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My sister my teacher

I had arleady finish my bath and i took a look in my 10yearsold girly body hairless pussy boobs still small of very small age i was curious for my body i discovere the pleasure of play with your pussy when i was 7 and this when i had catch my 4years oldest sister play with her pussy in bathroom i of curiosity try it later when it was my turn for bath my mum full bath with water and foam and she put inside me when she left me alone i put my hand in my pussy and like my sister start rub it with my eyes close it was so good all this first time feelings rise me in seventh heaven when the big explode come i want to scream but i with big difficulty i keep my mounth close but when i open my eyes i had a suprise. Continue reading


Note: This is psychological, but written by a self-centered amateur. She’s going to make excuses, blame the victim, and she has a low opinion of pretty much everyone else. So, TW: Misogyny, AND Misandry. Somewhat akin to a Narcissist, she compensates for her own low self image by projecting on others, but because her feelings are sexual, her conscious thoughts are Sexist. As such, she’s likely to offend pretty much anyone. Continue reading

Good Girl/Bad Girl (fff Bondage)

Well, school started up again, and I guess it was back to normal. Except for the first day back, we got to tell each other what we got for Christmas, besides clothes. I mean, that was the one thing, of course you’d wear the nicest things you got to show them off, but then, after we got done with that, we just naturally started talking about the other stuff.
Then, on the way home, Judy just blurted you: “What’s the sexiest thing you ever seen?”
We all laughed, and leaned in together so we could keep our voices down. Continue reading

A Leg Between my Thighs pt 1

Samantha and I were always close. Very close. As friends that is. Ever since first grade we stuck together. We even went to the same high school. But that’s where our friendship started to crumble. I took the nerd route, focusing on grades and my studies, while Sam pushed her way to most popular. We hardly ever said hi to each other anymore. That was until junior year of course. It started on a Saturday night, on the phone. Continue reading

Blackhead Strips

I had just picked out a locker, and hung up my bookbag, to get dressed. Then, I heard “Dude, what’s with the purse?”
I had to pull it out to get my shorts, and tank top out. “It’s not a purse. It’s uh. Ditty bag.” It just sounds so silly, when you say it out loud. “That’s what they call it in the Army, or at least my granpa called it that.”
“Well, it looks like a purse.” More guys gathered around to point and laugh. Continue reading

games with a pedophile

It was a nice and hot sunday morning of july i sandra 13yearsold brunette 1,55height 65pounds athletic body because i am athlete of box together with my brother sam 10yearsold black very short hair we were laying to our towels me with my back and sam with his belly and enjoy the beautifull sun today i wear a red top with a yellow bottom bikini while sam a black speedo.
Sundenly sam hit Continue reading

My first time taking dog cock

Hi, my name is Ashley Gibson. I’m 19 years old and I have long light brown hair and I stand at 5’3 with 36c cup breasts and a nice round ass. I’m going to tell you something I’ve never told anyone I know because I’m a bit insecure about it. I moved into a small house I had recently bought after moving out of my parents house. It wasn’t a HUGE house, simply a two story house because I was planning on moving in with my friends. Continue reading

Journey of a Pain Slut – Act 2

PART 1 – The Guy
I sat back on the large rock next to my bag. I was exhausted, but elated. This past few hours had fuelled my desires, my kinks, my perversions … and how!
This girl, my Little Girl, whose actual name was still not known to me, nor mine to her, hung by her wrists above me, several feet from the ground as the dusk turned to twilight and the darkness began to descend.
It had been a relatively warm December day with heavy cloud cover and a deluge of rain. Continue reading

So Hot

“Huh!” It was hot, but at first, I’m not talking about hot, and wet, or sexy at all. I mean, it was pushing 90, and I guess I wasn’t used to it.
Partly because we all kinda skipped right past Spring to Summer, staying shut in, but then the City decided that they had everything under control, so if you took precautions, it was safe to come out.
Also, because some time between last fall, and this May. Continue reading

After School Extra Math class

I was 14 when this happened. Was bad at math and I didn’t understand a thing. My math teacher talked to my parents about it and said that she would be okay with me staying after class to help me with math. Not going to lie she was hot and she always wore clothes that were about 2x sizes smaller so you could see her nips as for some reason she doesn’t wear a bra.
So the bell rang and I had to stay at my desk. Continue reading