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She offered herself for her husbands life

At approximately 9 p.m. on June 27, Florence F., age 57, and her husband Samuel F., age 66, had just parked their car in the garage of their apartment building in Montgomery Township. Before they reached the garage stairway, they were surrounded by three young black men, named Joseph T. and Norman and Michael G.
Joseph and Michael held guns to the temples of Samuel F., while Norman trained a gun on Mrs. Continue reading

Fathers day

On Father’s Day, at approximately 1:00 p.m., Sally, a 48 years-old senior curator for an Art Gallery at T. University, heard a knock on the door, and a voice asked:
“Can you tell me where room 215 is?”
She answered through the door:
“It’s upstairs on the second floor.”
Within seconds, she heard a second knock at the door. A voice said:
“We can’t find 215.”
She opened the door and saw a young man standing in the doorway, wearing a white t-shirt and white jeans. Continue reading

Forest encounter

My name is Vivian, this is a record of the events leading up to my stupid rape.
I had spent several years overseas working on projects and had become moderately wealthy. I had a few lovers but by the time I returned home, I was definitely single. I could have lived off my savings, but I wanted to do some work and earn my own keep.
I was 34 when I started part-time work in a boutique lingerie shop. Continue reading

CU rAider (FB)

I was just sitting on the bus, looking out the window, when we went past a break in the trees, and I saw something.
“Did you see that?” The boy next to me was turned around.
“What?” He shook his head, but of course, it was past.
“Nothing,” I guessed, maybe he wouldn’t believe me if I told him, but I’d swear I saw breasts bouncing, in the short glimpse I got through the trees.
The bus squeaked to a stop, so I pushed his shoulder. Continue reading

Losing virginity in hotel at age 11 preteen

the first time my stepmother used my body instead of hers for money I was age 11 and a virgin. we drove to a hotel around 8pm . It was very run down and the room was dimly lit. on the drive over she told me a man wanted to meet me and this would help out our family. I knew I’d be having sex for the first time, I was nervous but also excited.
so we got there and she instructed me to take off all my clothes and lay on the bed. Continue reading

Raped again — Update

I was raped again on the 17th of January this year. I was returning back to my car at the mall following a movie when I was caught at the landing at the top of the stairs. After a very brief encounter, the rapist ejaculated inside me. The rapist then took off down the stairs, leaving me somewhat stunned. The raping was just one week into my cycle, I believed it was too early in my cycle to get me pregnant. Continue reading

Teen Modelling

We are mixed race asian, we are identical and we are to be fair very attractive and we also had very mature figures as children, we were 32 D and curvy and in addition having spent time around much older models and noted that so many shaved their pussies so we ere shaving ours from a very early age and we would shave each others to make sure no accidents, we believe that this revelation was overheard by the photographer o one particular shoot for bikinis in Spain. Continue reading

Hotel Robbery

On June 16, Victoria, a married 48 year-old from Ohio, was staying in Room 1718 at the M. Hotel in Kansas City, Missouri, while she was in town to attend a conference of the National Athletic Trainers Association.
At approximately 9:00 p.m., an emergency alarm went off in the hotel. In response to the alarm, Victoria left her room, went down the stairs, and exited the hotel. Shortly thereafter, the hotel occupants were informed that they could return to their rooms. Continue reading

Money or pussy

Mary was employed at G. restaurant located in Salt Lake City. She worked as minimum wage counter help, taking orders, cleaning tables and running the cash register. She had no supervisory responsibility at work and she had nothing to do with the safe that was in a back room at the restaurant. Her uniform consisted of navy blue pants, a blue and tan striped pullover shirt, and while working, an apron, hat and name tag. Continue reading

The bride and the prison escapees

Patrick Donald Kane, white male, age 43, brown eyes, hair graying at the temples. Bank robbery. Dale Glennon Wilson, white male, age 24, hazel eyes, pock-jnarked face. On his right fore-‘arm, tattooed, “Love and Hate.” Kidnaping. Murder in prison. They were strangers to each other. Four hours earlier, near Warrenton, they had overpowered the deputy United States marshal and special-duty St. Continue reading