Camping with friends

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I lived in in middle of nowhere. Loved it many places to camp hunt fish party without having to deal alot people. I was going camping with friends. One of my friends brought his cousin who was visiting from out of town. I head might before but haven’t seen her in years. She was about 5″4 had a heart shaped ass and small frim tities. Jessica was her name.

We all took 4 wheelers on trails that lead to our favorite spot to camp. When get to our next to a river. Jessica asked if people ever come back here besides us. Once in a great while you might see someone on river I said. Perfect she said this is such a great break from the big city. We to sit up camp. Once we get camp up by friend Shawn who brought Jessica said let’s go down the river on our tubes. Jessica asked me if there was room for both of us in my tube. Sure I said. Thank you so much. We get in my tube and started floating down the river. When we get back to camp and I go in my tent to change. I hear my tent unzipping. I turned and there was Jessica. Damn girl you’re not going to see much after being in that cold water. She comes inside and said I can fix that and puts my soft dick in her mouth. She sucked me hard and told me to lay down. She gets right on top of me. She was only wearing shorts and a t-shirt. She said her shorts over and started riding my dick. She fucked me I going to cum I tell her she gets off and finishes me off with her hand. We come out of my tent and Shawn asked did you guys work up an appetite. Sure did Jessica said I told you cuz I was going to fuck your friend. Yeah I know Shawn said. I cooked some burgers while you two were fuckin. We ate dinner that I took jessica back to my tent for some more. I asked her what’s your favorite position. She said well I’ve never had my pussy ate before. So get on top of her and kissing her neck down to her pussy. When I started eating her out she came so hard her in tire body was shaking. I slide my dick in side making her have orgasm multiple times. This was best camping trip of my life she said. We didn’t really leave my tent much that whole weekend other than to eat and use the bathroom.

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