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My ex-bf and I enjoyed the outdoors camping hiking just being outside. He and I went camping on a nice lake we found a good spot in the middle of nowhere. On our 3rd day two men came into our camp ask if we had any beer. My bf told them no and that’s when one of then hit him. He was on top of my bf beating him. As I tried to get to him the other man hit me and knocked me to the ground. After my bf was beaten up they took our money it wasn’t a lot but it was all we had. Then one of them told me to take him to our car. He and I walked to the car. When we got to the car he turned me to face him he undid his pants pulled them down to he was exposed. Told me I knew what to do. After I was finished he told me not to move he when back and the other guy came to the car. He told me to get undressed and to lay on the hood of the car. He had sex with me. He finished inside me. He told me not to dress and to stay by the car. The next thing I saw was my bf coming to the car. We didn’t have the keys so I got dress and we walk to a store and called for help.

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