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Klaus, Petra, und Teufel 1

After finishing Basic Training for the Army, I was stationed at in Wiesbaden Germany. It was the late 70s and the Cold War was a serious matter back then.
It was hectic, reporting to my unit, getting settled into barracks, CIF issueand all manner of inspections and daily physical training.
That first month I had to attend classes on the German language and customs, drug and alcohol, race relations. Continue reading

childhood maza

When I was 15 years old .and I was in high school.I used to study in my room. My parents used to sleep in their bed room. When some guest comes he used to sleep on my there were only two rooms.
It was a routine .once my cousins brother came he was three years older than me. We had dinner .and he came to sleep with me.I studied for two hours and we talked so many things
.he asked about girl friends.I said I do not have night I suddenly woke up.he was playing with my penis.and his penis was out of his under bear. Continue reading

Bears Suck, and Fuck in the Woods, too.

On the way out, my son told his friend Lee why it’s called “Oxbow Landing.” He brought up the map on his laptop, “See, the river meanders here, but once it got going, the outside flows faster than the inside, and that made it bow out even farther, while slow current dropped off silt here on the inside. That’s where the landing came from.”
It was late, after work and school, but I just unhitched the boat, and dropped the jacks to drive out from under the slide-in camper. Continue reading

When you have a horny older brother…

I think I was 10 when I was raped by my brother. My brother was 16 back then. He is not gay but when I ask him why he fucked me before he just said that he was really horny and apparently I looked more like a girl than a boy….
It is true because no boy at 10 years old would have the same testosterone level that he would have when he is 15. Moreover I even had long blonde hair.
Anyways to the story, It was a normal day. Continue reading

Summer of fun

After Matt having been caught, by the police. I was once again on my own in finding a nice cock. To suck and fuck I missed the days that Matt used my hole and that he let me suck on him, his buddies, and the other kids. That were lured into his apartment complex.
My summer started off as usual alone, bored, and jacking off and fingering myself to those memories. However, an idea hatched into my mind that I could find men at bars or a tavern and that I could use the city bus to get there. Continue reading

First time

I was 8 or 9 and there was this guy who moved to the seemed every time he invited me over we would always stay in his room. He was 16 years old and one day the two of us were wrestling on the floor..well more than once his hands rub against my penis and everytime they did, it felt good.About a week went by and on this day we went to the creek, I’m in shorts and as I come out of the water my shorts fall to my knee’s. Continue reading

My birthday

On my 53rd birthday I was on my home from Oklahoma, I live just south of Dallas . I am a still n the closet gay man,. Any way after checking out a couple of bookstores looking for some cock I wasn’t very lucky in my usual places I sucked a couple of men off but nothing special.One white guy with a average cut cock and a black guy with a decent sized dick. I wound up at a place that I hadn’t been to in a few years. Continue reading

My first dog knot

I was raised in the country, rural Texas, normal country boy. I was no stranger to watching animals fuck. I was always interested in the many different sizes and shapes of their dicks, especially dog dick.
We had a number of dogs through the years, a few males. I loved to jack them off and try to get them to mount me, but never got them in my asshole. I would use all sorts of items to fuck myself in the ass. Continue reading

Cousin got me drunk

Im Jake and this is how I became bi. When I was about 12 yrs old my family and I went to visit our cousins for the weekend. My uncle was very rich and had a huge house. My cousin Johnny age 13 and I took over the entertainment room in the basement. After eating Johnny and I went down stairs to set up our sleeping arrangements and watch movies. After about a half hour Johnny asks me if I want to get drunk. Continue reading

Mamas little Bi

Incest is abuse, even covert incest. I’m skipping past the years of grooming here, to get on with the action, but these things don’t just happen. They take preparation, and that prep is sexual abuse. Even before the incest becomes more overt, and physical. Don’t try this at home…
“Momma,” my little boy came in, “Are you pregnant?” Not so little any more, he’s just turned 13, and next year, he’ll be going to high school. Continue reading