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Hyperactive niece (Part 4)

Summer was over for both of us and school started the first week of September and summer was exceptional to say the least. We almost got caught one time by my mother when we were in my room doing naughty things my mom just warned me about. I can remember that as soon as we heard my mom walking up the stairs, which my room was the first room at the top of the stairs, she walked in and just before she did, my niece let go of my cock and quickly sat on the floor watching tv. Continue reading

I was horny and I let it happen

This story is about my first time having sex. It’s a different kind of story. Since I lost my virginity to an animal. About me, I was a 15 years old straight boy. I had several relationships with woman’s so I’m not gay but I always had a weaknesses to animals.
When I was 15 it finally got me.
I was making a holiday with my family on a farm. My parents my sister and me. Although there was plenty of stuff to do I started to think about sex with an animal when I first saw a mare. Continue reading

My 14 year old stepdaughter

It started one day that she said she didn’t feel good so she wanted to stay home. Her mom was out of town for a week so I told her it was fine. I remember being called from work telling me I was switching shifts so that day I wasn’t going in to work. When I got back home I went in through the back door into our room so she never knew I was back. I remember hearing soft moans so I walked slowly into the house and I saw her laying in her bed naked, touching herself while she was watching porn. Continue reading

Mom me and the dog

I had posted a story called my dog were I fucked my two dogs this is the story about two months later when I had seduced my mom. So I was a Thursday and I was masturbating in my room when I heard a moan so I went to go check there in the living room my mom was letting our dog duke lick her pussy. I was shocked but I stood there a watched and got kinda horny my mom had always been hot to me she had big boobs a nice ass and she was pretty. Continue reading

What cums next…

I wasn’t stupid, but I guess you could say I was ignorant. My brother took me to the movies, when I was 11, and he was 13. Fortunately, they had a movie we could agree on, because it had action, adventure, and Romance right in the title.
Then, Jack came back with a sailboat, and a new pair of boots, helped Joan climb up, and the camera pulled back to show the mast, and keel. In the middle of the street, between 2 buildings, and I remember that scene, more clearly than anything else. Continue reading

ftm transman forced at party

i was born female, but came out as ftm (female to male) transgender when I was 11. i am now 17 and have been on testosterone(T) for 2 years, and had top surgery 3 months ago. when I was 15, about a 2 months after I started T i was at a house party with my friends. i had been drinking a little, and was buzzed when my best friends boyfriends friend, J (who was 17), came over. We weren’t very close but we had chatted some. Continue reading

Daddys new start

Rosie was 5’1 with c cup boobs and a small bubble butt with pale skin and nice flowing Raven colored hair.
Rosie’s dad Jim was talk and muscular with hair on his chest arms and legs and reminded her of a lumber jack.
Bye the time Rosie turned 19 she decided on not going to college and she wanted to live with her father.
So she did and they moved to a rural town by rural I mean the town was 5 miles away and the houses were atleast 2 miles apart. Continue reading

The Horse Bride (Part 2)

I couldn’t believe what I was witnessing. My mom was on the bed, on all her four and one of the dogs was on top of her! “Go on! Have a good look!” the old man who brought me in the room, whispered in my ear.
I was curious and slowly walked to my mom. She moaning like she had never felt like this before. The entire thing amazed me. “Ahh…aahh.ung W-Why are you here? Oohhh..” she shouted at me. Continue reading

Daddy’s Little Girls

I waved goodbye to Mom as Emma, my 13 year old sister came back inside, Dad following close behind her. Mom was leaving for a month to France for a business trip so Emma (13), Lilly (14), Grace (15), and I (16), were home with alone with our dad for all of July.
Grace wasn’t feeling well and had a stomach bug for the first two days she was gone, so the first week my sisters and I spent taking care of her, our dad spending most of his time in his “workshop”. Continue reading

The Bad Day Continues

Jenny steps out of the shower as I’m walking in the bathroom. My head is still spinning of the way she used Janine to get me off. “Mmm hey stud are you ready to punish that little bitch some more?” She asks. “Mmmm you know I am what do you have in mind.” I ask. Jenny lifts your panties which now have a very visible yellow stain on the front of them and holds them to her nose and inhales the smell of Janine’s wet cunt and piss mixed. Continue reading