My dog raped me

let’s get an image into your head of what i look like, I’m a 42 year old single mom, I have long blonde hair, blue eyes, i’m 5’4, 120 lbs, 32D tits and quite a large ass.
It all started 2 years ago when i was 40 years old, it was a month or two after I got divorced so I felt quite depressed at the time and hornier than usual since I had nobody to fuck. I was having a night at home alone, My 15 year old daughter was away to a concert and my 17 year old son was at a party in the town across. Continue reading

Intruders successfull raping

I was a happy 36-year-old, fairly petite woman, living alone for a few years in an old cottage by a reserve and stream. On a fine but breezy Wednesday afternoon, I came home from work as usual. I had gone out the back to get in my laundry when I heard what I thought was a local stray cat near my back door.
Returning back inside I put the laundry down in my room to be sorted later and then went to the kitchen to begin making my dinner. Continue reading

ftm transman forced at party

i was born female, but came out as ftm (female to male) transgender when I was 11. i am now 17 and have been on testosterone(T) for 2 years, and had top surgery 3 months ago. when I was 15, about a 2 months after I started T i was at a house party with my friends. i had been drinking a little, and was buzzed when my best friends boyfriends friend, J (who was 17), came over. We weren’t very close but we had chatted some. Continue reading

Husband and Wife and me – MMF (Part Two)

Here I am: my ex-girlfriend’s husband’s throbbing cock inches away from my face.I can hear the happy couple standing above me deep deep kissing. I wonder how long they had been…

Here I am: my ex-girlfriend’s husband’s throbbing cock inches away from my face.

I can hear the happy couple standing above me deep deep kissing. I wonder how long they had been planning this. Continue reading

Reminder from an experience from years ago

My wife and I were in our early twenties and were in the swinger lifestyle as well as my sexy 5-8, 110lb 34D-24-35 redheaded wife being addicted to exposing her hot body off whenever possible. Living in a small town we usually went out of town to larger cities. But there was a drive-in only about five miles out of town that showed only XXX-movies and we went there pretty often figuring if anyone saw us there they really couldn’t tell anyone without explaining why they were there. Continue reading

Daddys new start

Rosie was 5’1 with c cup boobs and a small bubble butt with pale skin and nice flowing Raven colored hair.
Rosie’s dad Jim was talk and muscular with hair on his chest arms and legs and reminded her of a lumber jack.
Bye the time Rosie turned 19 she decided on not going to college and she wanted to live with her father.
So she did and they moved to a rural town by rural I mean the town was 5 miles away and the houses were atleast 2 miles apart. Continue reading

The Horse Bride (Part 2)

I couldn’t believe what I was witnessing. My mom was on the bed, on all her four and one of the dogs was on top of her! “Go on! Have a good look!” the old man who brought me in the room, whispered in my ear.
I was curious and slowly walked to my mom. She moaning like she had never felt like this before. The entire thing amazed me. “Ahh…aahh.ung W-Why are you here? Oohhh..” she shouted at me. Continue reading

Girlfriends Horny For Another Cock

My name is Tom and my girlfriends name is Sarah. We’ve been together for around a year and a half now. We’re in our mid thirties and most would say we are both average looking. Actually I think Sarah is above average. I’m still not sure why she’s even with me but I’m not complaining. Every time we make love I can’t believe I’m actually inside her beautiful body. I’m sure some of you reading this know what I’m saying. Continue reading

Daddy’s Little Girls

I waved goodbye to Mom as Emma, my 13 year old sister came back inside, Dad following close behind her. Mom was leaving for a month to France for a business trip so Emma (13), Lilly (14), Grace (15), and I (16), were home with alone with our dad for all of July.
Grace wasn’t feeling well and had a stomach bug for the first two days she was gone, so the first week my sisters and I spent taking care of her, our dad spending most of his time in his “workshop”. Continue reading

I was told what I would do

A couple years ago I gave a guy a blowjob in return for some molly I was 17 at the time. I didn’t know he had recorded it. I went back to buy some more molly from him He told me he wanted sex for it. When I said no he showed me the video he told me a lot of people might see the video.
I had sex with him I made him use a condom I didn’t want to get pregnant. This went on for a couple months then one day he wanted me to come over I did but there were two guy’s there he wanted me to give them both blowjobs he recorded it. Continue reading