Mom and son caught/wedding anniversary!

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I was finally able to watch all the recordings of my wife and son during the lock down.i had a blast.i could not wait for some hot new that Kathy and I are back to work after two long months of fucking lock down.monday was are wedding anniversary.kathy told me Friday she was going to be off if I could get it off,her work was still kind of slow.i knew she was hoping I had to work, who is my slut wife trying to fool.monday morning rolled around,I kissed Kathy good bye and told her we would go to dinner that evening for our anniversary.after returning from our anniversary dinner I went into my office with a nice stiff drink in hand.turning on my computer and watching the hidden bedroom cameras,it showed me leaving for work.kathy gets right out of bed and opens her drawer and puts on a pair of sun tan stockings with a darker brown seam line going up each leg.god they were sexy on Kathy’s shapely legs.she headed right to her heel closet as expected and took out her hot pink heels and put them on, the brown stockings did look hot with the pink heels.i love watching Kathy pick out her attire for our own son.she did up her hair and make up in the mirror.she left our bedroom for like five minutes, the cameras showed nothing.about ten minutes goes by and then our son is carrying his mom into our bedroom they were both giggling, God I’ve been dying to fuck your cunt mother Matt said as him and Kathy got on the bed,I’m so glad I had your dirty panties to sniff all this time he said.matt and my wife had their hands all over each other,their tongues danced on each other,Matt grabbed and cupped his mom’s ass cheeks,I fucking love your ass mom, why don’t I just park it right on your face Matt,please do mother, they got right into a 69 where Matt was licking away on Kathy’s cunt,I love it mom he said, Kathy was sucking and licking the tip of Matt’s big 8 1/2 incher.god I can’t wait to feel this up my twat son.nothing better than dad being at work and me licking his wife’s pussy right on his bed Matt said,I was stroking my own hard cock watching these heartless crazy fucks enjoying their lusty ways.kathy rolled a condom down that huge cock of our sons and Matt draped those in shape fantastic stocking legs back with those pink heels to the ceiling and guided inch by inch of that huge cock right up Kathy’s Matt pumped it deep and my bed started creaking, he spoke these words softly to his mom, I know what we’re doing is just pure lust mom but I love it,his cock was going way up into his mom’s pink beautiful twat.happy anniversary to you and dad he said as he pumped his mom’s cunt balls deep right on my bed,filling and stuffing his own mom’s juicy cunt,here it was our wedding anniversary and my bed is creaking away with our son feeling his massive cock going in deep into the depths of his own mom’s juicy cunt hole,no guilt or remorse from either one.keep pumping it Matt, God just stay pumping my cunt his mom whispered,oh yeah mom Matt said to her as he was splitting the walls of her cunt,you like this do you mom,me,your own son fucking your twat behind dad’s back,huh mom as he went way up in their like it was meant to be.i wanted to feel so bad how Matt was feeling.his heart beating,the pure lust he felt inside his body as he could feel his own mom’s juicy cunt as he just continued to keep going in and out,feeling that cunt hole on his big cock over and over.fucking his very own beautiful mother.having no guilt or shame doing this every morning and on my bed behind my back.matt and Kathy gloriously stayed fucking on my bed for hours that morning.this is my gift for our anniversary from my wife.she stayed fucking our son for half the day, and we go out to dinner that evening on my dime.i came a huge fucking load watching them fuck loving it for now.we only live once.

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