Cousin pt2

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So me and my cousin were playing at our grandmas just regular hide and seek and tag etc. Until one day we decided to play a game called house she was the mom and I was the dad. One day we were playing and she said something about sex (I forgot) then that night we went on the computer to try and find a sex video ( we didn’t know what porn was at that age) then we went back to the room and she told me to lick her in her privates and idk what to say, so I went down and she told me to lick it and when I did it tasted amazing, i still remember how it’s taste and smell. So I went all in I started to licking crazy and she pull my hands to grab her tits I did for about 10 mins and it was dark a I could see what it looked like but she was amazing. Now that wasn’t the only time during the day I would tease her by grabbing her ass, she’s older now and her ass is much bigger and sometimes I want to grab and do it again, sadly she has child so I can’t find at time when she is alone, back to the story we did it again and again. One we try to have sex but me a little kid I couldn’t get hard so we just went back to me licking her pussy also she had hair and i didn’t care she tasted great. Now we don’t talk about like it never happen but soon I just want to risk it all and do again but this time I hope we can fuck!!!
That’s the only cousin that let me do that. So I have no more stories about her, also go checkout the other story if you haven’t. Let me know what you think about the story in the comments also this story is 100% real!!

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