My married sister

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Hi I’m a 42 year old Indian guy…was married to my wife for 15 years and had two kids…my sister who is 43 years old and married to her husband for 18 years and has three children….I got separated from my wife and my sister came to stay with me for a few days on her own….I not had sex for a month and when my sister turned up to stay with me she was wearing a tight outfit and looked beautiful…I thought wow…that night I remember it was a Monday I took my sister for a meal and a few drinks and put viragra in the wine…I masterbated three times that night about my sister.. the next day I waited for my sisters husband to ring and say goodnight to my sister and spike my sisters drink with Rohypnol…waited 30 minutes and told my sister I wanna fuk her..there was no replied from my sister…
As my sister was laying on the sofa I spit her legs apart and started licking her clit…took my sister to my bedroom and made love to my sister every way possible shooting my SPERM INSIDE my sisters Fanny at least seven times and once inside my sisters ass…..when my sister woke up in the morning my sister was shocked and confused and said what the fuk never seen so much sperm before!…… my sister said this can never happen again and no one can find out….I recorded it my phone and blackmail my sister….
At first my sister refused but now my sister rings me for sex lol

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