Helping next door milf

I had returned home to stay with my parents after being away for some time and I was 25 at time.
My parents both worked and I was taking a week off, I knew the couple both near my age next door and they got on well with all. I had drink at local pub with them at weekends Sally was a real beauty and sun bathed in her garden in a black bikini showing all her assets but it was always clear that Brian her hubby watched her closely and did not take her being chatted up. Continue reading

A Tale of Two Sisters

I’m not sure what came over me or what possessed me to even think of such a thing.
I’m Megan, I’m 17 and I was watching my 9 year old sister after school. My parents usually got home late and I had to make sure she was ready for dinner then bed when they got home.
This involves giving her a shower, I just had to help rinse her hair out, she’s just getting used to taking showers on her own. Continue reading

Rainy Day (Gb)

“Huh!” In never thought he was cute, before. Okay, maybe in that way that some little kids are. I don’t know, androgynous? There’s not really any big difference between boys and girls until, well.
Okay, I was just starting to notice, a few things that ment my body was going to start changing. I talked to mom, and she told me about my period. I didn’t have that yet, but there were a couple things that started sticking out. Continue reading

Big Brother’s Sex Slave

When I was 12 my 18 year old brother Max went off to college half way across the country. He came back to visit every summer and during spring break. Every summer my parents go off on an “exotic” vacation for the whole summer so it was usually only me and my brother. This year was his last year at college and he was moving into an apartment about 20 minutes away from the house and I planned to move in with him so this was our last summer in the house. Continue reading

Sex with my virgin hot cousin Priya

My name is rakesh (not real). My age is 19. Today I am going to tell you about my cousin whose name was (Priya). I live in **
Now Let me describe her. she is slighty brown in colour, skinny and petite. She has medium sized tits and a medium sized ass. Although she is beautiful . she is slightly shorter than me and about 2 years elder to me. I find her very attractive. She lives in a village
We went to their house to attend a function. Continue reading

Please stop

As I’m walking through the park a man drags me to the ground. I kick and scream as he rips my clothes off and uses the scraps to strangle me. I try my hardest to fight him off but it’s too much, I pass out.
I awake later to find myself tied up to a bed in a dark room theres stairs in front of me I think it’s a basement I’m in. I’m naked and afraid but before I could do anything a man comes down the stairs hes wearing a leather jacket and blue Jean’s. Continue reading

My little cousin Demi

It was a saturday night, I was at a family get together at my cousins house, me and Demi were the only two kids there so everyone else was getting drunk and partying. Demi has always been pretty hot she has long brow hair, Blue eyes and she’s mixed. Anytime i seen her i always had to hide my boner that was trying to burst out of my pants, that night i had enough of fantasising about her and decided to make it reality. Continue reading

Young wife Blackmailed by boss 3

I left work and when I got home went upstairs and started looking through wardrobes and drawers, I had really been wearing very ordinary clothes since Peter was born. I found a skirt I had worn at college in my teens and held it up. It surprised me how short it was and realized how quickly I had settled into the respectable young mother role. I put it on and pulled out a suspender belt and stocking Dave had once bought me for Valentines. Continue reading

no regrets part2

from part 1
Next morning was a school day so it was always busy my younger sister acted normally but I was scared she would tell mum so the whole of the week I stayed in my own bed.On friday night we were allowed to stay up late but my younger sister went to bed around 8pm, I followered an hour or so later but laying in bed with another hard on I was unable to sleep.I climbed in bed Continue reading

Pay your debt or this Bank will take your wife away

It was a warm spring night, Mathew James sat around the table with his wife Elizabeth , the two men and there wives that owed him money sat silently each sipping a glass of wine. Another wet cold spring, a bone dry summer , then pouring rain day after day at harvest time had made for a disastrous crop for the second year running, any chance the two men had of paying even the interest on the loan to the Mississippi Bank of Burnt Bridge owned by Mathew James had gone, and and any thought of paying off the actual loan was a pipe dream. Continue reading