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After attending a party in north Mission Beach, John “Jack” S. and Adam V. returned to Jack’s
residence, a two-story condominium immediately south of Belmont Park, early in the morning of
October 15. At around 2:00 a.m., Catherine C. and Elizabeth N., both 18, arrived at Jack’s residence. All four attended the University of San Diego.
Adam and Catherine had been dating for a month and Adam thought it was time to start having sex. Continue reading

A Victorian Wifes Wedding Night

Elizabeth Collins who was, but as from from five minutes before had become Lady Elizabeth Robinson walked slowly up the aisle holding on to her new husbands arm, smiling at the friends and family who had just watched the pretty 19 year old marry a man almost three times her age Sir David Robinson, one of the richest Canal and Mill owners in the whole of England .
With the bright afternoon sun light coming through the stain glass windows of the private chapel on the Robinson estate she should have been filled with happiness and joy, but she had just married a man to save her Father from going to Debtors Prison, a man she had no love for , a man who only once during their short courtship had ever shown any sign of emotion , and that was when his favorite horse had to be put down after a fall at a fence and throwing Sir David during the local hunt . Continue reading

The End of the Beginning – Part 1

This part of my story comes after My Girlfriend’s Best Friend Part 4…
My senior year of high school, ’77-78, had its ups and downs. Up- my dick stayed very happy because I had an abundance of willing sex partners.
Jocelyn was my Sunday, Monday and Tuesday girl. She was in her first year at Hartnell College in Salinas and we fit together well. She might have been able to tame me, but I was a long term project that was never going to fit into her life. Continue reading

Empty House

Okay, back when we slept over there, the first time, everyone said it was haunted. So, we dared each other to spend the night, the whole neighborhood was there, and nothing happened. A big let-down, after all the ghost stories, and rumors about the family that lived there killing children, eating them, and burying their bones in the basement.
That was just one of them, but my favorite. Continue reading

masturbate in bus station 4

After this sexualy night with tom next two days go normal but this new week had a new adventure.I and emma after school go for a walk to take a look at window shoppers they had interesting things but no good prizes we had to wait for deductions but in some meters in frond of us a woman distribute handbills lets take maybe is something cool asked me emma why not in more times this things is good we go near her woman and we ask her what she has woman tell us if we remember the old big super market at town centre that close and go to edge of town yes we remember it well it open again but this time as indoor swiming pools that all people now winter can go for swim fantastic we say take girls handbill has image inside outdoor of it and behind it rules and you must read it before go this friday is the opening and saturday in use. Continue reading

I was raped

You do not wake up one day and say to yourself I think I will transform my life today. Yet this is what I did about ten years ago. My day at work started just like all the rest, meetings throughout the day. Plenty of emails to deal with. But on that day all hell broke loose at around 3 pm. One of our major clients had encountered a failure in 3 out of 5 Databases. If the data was lost millions were at stake. Continue reading

Timmys 16th Birthday. Part 1

Over 20 inches of snow had fallen in 3 days so the 16th birthday party I had planned for my youngest step son Timmy had to be cancelled, so him , his elder brother Tommy and myself sat down for an evening at home, dinner and birthday cake, the bottle of champagne I had bought to celebrate his 16th birthday was opened , yes I know ,but hell your only 16 once so why not?
We started playing poker for pennies, and it wasn’t long before a bottle of Brandy appeared on the table, and by the time we had drunk a couple of small glasses each I was out of pennies, and Tommy was dancing around the room saying take that sweater off you don’t have any money left, bet with your clothes. Continue reading

Late night anal with dog

It all started when he was a puppy living down the street well multiple puppies but after a couple of months I assumed the owner sold them. Well (M) was the only dog there and he would always crawl out the gate every time he would see me. M was such a sweet male dog and I always fantasize getting knotted by a medium size dog. Well that fantasy came true one day later on in the morning when everyone was out and about I Brought him to the back of my house pulled down my shorts and let him mount me. Continue reading

Family stripped

On September 18 around 10.30 p.m., Ann M., a 48-year-old white woman, was sitting on the porch of her home at 8136 W. Drive in Indianapolis, when she felt the barrel of a gun held to her head. Three young black men wearing bandanas and clear plastic gloves surrounded her and ordered her into her house at gunpoint. Ann was subsequently ordered to go upstairs where she joined her 45-year-old husband, William M., and three children, sixteen-year-old twin sons and a seven-year-old son. Continue reading

no regrets part8

I had been away 11 months but returned home for christmas leave I had spoken to sis many times on the phone but last time I spoke she said with a quiver in her voice that she had started to see someone from school I could see that she was uncomfortable so I said thats great and hoping he is treating you well
When I came home on leave she raced up and gave me a big hug and wispered I Continue reading