Cousin takes my virginity

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Took place sometime in the early 2000’s I barely remember what happened to me. I am, for certain that my older cousin had sex with me when he was in his early 20’s. While I was 12-13 years old. We were there visiting grandma but we were alone in one of the bedrooms and was telling me that he was going to some college. That I cannot recall; Then I felt him dry humping it felt so good, and I didn’t say anything but I allowed him to keep going. We stripped our clothes off were both naked and he wanted me to suck his dick. I did, and he moans as I give head for the first time. He fucked my mouth and then he had fucked me on all fours! Later on, found out he fucked me in the doggie style position. He stuffed his cock in my ass, it hurt at first. But I enjoyed it as he fucked me nice and slow and then begins to pick up speed. As I also established a rhythm and then I was riding him later on cowgirl he slapped my ass! I remember bouncing up and down his cock moaning enjoying it I even heard him calling me a bitch or his bitch. I didn’t care what he said and the next thing I know I was lying down on the bed. As he unloads his cum on my face and chest! I remember cumming earlier during intercourse, and I was drenched in his and my cum! He told me that to keep this a secret nobody should now what we did. I can only remember bits and pieces of what happened that day, but I am for certain that I enjoyed it!

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