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Becoming a Gurl

I am a lifelong CD, back when I was 14, I dressed every chance I got in secret. My parents worked so summer was perfect for me to wear my mother’s clothes. Since her clothes were a perfect fit for me, I would try on everything, and on occasions I would get brave wearing one of her wigs and go outside, on one of these times I walked a couple of blocks. I was in heaven. I was wearing this wrap around dress that the breeze would blow open the skirt. Continue reading

Fuck my neighbor son

My 13 years old neighbor son used to come by me to do homework, his parents wasn’t home, mine wasn’t home too neither, so I finished his homework, then he was copy it down, while I gone for a shower. The guy went in my phone and saw some of my nude pics in my phone. While I came back I saw he staring at me, I asked him what’s the matter, he just smiling, he said I looked sexy, I felt Lil embarrassed because I was wrapped with my towel only. Continue reading

Teen crossdresser finding out has a brother

Well it was a total surprise to me when I was just 17. I just got home and there was a guy talking to my mom a little a couple of years old than me. I was dressed pretty hot that day in a mini skirt and lace blouse and thong matching bra and garter belt and stockings and high heels. Of course makeup and lipstick and accessories.
Well I had been gone for a good two hours. She said introduced us saying that he was my half brother from a fling. Continue reading

I love sex with married men

I am a 57 in the closet gay man.
A few years back I got a phone call from a friend and former co worker. he saw an ad I had on Craigs list. with my pic so there was no denying it was me in the ad.
this man is a couple of years younger than me married about 6 foot tall stocky and very solid.
After talking a bit we agreed to meet at a motel. When I entered the room he was in just boxers showing off his broad hairy chest, I grabbed him and kissed him hard and he stuck his tongue in my mouth, I clutched his cock thru the fly in his boxers an stroked him. Continue reading

I was horny and I let it happen

This story is about my first time having sex. It’s a different kind of story. Since I lost my virginity to an animal. About me, I was a 15 years old straight boy. I had several relationships with woman’s so I’m not gay but I always had a weaknesses to animals.
When I was 15 it finally got me.
I was making a holiday with my family on a farm. My parents my sister and me. Although there was plenty of stuff to do I started to think about sex with an animal when I first saw a mare. Continue reading

Sex experiences

I was 17 years old boy and student of 12 class..I used to read sex stories book given by my. Friends .stories regarding sex with sisters .brothers . dogs etc. I used to get erectiion when I Read books ..I have one sister two years younger..we have two rooms one is for parents and one for us . I used to sleep in one bed and sister in another bed was winter we used to sleep for ç night i was reading sex stories about sister . Continue reading

The Hangover Part 2

The next day, the 26th, a Sunday, we all woke up. We had the same idea, but even at a young age, we came with the idea of “Brutal”! Something all of you, I hope, will love! We woke up at 7:30. The dogs were awake this time. They came over, and licked our faces to wake us up. As soon Angela got up, they pushed her down. She said, “Round 3?” I replied, “Round 3!” The others got nude, because believe me, they love it, and they still do, and so did we, for nude. Continue reading

Sex with my best friend

My best friend growing up (David) was always rather flamboyant. Even at 9 or 10 it was very noticeable. We had always fooled around, as young boys sometimes do. I’ll show you mine if you show me yours kinds of things. We slept at each others house almost every weekend and always slept in the same bed and always in only our tighty whiteys. Never thought anything wrong of it. I grew up in a religious home but my mother didn’t have any objections to me having a flamboyant friend whose Dad was gay. Continue reading

First bisexual time

I work as a cleaner in a student accommodation one day while I was vacuuming the area outside the student room a door opened and this six foot blonde German he was about twenty five. He looked straight at me while he was rubbing this beautiful 8″ cock I couldn’t take my eyes of it. He looked at me and said come in if you want to taste this. I knew it was risky but I just had to go down on this beautiful cock . Continue reading

my little black desire 2

I was in house after beach wearing only a white tshirt and a black speedo neither inside better i will have some time alone i go to my bedroom i take off my tshirt and put down my speedo i was now full nude and ready for bath when i take a look in atem bed and come again in my mind the day atem take my virgin ass my cock was erected and i remember some scenes in porn movies and a position that you are like a dog and they fuck you so i take this position above atem bed and start my fantasy atem be behind me and fuck me and to be more real i put my hand in my ass entrance and start rub it like to be atem cock. Continue reading