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Very first Blow job by older man

I think I was around 14 at the time, I wasn’t old enough to drive but I did have a girl friend that would have vaginal sex with me once and a while. I lived with my parents in the country a few miles outside of town so if I wanted to g into town I either had to wait for a ride from my father or hitch a ride. Back then you didn’t hear very much of anyone getting hurt or killed when they hitched a ride so for me it was common for me to go into town a few times a week. Continue reading


I skipped lunch, for my scheduled appointment with Dr. Bitten. He’s German, and I’m taking German, but I kinda wanted a female councilor, who I’d be more comfortable talking about this sort of thing with.
His secretary, I didn’t get her name, she got up, and went right to the door. “Here he is.”
“Sorry I’m late.” He got up, and went right to the couch.
“It’s your time, but I didn’t have any other appointments this morning, so I’m running a little late myself.” He folded up the bed, back into the bottom of the couch, and started picking up cushions. Continue reading

Fuck by my Co worker pt 1

I was 18 years old working at the backdam, my co worker name Kevin, we were alone in the field with the machine when all the other workers gone out to obtainning some parts for the machine, so we where chatting and waiting for them to arrived, so it’s been a while them not returned, we decided to go picked watermelon to eat in a farm nearby, Kevin was leading the way to the farm n I was behind him walking, he stop to rolled up his pants, actually I were front walking to reach the farm. Continue reading

Babysitter blues

Jonah was a little boy at the age of 15 he was innocent and loved video games so his parents got him a babysitter to watch his at night then take him to school in the morning because theyd be back in the afternoon when he gets off.
They hired Justin a tall muscular football player from down the street also 18 Justin always had his eyes in Jonah’s cute bubble butt and bubbly attitude
So that night when Jonah was watching a movie Justin took him to the guest room and sat him down. Continue reading

Online meet up

Taking place one year after my cousin and I had sex. I became a sexually active young gay boy, and I enjoyed my first sexual experience with him. I wanted to find a gay boy my age to fuck.
In middle school but when that didn’t work. I turned to social media, how did I know? Well my friend told me about MySpace, and that it was a fun place to find and meet people on there.
I created my account; started to search for any friends but another problem occurred. Continue reading

The one Im ashamed of

When I was 7 I met my best friend, Jason. We played baseball together and slept at each other’s houses almost every weekend. He and I were pretty inseparable. He lived in the same apartment complex that I lived in so we were never really that far away from each other. We became even closer when his dad started dating my mom. The relationship didn’t last more than 2 months but for a short time we pretended to be brothers. Continue reading

Father Vincent

When I had just turned 12 I lived with my single mother and attended Catholic school. My mom thought it would be good for me to be an alter boy and I had been for a year or so. I just turned 12 when my mom got a new very good paying job that required her to work weekends, so she went to our priest and explained her situation. Father Vincent who was a tall thin man in his 40s told my mom she could drop me off on Sunday mornings on her way to work, around 5:30 am. Continue reading

Wrestling Matt

At first, I didn’t really realized why I liked wrestling so much, probably because I was too young. I remember watching it, Saturday mornings after cartoons, and thinking that looked fun, but then my big brother said “No, wrestling is for Homos.”
Well, if you think about it, Monday Night Raw, and the flamboyant way some of the wrestlers dressed, or acted. Macho Man Randy Savage, doesn’t that kinda sound like a porn star name? Continue reading

Fiest gay experience

I was 15 years old at that time.we were living in small town near our villagey dad was working in town.we have a small rented home.uor relative use to come frequently..once my uncle from village came he slept with me .he told me that he sleeps and puts hand on body so don’t mind I said o k. In the night suddenly I wokeup and noticed that he is playing with my penis which was erect .and his cock was touching my cock was fully erect.about 6 inches..he asked me how do you feel .I said good.then he asked me to hold his cock with my hand I obeyed him andtouchrd his cock oh my god it was big and thick.I started playing with it as he was playing with my cock
Mine was small and his was big .I was doing as he was doing . Continue reading

I was raped

You do not wake up one day and say to yourself I think I will transform my life today. Yet this is what I did about ten years ago. My day at work started just like all the rest, meetings throughout the day. Plenty of emails to deal with. But on that day all hell broke loose at around 3 pm. One of our major clients had encountered a failure in 3 out of 5 Databases. If the data was lost millions were at stake. Continue reading