A Vampires Debaucheries Chapter 2

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The red liquid in the glass, positioned on the small kitchen table in front of me, didn’t look at all appetizing, but perhaps that was because I knew what it was. If I didn’t, then I probably wouldn’t be struggling as much.
“C’mon, just drink it!”
I looked up over the table at the little girl, Anniska, seated across from me. She looked back at me, her elbow on the table, her chin in her hand and her eyes locked on me.
She was dressed now in one of my black T-shirts she’d scrounged out of my closet and which looked more like a dress on her due to her size.
Looking at her, I still couldn’t believe what had transpired earlier. Her facial features were so innocent in appearance, who could possibly imagine that only thirty minutes prior those sweet lips were wrapped around my hard cock, coaxing it to spurt my seed into her mouth.
Don’t think about that, I thought to myself sternly, for the memory was causing a rising in my groin I wasn’t wholly comfortable with.
I quickly glanced back down at the glass in front of me, staring at the red liquid and trying to comprehend my new situation.
This time, my mind returned to the moment after the sex, after she’d just giving me a drink from the flask which cleared my head. When she told me she was a vampire and that I was now one too.
Predictably, I didn’t believe her. I mean, who would?
So as a means to prove it to me, Anniska jumped off the bed, still naked then, onto the floor and leaning down, grabbed hold of the bottom corner of the bed with one hand and raised the whole bed up, tipping it sideways, over her head, and toppling me off onto the floor.
I lay on the floor a moment, stunned speechless, then scrambled up and turned to look as this little girl, only half my size, held my bed up with one hand.
My bed an ordinary one either, it was a heavy old four-poster, made from the wood they used back in the day, when furniture was built to last. In fact, my bed must have been decades old before I’d even been born. So even for me, a fully grown man in his thirties, with a fairly strong body, to raise even a corner took a lot of effort and straining muscles.
Now, this child was holding it up as though it were no heavier than a feather.
I stared.
Anniska looked back at me crouched on the floor, staring at her, unbelieving. She eased the bed back to the ground and stood straight. Looking at my incredulous expression, she grinned a little mischievously.
“Like what you see?” she asked, posing with her hands over her head. Her flat chest with little hard nipples, thin arms and legs, dainty hands and feet, hairless groin and sweet face all screamed of the purity of childhood.
“What?” I replied, wondering why she asked that.
Anniska glanced down at my crotch.
I looked down too and found, to my horror, I was rock hard and erect. My mind might find the idea of sex with a little girl wrong but obviously my penis didn’t mind one bit!
I stood up quickly, trying to cover my shame and failing miserably. My hands just aren’t big enough to hide my erect cock.
“Could you please put something on?” I asked Anniska as I opened the closet and grabbed some sweats.
“Okay,” I heard her reply before I felt something brush my knee.
Glancing down, I found myself looking at the naked back of a little girl on her hands and knees scrounging through my draws.
I quickly stepped away but couldn’t help looking back down at her, for as she dug through my clothes her ass stuck straight up, giving me a clear view of her rosebud and shining lips.
She was still wet, and I realized some of it was my cum from earlier, leaking out her pussy.
Anniska turned back around and I looked away before she saw me staring, fumbling as I pulled my sweatpants on.
“Can I wear this?” she asked, holding a black shirt of mine up.
“Sure,” I said, pants now on, I sat back on the bed and waited for her to put the shirt on.
Once on, the shirt hung down all the way to her knees, the sleeves past her elbows and the neck hung off one shoulder.
Then I saw the lettering written across the front of the shirt and had to suppress a groan.
It was an old shirt I didn’t wear out that was given as a joke gift. Printed on the front, in bold lettering were the words; “Looking for a good time? Then seek here!” with an arrow pointing down to the groin.
Anniska looking down at the inscription and back up at me, that wicked smile of her, turning the corners of her lips up.
The shirt did nothing to help lessen the abnormal arousal I was feeling. And the arousal was abnormal! I hadn’t been this horny since I was a teenager! When all I wanted was to find a hole to stuff my cock, not really caring if I knew the name of the girl that hole belonged to.
And when that thought crossed my mind I realized, with a shock, I hadn’t even told this girl my name yet.
“Greg,” the name popped out.
“What?” she replied.
“Greg,” I repeated, and continued. “Gregori, that’s my name.”
“Oh, I know.” Anniska said, shrugging.
“You know?” I asked. “How?”
“I undressed you,” she answered. “Your wallet was in your pocket, your ID.”
“Oh, right.” The way she said it though, made me wonder if that was really how she learned my name but before I could enquire anything, she interrupted.
“Okay, lets get started,” Anniska said, drawing my attention to her hands. “Follow me.”
She was holding the flask, which I didn’t see her pick up, and heading to the kitchen.
“Ah,” I said, not really knowing what to do, I followed. For a grown man, I wasn’t really acting much like one. Most men, I assumed, would be demanding answers and panicking somewhat but I wasn’t.
Perhaps this was due to the way my body felt. I wasn’t feeling like I remembered but I couldn’t quite place what was different, only that it was and it distracted me a lot. Too much to really focus properly on anything at the moment.
Anniska grabbed a glass off the sink and poured the contents of the flask into the glass.
My throat itched with thirst as the liquid filled the clear glass, dyeing it red.
Anniska placed it on the kitchen table. “Drink,” she said and gestured to the glass.
I stood frozen, staring at the glass. I instinctively knew what the red liquid was but still I asked her. “Is that..?”
“Blood,” she interrupted me and nodded. “Yes, now drink.”
Gulping, I moved towards the table and sat down in the chair, my eyes locked on the glass. Anniska took the chair opposite.
Which is where we now find ourselves. Me, seated in my little kitchen, trying to come to terms with what I’ve become.
I could smell the blood, a metallic scent which made my mouth water and yet every time I thought about actually consuming it, I was overcome by nausea.
I’d been picking it up, then setting the glass back down over and over a while now, for I just couldn’t bring myself to put it to my lips and take a sip.
Anniska kept urging me to just down it and get it over with and seemed to be getting a bit annoyed with me now taking so long to do it, so to distract her and also to further put off drinking the blood I spoke.
“Why me?” I asked her.
“Mmm,” she responded, looking me in the eye.
“Why me?” I repeated. “Surely there’s someone better? Why change an average guy like me? I’m nobody.”
This was true, I wasn’t rich, not particularly good looking and my personality type was relatively shy and avoid of need for social interaction. Not really the type most people would find attractive. So why did she choose to turn me?
I thought Anniska would respond quickly but she sat back in thought for a while before finally responding.
“I suppose, because I like your eyes,” she answered slowly, shrugging.
“My eyes?” I asked, arching a brow. Not believing her.
“Yes,” she said. “I’ve always been a sucker for a pair of pretty blue eyes.”
She grinned cheekily then, looking to see if I got the hidden meaning behind her use of the word “sucker.”
I did, and it did nothing to help the uncomfortable feeling between my legs, as I recalled the feeling of her sucking my seed out earlier.
I quickly cast around for another topic to discuss.
“How old are you?” I asked.
Anniska sighed. “Don’t you know it’s impolite to ask a girl her age?” she said, shaking her head.
I didn’t know how to respond to that so rephrased my question.
“Ah, I mean, how long have you been this…you know…a vampire?” I whispered the word vampire, not sure why.
Anniska sighed again. “It’s been a while,” was all she answered but upon seeing my curious expression continued. “Let’s just say I’ve been around long enough to have played tag with your great, great, great grandfather and leave it at that.”
“Okay,” I said, awkwardly then thought of another question. “And how old were you when you turned into a vampire?”
I thought she wasn’t going to respond to me, she was quiet for so long after I asked that, but eventually she replied.
“I’m not too sure actually. I was young, very young when it happened. Too young. People didn’t record age as meticulously then as they do now, especially not the age of orphans.”
“You were an orpha-” I began to ask but she interrupted me.
“Look, just drink the blood.” She said, obviously done with being questioned of her past and bringing me brutally back to the situation at hand. “Get it over with and lets move on. You’ll feel better, promise.”
Still very curious, I wanted to ask her more, but from the look on her face, especially the flash of a red grow in her eyes, I knew it was best to just do as she said.
I remembered how easily she’d lifted the bed up, breaking a few of my bones for annoying her wouldn’t be very difficult.
So I picked up the glass and stared at the contents, feeling equal parts thirst and nausea.
“Why’d you take it out the flask?” I asked her. If it was still in the flask, I thought this would’ve probably been easier, for I felt I could’ve drunk it if I didn’t have to think of what I was drinking.
“Best to just get used to drinking blood as quickly as possible, I find.” She answered nonchalantly, when she said the blood I blanched. “I don’t feel like spending months trying to wean you to the taste. Your body won’t be able to ingest anything else from now on anyways, so why stall?”
“Right,” was all I could think to respond with and continued to stare at the glass for a few more seconds, then, taking a deep breath and bracing myself, I quickly tossed my head back, brought the glass to my lips and tipped the blood into my mouth, swallowing quickly.
The taste was odd and my head spun, as I tried not to think of what I was pouring down my throat, but the sensation was incredible.
Just as before, the best feeling, like a tingle, as though of a soft feather over skin, rippled throughout my body, from my head all the way to the tips of my fingers and toes.
It energized me and focused my thoughts. Clearing my mind and making my body feel weightless.
So engulfed was I in these new sensations that it took me a moment to realize the glass was empty but I was still holding it upside down, trying to coax any last drop I could of the red stuff that made me feel so good.
Not getting anymore, I put the glass back down on the table.
As the thought of what I just drank went through my mind, I felt the nausea hit me full force and might’ve retched it all back up if not for Anniska distracting me.
She was on her knees on the table, leaning over me, gripping my head in her small hands before pressing her lips to mine and kissing me deeply.
I reacted instinctively and kissed her back fiercely, so it took me some time to notice how different it felt kissing her little girl lips compared to a woman’s full ones.
But I didn’t stop, it was just too intense, as she nibbled on my lips with hers, brushed my lips with her tongue coaxing them open and slipping her tongue into my mouth for me to suck on as our mouth locked together in a tango of teasing and playfulness. I loved the taste of her.
Eventually though, she pulled back, letting me free and I stared at her. She looked so beautiful, with her dark hair tousled around her face and her lips swollen from the kiss. I couldn’t help but want to take her right then and there, screw the consequences.
Sitting back on the table, she smiled at me but before she could say anything I broke out of the spell and, claiming I needed a shower, rushed to the bathroom, closing the door behind me.
Gathering myself, I turned to the shower, about to start it, but caught my reflection in the mirror and froze. Slowly, I moved to stand in front of it.
I stared at my reflection, wondering.
I don’t know what I was expecting but I didn’t really look all that different from before, I thought. Same blue eyes, same short cropped pale blond hair, same lips, same ears.
At the same time though, I thought I looked completely different. My hair had a shine to it, making it look silvery, while my face had refined and thinned out, making me look more angular, and my body seemed to have hardened into solid muscle.
But it was my eyes that drew my attention more than anything as a red glow flashed in the pupil.
My teeth also garnered some inspection, my strange, suddenly bright white teeth, with sharp little elongated incisors poking past my lips.
I opened my mouth to get a better look and noticed the change. My teeth no longer had little silvery bits covering my molars in the back. Each and every one was a pristine white and not one cavity could be seen.
I stared, and stared, until shaking my head, I turned away and started the shower, muttering.
“C’mon, just deal….You’re a vampire now….this isn’t a dream…..deal…”
The little mantra helped somewhat but still didn’t relieve all the tension I felt.
Once the water spurting from the shower was hot enough, I stripped my sweats off and positioned myself under the flow.
The feeling of the water hitting me in the face and chest helped centre me far more than my mantra and let me better process all that had happened.
I was a vampire now, no getting around that. I could feel it, my body felt different, stronger, lighter, tougher. And I was more aware of it too. The feeling of the water hitting my skin felt different from before, for now I could feel each stream individually as it made contact with my skin.
It felt wonderful and made me sigh.
So engrossed was I in the new sensations I was experiencing throughout my body, that I didn’t notice Anniska enter the bathroom, nor the shower, until I felt two little arms wrap themselves around my waist from behind and little hands grip my quickly hardening cock.
I spun quickly and my cock slapped Anniska right in face, across the cheek.
“Sorry,” I said but she just looked up at me and giggled.
“Someone’s lively, “ she said and wrapped her hands back around my cock.
Looking down at her, standing in front of me, I realized she was the perfect height, for the tip of my erect cock brushed her lips without either of us having to bend or stretch.
Anniska smiled up at me but didn’t do anything more except gently massage my cock and balls with her hands, as the water from the shower cascaded over the two of us.
I knew what we looked like though, if anyone peered in through the bathroom window and saw this, it wouldn’t look at all like two immortals beings, both more than old enough for consent, no, if anyone saw this then there’s no doubt cops would break down my door and take me away but that thought actually just turned me on even more.
Looking down at this dark, beautiful little creature, tempting me to sin, I felt myself give in and put my hands on her head, guiding her mouth onto my cock.
Just before my tip passed her lips I saw a little smile, full of conquest, as though she’d won and, although I didn’t realize it at the time, she had.
Pushing my cock into her mouth felt amazing as it passed her lips and teeth, brushed over her tongue to hit the back of her throat and slip down her gullet.
I moaned, standing there with my hands on her head, trying to shove as much of my fat appendage into her little girl’s mouth as I could.
But after a moment, with my cock lodged in her throat, I noticed something was wrong and realized she wasn’t breathing!
Quickly, I pulled out of her mouth, panicking, but found her just looking back up at me, a little flushed but completely fine.
“What?” she asked. Her voice sounded a bit off but I guess having a large, hard, piece of man meat shoved down your throat, did that to a girl.
“You weren’t breathing,” I said.
“So,” she said, her hands now on my cock, pumping it up and down, keeping me hard. “Vampires don’t need to breath.”
And I realized she was right. Although I was taking in air to talk, I didn’t feel any real need to breath.
“Oh,” I said, a bit out of it now as I contemplated this new ability.
“Okay,” she said. “Now that’s cleared up, are just going to stand there, or are you going to fuck my little face with that hard cock of yours?”
Those words pulled me away from the breathing thing and helped me focus on the matter at hand. I didn’t need to be asked twice and quickly grabbed hold of her head, digging my fingers into her hair, and guided her lips back to my cock head.
Anniska opened her mouth wide and I shoved my whole length into her mouth, down her throat, none to gently.
Holding her head still in my hands, I started to move my hips. Sliding my cock in and out her throat. Going faster and faster until I was ploughing into her so hard that the wet sound of my cock hitting her throat and my balls slapping her chin echoed through the bathroom drowning out the sound of the shower.
Her throat slobber dribbled down her chin and was washed away by the water raining down on her face from the shower.
Good thing she was a vampire though, for I doubt any human, even an experienced porn star, could have taken the face pounding I gave her.
As I fucked her little face, the thought of what I was doing and the feeling nearly overwhelmed me, and although I felt my climax approaching, I didn’t stop, or even slow down. I just kept right on driving my cock into that little mouth until I exploded with a force I’d never experienced in my life.
My cum filled her throat and mouth, bursting out her lips with some dribbling out from her nostrils as I stood there shaking from the throes of my orgasm, holding her head fast to my groin.
Once the organs subsided and my shaking stopped, I let go of her head and fell back, my cock slipping from her lips.
I looked down and watched Anniska as she sneezed my cum out, giggling. The water washed it all away as it fell.
“Well, that was interesting,” she said.
“Being face fucked so hard, cum comes out my nose isn’t something I was expecting.”
Anniska sound at all upset though. To the contrary, she seemed to have enjoyed the whole experience.
Her wicked smile lit up her face again and she turned the shower taps and switched the water off.
“C’mon,” she said and grabbed hold of my still hard penis with one hand.
Taking me by my cock, she lead me out the shower, out the bathroom and towards the bed.
Climbing onto the bed on her knees, still wet from the shower, she let go of my cock, bent forward, laying her head down on the mattress and reached out her hands behind her, placing them on her ass cheeks and spreading them, giving me a clear view of her anus and cunt.
“Fuck my ass,” she said in a small voice, still somewhat hoarse, while wriggling her little backside. “Please daddy. I need your cock in my little butt. Hurry, stick it in.”
Such a cute little butt, in such a position, would be impossible for any man to resist but the fact that she was begging me to stick my cock in her ass was too much temptation to handle.
Standing behind her, I positioned my tip at her rosebud, and pushed.
It was a good thing she was still wet from the shower, because I don’t know if I would’ve gotten inside otherwise, she was so tight.
I slowly pushed the tip of my cock inside her, then put my hands on her hips for leverage to draw myself deep into her bowels.
Hearing her moaning in her throat as my meat invaded her anal cavity set me on fire with lust and so I began to slowly move my cock in and out of her, working her hole open.
It was slow going at first, even though she was a tough vampire, her body was still the size of a little girl and taking a large rod up her tiniest of openings took some effort.
But after a while, I was inside her and moving with a quicker rhythm, building speed as drove myself harder and harder into her, all the while listening to her moaning and dirty talk.
“That’s it you dirty bastard,” she moaned. “Fuck your little girls ass. Stretch it. Ruin it! That’s what you want, right, daddy? You want to destroy my ass, don’t you. Ruin it so no one but you can enjoy it. Ah, ah, ah. Fuck, fuck, fuck!”
Listening to such a sweet little girl voice yell such filth only aroused me more and soon I was nearing my climax.
Before I got there, though, suddenly I felt a shiver through my cock and looked down to see Anniska shaking and convulsing, moaning and gritting her teeth.
I realized she was having an orgasm, and that realization drove me over the edge. I drove my cock deep inside her ass and grunted as I shot load after load of my cum up into her bowels.
Both of us shook and shivered through our orgasms, her little body taking all I had deep. For a few minutes we just stayed still, not breathing as we finished.
After, I slowly pulled my cock out her ass and watched as my cum leaked out her hole. My cock was still rock hard!
But before I had time to think, Anniska turned around, took hold of my cock and stuffed her mouth over it. Cleaning my dirty penis with her tongue and lips.
I watched her intently as she licked every last drop of cum off my cock and balls, happier in this moment then I’d ever been in my life.
The moment she’d finished and swallowed what was left in her mouth, I put my hand under her chin and raised her face up to mine so I could kiss her.
With that kiss, I knew was in love with her, that I would follow her anywhere, no matter how dark, and do anything for her, no matter how bad, just as long as I could stay with her. Forever.
Little did I know just how dark, twisted and depraved my future with her would be…..

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