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Raped by my neighbors dog

I was in my Junior year of high school (now I’m a senior, 17). I’m a 30B with a small waist and large hips. My hair is curly and red, and about 3 inches past my shoulder. Most days after school I would take the bus, but I liked to walk when the bus was just too loud for me. So I walked to my house, which was 3 miles away.
I always start off my walks optimistically, but in the end, I feel very tired. Continue reading

Punish mom and my brother part 1

I’m Jimmy this happen earlier 1980. My mom have two son and 1 sister. I’m the older. Mom always like my little brother. He graduated high school and went to collage. Back in highschool I got suspended and and throw from high school for to many fighting. I’m a dark brown Dominican. I was 17. My brother was 15. My little sister was 10. My ex girlfriend was 12. I was in high school and she was in middle school. Continue reading

The bitch next door

it was a lazy Saturday afternoon, I was lying in my bed , waiting eagerly, then i got the text. My heart jumped when i saw it was from Olivia. i read the text – “Come quickly bitch. And don’t forget to bring the heels”. Olivia is my neighbour, a 29 year old married lady. Since I 1st saw her, its been my fantasy to fuck her. And i found out it wont be that hard when she came to our house, to meet with us with her husband Matt. Continue reading

Susan and her two daughters

Susan was 32 years old when I first met her (4 years older than me). She was short, a little bit chubby (which i liked), had nice 34DD tits, a nice phat ass and curves. She was my ideal body type. And she had two daughters Kate and Jeanie.
Kate was 14 years. She was tall, slender build but she wasn’t skinny, she had some meat on her bones. She had a nice ass with a great set of firm C tits. Continue reading

Timmy and me

When I was growing up; I was petite for a boy and kind of feminine. I could tell that I was a disappointment to my father. So … I thought playing little league baseball might butch me up.
It was worth a shot.
I met Timmy and we became good friends right off. Timmy lived a few miles from the baseball field where we practice and I live right next to it. So after practice we both went to my house. Continue reading

Mommy’s Little Whore Part II

MLW stands for Mommy’s Little whore, but this chapter starts with Background Music:
By the time we were dressed, and back out to the driveway, there was a car, parked out front. The driver got out, with a hat wrapped in plastic, and an umbrella.
“Oh, he sent a limo?”
“It’s just a towncar.” She ran up, before he made it around to the sidewalk. Continue reading


I guess I thought she was lucky. Aubrey, the lady that moved into the house behind us, with her husband. She got a hot-tub, and then when it got cold, he put up windows around the porch, so they could use it year round.
Well, they sure liked to go out there, and even had friends over, for wild parties, and a lot of action, in and out of that hot tub. I had the best view, out my window, but then I caught my brother in my room. Continue reading

Teen Babysitting a Curious Boy

As a lot of other teenagers, I would babysit to get an allowance for myself. I was 17 when I said yes to babysitting for a family I didn’t know and it didn’t go as I would ever expect.
To start off the family was super wealthy, the couple needed to go on a business trip and needed a babysitter.
They offered a generous amount for just a weekend babysitting, not to mention it’s beginning to feel like a paid vacation for me. Continue reading

Christmas vacation

On the morning of December 29, John, Stuart and Larry proceeded north on Walnut Street Road in Springfield, intending to commit one or more burglaries. As they approached the residence of John McCutcheon they observed Mr. and Mrs. McCutcheon leave the premises in their car at approximately 10 A.M.
Shortly after the McCutcheons’ left, the three drove into the driveway of the McCutcheon home, Stuart went to the front door, knocked and rang the doorbell for some time in an effort to ascertain whether or not anyone remained in the house. Continue reading

My first gay threesome

When I was 16 I had two male friends that I would fool around with. The first was Jason, he was a year older. The second was Joe, a year younger. Jason and I had been doing things like masturbate in front of each other for a few years and it had recently progressed to him asking if I wanted to try sucking each others dicks. I was reluctant at first, eventually came around. Joe was very much a fem boy. Continue reading