A Sleepover to Remember

Another weekend another out of town tournament so I was excited till Jenny told me that Robyn begged her to go with her. “Well that sucks I have to work this weekend so I was hoping you’d get to stay behind and spend the weekend with me” I said. “Yeah I know but I literally got tired of being asked and harassed about it so I finally gave in and said yes. I’m sorry.” Jenny responded. “I do have some good news though” Jenny said. Continue reading

My girl friend wanting it rough and bitchy.

After some amazing love and sex we had, I had to undergo a trauma of breakup, when she said she loves another guy. I moved on with a succesfull career and life. One fine I receive…

After some amazing love and sex we had, I had to undergo a trauma of breakup, when she said she loves another guy. I moved on with a succesfull career and life. One fine I receive a text abroad asking you there, after an hour I a call and I realise it’s my ex. Continue reading

Good Kids Who Couldnt Wait

He’s used dildos in my ass while fucking my pussy from behind as I go down on my cousin. That was established, pretty much a part of the way we did things. I knew he’s a lot bigger than the dildo we were using. We read that a lot of lube would help, too. But what we weren’t ready for was how being near the bathroom at the church would get him stiff and start my honey flowing. We promised our cousin she could be there when we did it, and she was coming over later, but her parents would be there. Continue reading

Goat Mamas Hyper Cream Pie / An Undertale Fanfiction

Hello my dears. My name is Toriel and ever since we left the monster caves with my child, we had a new life in the world above. I began my new life as a teacher for both human and monsters and I live a comfortable life with my new son Frisk. He is a good boy and he would always do the right. He sometimes do weird things though like how he at times flirt with me. Still I love him no matter what. Continue reading

Boyfriends Brother fingered me

Ryan,my boyfriend, and me were in my bedroom. Mom and dad had decided to go for a date night so I had the house to myself for a while. Of course the first thing I did was called up Ryan to come over. He was a good for nothing nerd whom I kept around for my own selfish reasons such as getting steller grades. Even though he was a nerd, he had a hot bod. However,that did nothing to hide that he was a complete amateur in bed and could never get me off. Continue reading

My Wife Fucked For 2 Hours By My MD

Hi friends. Thanks for liking my previous 2 experiences. This motivated me to write about my next experience. I am a bi-male-bottom. The previous two experiences were about my experiences as a bottom before marriage. This is my experience after marriage where my wife was had by my MD.
My name is Arun and I’m 43 years old, 5′ 8″ tall and 70 kg. My wife Anjali is 38 years, 5’3″, 36-28-34 with C sized boobs and 58 kg. Continue reading

Watching wife get double fucked

We were on the way home and i was driving as I was the non drinker for tonight and the wife was not stumbling drunk but it was noticeable she had been drinking. As a matter of fact she was sucking my cock off as we drove. All of a sudden the lights went off and the car died. I pulled to the side of the road and pulled over. We had not passed a car in the last 15 minutes so traffic was light. Continue reading

Teacher Trapped By Blackmail

In my high school years I had fantasies about my Advanced English teacher, Ms. Johnson. She was the total tilf at our school but to make things better she was my neighbor. First she was 26 years old and had D cup boobs. Standing at 5’4 her boobs were big but her ass, it would sway side to side every time she walked from one end of the classroom to the other. I’d spend a whole afternoon just thinking about it. Continue reading

Quick morning sex erotic story & pictures

As I stood in front of the mirror getting ready for work I couldn’t help but think of him—his gold watch lay on the counter, the same watch he wore when we first met at the black tie event for a charity. The fact that he even wore a watch was a little old fashioned and cute. I remember the way the cold hard metal pressed against my bare back as we danced. His firm hands wrapped around my waist and back holding me close to his body. Continue reading

Drunk daughters 1st time

Bit of background, been happily married to my wife now for 15 years, neither of us have cheated or strayed, and still have a healthy sex life despite having a daughter just turned 13, she is our only child so tends to get away with quite a bit.
This is happend just before Xmas 2019 so still fairly recent, Bobbie our daughter asked us if she could sleepover at her friend Daisy’s tonight, they have been best friends since the start of school and always staying at one and others house, so after checking with Daisy’s mum we agreed it was fine for her to go. Continue reading