, all of whom carried firearms. One man pressed a shotgun against the back of Christopher’s head and demanded money and guns. Christopher replied that he did not have any. One of the men asked Maxine if she had any jewelry. Continue reading

Fun with sister and dog

Hi my name is Marian I’m male 15 and I have a twin sis. My family have two dog’s. One male and one female. My sis and I had many times sex, so we posted the story on this page. One time we saw the category Zoophillia and didn’t know what that was, so we looked for some stories and get bought really horny of that, so we decided that we try to have sex with our dogs when our parents aren’t at home. Continue reading

How I found out I was a cuckold husband

This this is how I found out I liked it when my wife was getting fucked by our neighbor! He had came over one night and my wife Renee was getting in the bubble bath so she ask me to get the door so when I opened it I yelled to her it was our neighbor Lou and she said for us to come in the bedroom and she would be out in a few minutes! I thought then how this was going to be a interesting night! Continue reading

Morning sex fuck story

I kissed her with ferocity, taking her mouth with a burning possession, tasting her sweetness with deep, languid licks. She whimpered. The vibration sizzled straight through me and stiffened my already erect cock. I pressed my hardness against the firm, silken flesh of her bottom. Being in my wife’s presence kept my hunger for her eternally burning, never fully extinguished, despite several years of marriage. Continue reading


[HeyLee wants to chat.]
“Huh,” I checked her profile, then I remembered her, from her pic. A selfy, holding the tabletphone up to cover her face, and turned so that you couldn’t see her crotch, but one buttock peeking around behind the other one, with a slight twist at the waist to match with her small, but perky breasts.
HeyLee: I have a problem.
Jackweb: Well, you know that’s the first step. Continue reading

Journal of my daily cheating

Another Day, Another Cheating. Well, Tessi just finished taking full advantage of me twice in 18 hours. I went out with my best friend Cindy and her husband, along with a few other people. David would not be coming in until 5 or 5:45 am, he had a delayed flight from Zurich to JFK. I’ve been sleeping with Tessi at his apartment for three days and he’s been sleeping at my apartment for 5 days, where he fucked me mercilessly. Continue reading

The Rest Area-[GF-32]-part-1-of-1

Before I gave my first blowjob, I’d had a few experiences with guys, where I played with one guy’s cock for a while before he stroked me off and another instance where I sucked a guy for just a little bit before he got me off. In both cases the guys seemed more satisfied than I was and I never got the chance to pursue taking another guy’s load. However, one night while riding around with a drinking bud, he mentioned that we should go to the rest area and ‘roll some queers.’

The Rest Area


Before I gave my first blowjob, I’d had a few experiences with guys, where I played with one guy’s cock for a while before he stroked me off and another instance where I sucked a guy for just a little bit before he got me off. Continue reading