Yuris Sexual Diaries Pt 8 Chapter 7, A Looser Feeling

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March 22, 2019
Dear Diary,
I’m starting to believe that I am near my goal of permanently gaping my virgin pussy. It’s too sensitive now yet I felt it become looser and even more empty. So much pleasure in such a short amount of time. I think I became some kind of dirty slut, just the one who prefer to keep her virginity.
I never thought my life would change so much. I fell in love with pussy gaping, I use many toys (sometimes more than one inside me), Lacey knows my secret yet she helps me instead of trying to fuck me, I became a furry with a murrsuit, I started to do shows in my new favorite place, and I stopped wearing panties and only using my long skirts. I’m grateful for my fetish and I want to do more with it.
Am I going too far with it though? Don’t get me wrong, I still love gaping my pussy to death, it’s just ….I miss original pussy. I still have pictures of it on my phone and in you diary, and it shows how much I’ve changed. Sometimes I think of it while masturbating. I feel like I’m making the right choice but at rare times I would doubt that. And I had to think about this more.
What would happen if my parents found out I was ruining my pussy to where I’m happy? What would happened if my friends (besides Lacey) were to found out as well. Will I be punished for doing this or would I be awarded? And if I were to marry, would my husband love me for who I am? I’m may look like a virgin whore with what I’m doing but this is more on my real life side.
I think there is no clear answer until it shows up unexpectedly to my door. But throughout all of this, I was happier than I was before. Back then life was hard for me. I was over stressed by many responsibilities and I didn’t do things that made me happy except for reading, writing, and art designing yet it use to be rare. Now I have more time to myself and I have a calmer head to get things done.
You know, if I were to loose my virginity, I would like to have it be taken through my cervix. The only tight place left in my pussy. Speaking of cervix, I am now starting to prolapse my gaping pussy like the Kuro Gal Bitch. It’s like I have a penis and a flashlight at the same time from my pussy. I however never seen a woman stick their long prolapsed pussy into another woman’s vagina. I only seen this in hentai once and I’m not sure if it’s futa or not. Either way I feel grateful for this. Who knows, I could even use the vacuum to pull it out and masturbate with it like a boy.
There is so much to say though about you diary. I don’t know why but to me you’re like….a form of crush that I have. If you were a real person then I would have given you my virginity. I love you and I am grateful to share my sexual fantasies with you. It’s unique to me.
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