A Vampire’s Debaucheries Chapter 1

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I’m certain most people have some sort of vampire fantasy these days… Wanting to escape into a world of dark passion, sinful erotica and the freedoms of immortality….but what’s that saying?… “Be careful what you wish for…. You just might get it!”
Now then, let’s think. How best to start? Maybe let’s start on that night? Yes, may as well, that night, the night I met her, the night everything changed, the night I became a bloodsucking deviant and the beginning of my fall into the deepest of depravities….
It was an ordinary evening, some clouds in the sky, glowing red as the sun had just set with a few stars twinkling out, and I was arriving home from work.
My job is nothing special, I work in an office, filling paperwork and checking documents. My day had been average, no different than any other day I’d worked there. I left at closing time on a Friday and headed straight home.
I know, being in my early thirties and going home on a Friday night instead of out like a lot of my colleagues made me a bit of an oddball but the long hours my job required left me tired out by the weekend and my old soul preferred I stay in and read a book or watch a film.
I’ve never been much of a partier anyway, pretty much you’re average shut-in.
Anyway, I’d just arrived home and as I was walking up the driveway to my place, I heard a rustle in the bushes next to the fence.
Nothing to really be alarmed by as I rent a bachelor’s cottage on a small plot out of the city in the country. Nice and tranquil with lots of small wildlife like hares and squirrels.
So a bit of rustling in the bushes didn’t raise any warnings.
What did give me pause though was a little sniveling sound, like a child trying to hold back tears, which as it turns out, was exactly what it was!
For behind a bush, just outside the gate to the private garden of my place, I found a young girl holding tight to a backpack.
A child with dark hair and dark eyes, shivering and seemingly close to tears.
“Hello,” I said approaching her slowly with my hands up so as not be seen as hostile. “What are you doing here?”
I kept my voice gentle but she didn’t answer, just shook her head and looked down at her feet.
“Do you need help?” I asked her. My keys were jangling in my hand and I was crouching a few feet from her as I looked down at her. She didn’t answer verbally but after a few seconds she nodded.
“Want to come inside and I call someone to help?” I asked, and she nodded again.
I unlocked the gate and waved her through onto the garden path leading up to my door, while keeping some space between us.
I didn’t really know why, I just didn’t know how to act in this situation, especially as I don’t really have any experience dealing with children in general, let alone lost little ones like this girl.
Closing the gate behind us I walked up to my door, unlocked, opened up and let her into my place.
The cottage I stay at is your typical bachelor pad, being one large room shaped like a L with a separate bathroom. The kitchen area was on the immediate right upon entering through the door, with the lounge/TV room on the immediate left. The space I used as a bedroom was further in, behind the lounge and separated by a closet which I used to divide the room. The bathroom was on the right, behind the kitchen, across from my bed.
After we were inside, I closed up and locked the door behind us. The area I live in isn’t the safest and leaving the door unlocked wasn’t wise.
The girl stood in the centre of my home, between the lounge and kitchen, her arms across her flat chest, her backpack across one shoulder and not knowing what to do.
“Sit, sit.” I said to her, indicating the couch and she slowly moved over and sat down, dropping her pack to the floor.
As she sat, I took a closer look at her. The girl had skin so pale it seemed almost paper white, which emphasized just how dark her long, black, wavy hair was, hanging down over her shoulders and made her dark eyes look pitch black.
She was dressed in dark clothing, a black hoodie over a black T and a black and red checkered skirt over fishnet stockings leading to black sneakers with red laces. She also had what looked like a black studded collar around her neck.
I couldn’t help thinking what a cute little miniture goth girl and I knew if I’d been ten years old again, I would’ve fallen for her hard.
“What’s your name?” I asked while thinking wistfully of how much I wanted to be a kid again to meet her.
“Anniska,” she answered. The first and only thing she’d said so far. Her voice sounded sweet, a little sing song, with a slight accent I couldn’t place.
“Is there someone I can call, your parents?” I asked her.
She shook her head, no.
I sighed. “Well, sorry but I can’t keep you here, I will have to call the police and someone will come to help you.” I told her gently but she didn’t reply, just stared at me.
“You can stay here until they come,” I continued. She just continued to stare.
Sighing again, I took my phone out and started to look up the number for the cops.
I didn’t manage to dial it though, for just as my screen lit up with the number, I glanced at her and everything changed!
The pupils of her eyes were glowing red and her hair was rising from a nonexistent wind while she opened her mouth to reveal her canine teeth had elongated into razor sharp tips and before I had time for more than a startled “Oh,” of surprise, she was on me.
Wrapping her arms around my neck, I felt a sharp pain in my jugular and then everything went black….
I awoke in an extremely befuddled state. My mind groggy, my throat parched and an inability to focus.
It felt like a hangover to end all hangovers!
So it took me a while to realize I was naked, lying on my back, on something soft, which I took to be my bed, with the most pleasurable feeling emanating from between my legs…
My cock was rock hard and felt like it was inside the softest and warmest orifice it had ever been in.
Looking down at my crotch, it took my scrambled mind a moment to process what I was seeing for there, between my legs, I saw the black hair, dark eyes and pale face of the little girl looking back at me.
Only there was something wrong with her face and I had to concentrate on it to see what it was.
Her cheeks were puffed and her eyes were teary and as i continued to stare, I came to realize she’d engulfed my entire erect penis in her mouth, and from the feel of it, halfway down her throat!
I moaned, not believing what was happening and my head fell back.
The sensation was incredible. I couldn’t quite focus my mind which told me I should stop this but at that moment I couldn’t remember why and soon it didn’t matter for the feeling of her tongue massaging around my shaft was just too pleasurable.
I looked down at her little face as she lifted her head up, sucking hard all the way as my cock almost slid out from her lips before she reversed, slipping her mouth back and taking it all down her throat again.
She repeated this, over and over, bobbing her head faster and faster, and I knew I wouldn’t last much longer.
I looked down at her little face again, and wondered where such a young girl had learned to do this but didn’t have any more time to think on it for my orgasm had just begun.
She stopped bobbing her head, instead holding my cock in her mouth as it pulsed and shot load after load of cum into her mouth.
I was still looking at her when I heard an audible gulp and realized she’d just swallowed. This made my cum even harder!
Soon though, the pulsating lessened and my orgasm subsided. She slowly slid her mouth off my cock.
Now with my cock free, she looked up at me with a wicked grin and a promise in her eyes for more to come, which caused me to shoot off one last stream, which hit her directly in the face, across her brow, over her nose and smearing her cheek.
She giggled.
A high pitched little girl giggle of having been surprised.
I continued to stare down at her, my mind still not quite processing what was happening, as she stood up to reveal she’d gotten undressed and had only left on her studded black collar.
Quickly she shimmied up on top of me, her naked body brushing over mine invoking a slew of new pleasurable sensations.
Her chest was completely flat and I could feel her little hairless pussy rubbing juices on my cock.
I think my eyes rolled at this point and I lost some time for the next I knew, my cock was suddenly caught in the vice like grip of the tightest, wettest little hole I had ever been inside.
Looking up, I watched as this small girl began to ride my like a pony.
She moaned and stared me in the eyes and in the sweetest little voice I’d ever heard in my life, began to talk dirty to me.
“Do you like that daddy?” She asked. “Do you like it?”
“Yes,” I growled as I put my hands on her hips and started to move my hips up to meet her bounces.
“Do you like having your grown mans cock inside such a little preteen cunt? Do you like destroying such a little hole for your pleasure?”
She bounced up and down faster and faster.
All I could do was nod. The sensation around my cock was overwhelming!
“Of course you do,” she continued in a higher tone and even in my befuddled state, I could tell she was nearing an orgasm of her own. “You’re a dirty old daddy that likes fucking little girl pussy. A dirty daddy that cums in a little girls mouth and makes her swallow. A dirty daddy that…a dirty daddy…a dirty….a…ah ah ah ah…”
She started to convulse and moan and I realized she was cumming which drove me to another climax. I thrust my hips up and shoved my cock in deep and held her as I spewed my cum directly into her prepubescent womb.
She continued to convulse a while before collapsing on top of me as both our orgasms subsided.
I was still not quite with it, so I didn’t notice she’d left and come back until I smelled the most delicious fragrance which set my parched throat on fire.
The girl leaned over me again, her naked chest against my arm, her hard nipples brushing my skin as she held a flask up to my lips and said “drink.”
I drank.
I was too thirsty to even think about refusing or question what I was drinking. Besides, whatever it was, was the most delicious thing I had ever tasted and as I swallowed it seemed to permeate throughout my body, giving me strength and clearing my mind.
I drank everything she poured into my mouth and soon the thirst was less and my mind was able to focus.
I thought about what had just happened and sputtered.
She quickly took the flask away.
I sat bolt upright and stared at her, fully aware now and horrorstruck at what I’d just done.
I fucked a little girl!!! I thought. My life is over…over!!!
The girl, Anniska, I suddenly recalled her name, must have seen the look on my face for she burst out laughing.
“Oh, don’t worry,” she said between giggles. “Your life isn’t over. In fact, its only just beginning.”
Anniska sat back on the bed, folded her legs and looked at me seriously.
“I know this will come as a shock but just listen alright?” she said to me. “I need your help, but not the kind you think. You see, I need you to be my daddy.”
Needless to say, I was more than a little confused. Also distracted, as we were both still naked and her posture gave a clear view of all her assets, or rather, lack there of.
I was so busy staring at her little flat chest, her smooth hairless skin and her tiny pussy slit, which still had cum dripping from it, that I missed what she said and had to ask her to repeat.
“I said, I’m a vampire, I got turned into one as a child so I’m stuck looking like this and needed someone who could pretend to be my parent, otherwise people start taking too much note of me,” she said.
I just nodded still not focussing until what she said next.
“So, I turned you into a vampire to be my daddy,” she said and with a sly grin, added in a little girly voice: “My ped-vamp-daddy that likes fucking his bloodsucking little girls holes all night long.”
It took me moment to process.
“What?” I asked.
Anniska sighed. “I said, I’m a vampire, and now, so are you…..”

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