Sisters baby

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About a year ago, My then 14 yo sister got in bed with me like she usually does when she needs or wants to talk with me. We fell asleep cuddled up. Sometime during the night I woke up with a raging hard and my cock was between my sister’s thighs. As I moved my cock back and forth for awhile, My sister involuntarily moved her legs, giving me better access to her crotch. I slid my cock up and down on her panty covered pussy. After a while, I felt her moistness through the panties so I moved them aside and rubbed my cock head on her pussy and clit. When I found her slit, and placed my cock head against it, I heard my sister who I thought was asleep say “You wouldn’t dare”. So of course, I pushed my head in. Waited a minute and she didn’t say anything more, i continued to push in. She gave a squeal when her hymen ripped. She didn’t say anything else,and I continued to fuck her until I got my balls off in her.
Next morning, we didn’t talk about it. We acted like nothing has happened.
Couple of months later, my sister tells me she is pregnant. I asked her who the daddy was (thinking it was a bf). She told me I was the daddy, because she has only had sex one time, and that was with me.
When her baby bump started showing, she had to tell mom and dad. She said she wasn’t sure who impregnated her. She was at a party and had her first drinks and then wasn’t sure what all happened after that..
We now have a 3 month old son. My parents are impressed by how much time I spend with the baby and how helpful I am to my sister, helping her take care of the baby.
Someday, I plan to tell them that it is our child but today and the nearforseeable future is not the time to tell them.

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