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Unexpected First Dick

I was 15 years old and I had started basically raping my mom while she would pass out from a cocktail of pills and alcohol. I had been doing it about a year now and it was slowly becoming mundane. The thrill of it had gone away and it felt like the end.
I was hanging out with a neighbor kid, Joe, that was a year younger than I was and I really only hung out with him because he lived next door and it was convenient. Continue reading

I love sex with married men 2

He is a former co worker. He is married to a woman. A couple years younger than me, 6 ft tall husky full head of curly white hair vivid blue eyes and 8 in cut thick cock very masculine.
About 4 years he called said he had seen an ad with my pic on Craigslist for sex with men and I told him that was my ad , after talking a while I told him that I was still in the closet but I’m completely gay and love to suck cock more than anything. Continue reading

My first dick

I had just turned 13. We still lived in the same 3 bedroom apartment but my grandfather had recently passed away so the 3rd bedroom was now mine and my 12 year old cousin’s. Despite being cousins, we acted like brothers. We fought like brothers and we got along like brothers. Derek was a year younger but his sexual curiosity was almost at the same level as mine. His mom wasn’t very sexually active, but now that my mom had a room to herself again, she was back at it with whatever guy she met at the bar that particular night. Continue reading

down by the river

i was 12 years old then in 1952
down by the river naked in the water, i liked being naked and feel my little cock flopping about…
i thought i was alone…but no.. i soon found out i was been watched by two old men who i had often seen in the village and i knew they lived in the same house.
they pounced on me as i came out of the water and held me down on the grass and started to feel and poke me about my cock….jerking the cock and pushing fingers into my bum, i was surprised that i was not afraid of then. Continue reading

Timmy and me

When I was growing up; I was petite for a boy and kind of feminine. I could tell that I was a disappointment to my father. So … I thought playing little league baseball might butch me up.
It was worth a shot.
I met Timmy and we became good friends right off. Timmy lived a few miles from the baseball field where we practice and I live right next to it. So after practice we both went to my house. Continue reading

My first gay threesome

When I was 16 I had two male friends that I would fool around with. The first was Jason, he was a year older. The second was Joe, a year younger. Jason and I had been doing things like masturbate in front of each other for a few years and it had recently progressed to him asking if I wanted to try sucking each others dicks. I was reluctant at first, eventually came around. Joe was very much a fem boy. Continue reading

Pain of the Knot

So this is a true story of how I got fucked by the family dog.
I was curious about how it would feel to get fucked by a dog so the way I got started was I would stroke the dogs cock first. He is a big dog so he was easy to stroke. His cock got really hard and I was shocked when I saw his cock come out. I stuck my tongue out and gave it a little lick. I didn’t like the taste. At that point I had to stop because my mom was on her way to my room. Continue reading

Lets try it out

Jason and jack were best friend and close but Jason’s feeling a little sus
He sometimes has the need to finger is asshole and does but one night he’s at Jack’s house
They’ve always been comfortable enough to sleep in the same bed but it’s hit and there in boxers Jason’s laying with his back towards jack while Jack’s front is towards him but they aren’t close
Jason’s 6 inch cock is hard he’s not very long but he’s thick he jerks himself laying in his back unaware that Jack’s watching him once he cums in a tissue he throws it out and lays to his side again
He gets nervous feeling Jack’s hand around his waist and his 9 inch cock pressed against his little bubble but
Jason was 5’8 and had a curly mop on his head while Jack was 6’5 and had a gelled back hair. Continue reading

my little black desire

In my village we welcome a group of refugees most of them families but and some unaccompanied minors and then some families like my take decision to take one to our house mayor hasnt problem with this so the same day mom and dad return to house with a little black boy with very short hair and blue eyes his name atem he was at my age 10yearsold i also have a sister kristy 8yearsold we welcome them at door little boy suprice us talking english dad explain us in his country before war he was learning foreign langueges and he is very good at them lets go inside kids. Continue reading

Very first Blow job by older man

I think I was around 14 at the time, I wasn’t old enough to drive but I did have a girl friend that would have vaginal sex with me once and a while. I lived with my parents in the country a few miles outside of town so if I wanted to g into town I either had to wait for a ride from my father or hitch a ride. Back then you didn’t hear very much of anyone getting hurt or killed when they hitched a ride so for me it was common for me to go into town a few times a week. Continue reading