Fuck her like she’s never been fucked before

During the first week of January, Jenny, Vanessa and Vanessa’s one year old son moved into a new apartment.
Snow had fallen that day and the streets were slippery with ice, causing their rented moving truck to get stuck in the snow. Thereafter, the two women went across the street to a convenience store to get help unloading their heavy pieces of furniture from the truck. A store clerk offered to drive them to a nearby community center to get Herbert, who was the clerk’s brother, to help move the furniture. Continue reading

turned straight

I’m a 17 year old bisexual whore and i used to think i was a lesbian, i had only ever fucked girls and i never really noticed boys. Last year a guy showed me a video with me fucking a girl and he told me he would send it to everyone unless i fucked him. I asked him where he got it but he wouldn’t answer. I agreed although i really didn’t want to, I was too scared he would show everyone. Continue reading

incest my mum

so it was a decent day not to warm or cold, middle of spring and we went shopping in a city about 20 miles away, i live in a shitty town u see.
so we got all the shit my mum wanted, food, clothes, some Cd’s and we walk pass Ann summers, yes the Ann summers. i look at a great lingerie choice in the window i mean black and red panties and bra with all black stockings like even the mannequin looked hot ha. Continue reading

Married sex turns to swinger sex

As I massaged her inner thighs and stuck my tongue inside of her, tasting her juices, I felt my husband spank my ass and pull down my panties. He put two fingers inside of me and shook my whole body with his intensity. I could hear Amanda moaning beneath Derek’s lips which were pressed against hers in a passionate kiss.

As Barry showered, I could hear the couple in the next villa going at it. Continue reading

High School Reunion

Twenty-five years. Has it really been that long? The email made him feel old. It can’t be that long since graduation. But there it was on the screen in front of him.
‘Graduates of EDSS Class of ’93! Join all your classmates in catching up on all that has happened over the past quarter century.’
Steve hadn’t kept in touch really with any of his former classmates. Sure he was friends with the odd one on Facebook, but had no idea what most were doing other than what they had shared. Continue reading

The Interview and antics part 2

Casey and Samantha returned to the dorm as they walked in they could hear the typical noise coming from the common room as there was a few of the girls playing Cards against Humanity and having a grand old time. A couple of the girls saw them come in and waved at them. Casey made her way to her room and began packing her stuff. She didn’t have a lot of stuff not wanting to be overburdened with the small closets of the dorm. Continue reading

Using Nipple Clamps With My Secretary (cheating on my wife)

I work at a pretty influential firm in a big bustling city, people come and go from this job all of the time. Some people love it, some people can’t handle it and some people fuck their colleagues, it’s just the way it is in this business.

A new secretary started working for me, my old one went on maternity leave and we needed to fill her position quick. My new secretary looked as if she had just walked out of college, blonde hair, a petite frame, dark eyes and an intelligent head on her shoulders. Continue reading

Who knew what went on once you joined the Company

We lived in a dump off of Houston in the Alphabet City area of New York City’s Lower East Side . My Mother was hardly ever home, but she paid the bills, and there was always food in the house ,and I always had nice clothes and new kicks to wear.
When ever I asked her when she got up at 5 in the evening where she went of a night time she said “to work, now do you homework,I won’t be long”, and she was always there in the morning, OK in bed and asleep but my breakfast would be on the table and there was always a few bucks for candy or what ever so the world was a wonderful place. Continue reading

A Young boys first dog fuck

A true story of a boy’s first knot.
I am now a 65 year old man full of lust and nasty stories, so let’s go back to the start, I was 16 and we had 2 dogs both males about 50 and 60 lb. At night my folks would both work so I was all alone at home and as all young boys do I spent a lot of time jacking off and thinking of nothing but sex. My sister was 19 and spent most nights at her boyfriends so I had a lot of time to myself. Continue reading

First Blow Job from a Black Girl

When I was in my early thirties I was managing a store in a primarily black area. About ten minutes before closing it was only me and a young black girl who’d been looking around for quite a while. I suspected she was going to try and take something so I casually watched her in the security mirrors. Sure enough, when she thought I couldn’t see her she slipped a couple of items under her shirt. Continue reading