Make Me a Mommy

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“Daddy can you come help me” I hear Zara call from the living room. I walk in and see Zara in the “puppy dog stretch” yoga position but you are much much flatter
“You have got to stop you are going to get in so much trouble with her” I whisper. “But what if I want to be in trouble with you instead” Zara says as she stands up. And glance over her shoulder at me before she bends over into the “downward dog” yoga position
I give Zara a light tap on your ass causing you to giggle “mmm maybe that’s what I need daddy maybe I need you to spank me so I’ll listen to mom” “oh really is that what you need” I chuckle back. “Maybe” as Zara spreads her feet some more and walks her hands back towards her feet spreading the rip tight against her. I walk around Zara and lightly pull her hair to pull her head up to look at me and whisper in her ear. “Don’t be a little tease you don’t even know what I would do to your tiny self little girl” I growl. “Mmmm well show me then daddy I have seen the way you can’t take your eyes off of me even when mom is right there.” Zara says back mockingly. “How could I not when you walk around in nothing but a tank top that barely covers your tits and tiny lace boy shorts.” “Mmmm daddy has been looking hard at me. So tell me daddy what do you think of when you fuck mom? Huh …. do you like her short round body or do you think of your tight little teenage daughter and wish you were fucking me instead.” “Mmmm little girl you know you can’t ask me that question cause you know I can’t lie to you.” I smirk back. “Well daddy I asked so tell me does moms out of shape ass turn you on or is it me that gets you off when you’re with her.”
“Little girl are you sure you want to know that answer?” I ask. “Mmmhmmm daddy I think about the answer to that question every single night.” “I’ve have pictured me being with you every time I’ve been with your mother for several years. Ever since you grew out of that little girl stage and decided to stop wearing all those modest clothes around the house.” “Dont think I haven’t noticed how you always seem to just get out of the shower and use the smallest towel possible anytime she is busy. I think you just like to tease me while she is here cause you like making her jealous.” “Want to know a secret daddy?” Zara asks. “I love the fact that she gets jealous about me! I love that she knows you love me more! And I love knowing that you can’t stand the sight of her and love looking at me instead!” Zara whispers. My hand rubs Zara’s beautiful ass. “You’re going to make me do something I’m going to regret if you don’t stop.” I whisper. “You won’t regret it and you know it.” Zara seductively says. “You know you want to just check and see cause I can already see you love the idea it’s written all over your shorts.” Obviously I’m hard as a rock so I look around to see if her mother is anywhere to be found which she isn’t so I slip my middle finger into the rip in Zara’s yoga pants and push the tip of my finger inside of your pussy. “Zara are you still a Virgin?” I whisper. “Mmmhmmm I’ve been saving myself for you daddy.” Zara whispers back.
Just then her mom comes walking down the hall so I pull my finger out of you forcing you to sigh. “ZARA IM NOT GOING TO TELL YOU AGAIN GO PUT ON SOME FUCKING CLOTHES! NOW!!!!” She yells. “And Mark why don’t you ever make her do anything I say. You’re not her friend you are her dad and it is time you treat her that way and stop taking her side on everything! Maybe she will listen to you cause she sure as hell won’t listen to me.” I chuckle to myself as you head to Zara’s room which is all by itself above the garage.
“I’ll go talk to her. She’s 19 she’s not a kid anymore maybe you should stop treating her like one maybe that would help you.” I snap back at her. “Well ever since she turned 13 you’ve been more like her friend and not her dad maybe that’s the problem.” She growls. I roll my eyes and walk towards Zara’s room. The little alarm beeps when I open the door at the bottom of the stairs leading to her room I installed years ago to discourage her from trying to sneak out. I reach the top of the stairs and knock on her door “Zara are you decent?” I ask. “Come in daddy” I hear her say softly. As I walk in her room I find Zara back in the “puppy dog stretch” position
“Little girl I’m going to tell you one more time. Don’t tease me like this.” “Oh daddy I’m not teasing at all as she reaches back with one hand and slip a finger inside of herself pulls her finger out and place it inside of her mouth. “Mmmm you should take a taste daddy” Zara moans out. I lock her bedroom door “alright little girl I’ve had enough of your games as I reach down and tear her yoga pants apart leaving her pussy and ass on display. “This is what you wanted ISNT it little girl.” I growl. “Mmmm fuck yes daddy I’ve wanted this for so long. Taste me and see how long I’ve waited for you!” Zara moans as I start to eat your pussy sucking hard and nibbling on her clit. “Mmmm fuck daddy how does your daughter taste daddy?” “Mmmm YOURE so fucking delicious baby” I moan. “Better than mommy taste?” Zara ask. “Yes baby so much better than mommy” I whisper. “Daddy I want you to be my first but I want you to promise me something.” Zara whisper. “Anything baby I’ll do anything.” I plead. “Daddy whatever you do don’t be gentle with me! I’ve seen how hard you fuck mom and I want you to fuck me harder than her! Please daddy” she beg. I pull my shorts down and free my raging hard cock. “Oh yeah you want me to fuck you harder than I fuck mommy huh?” I growl. “Yesssss daddy” Zara almost scream. “So you want me to fuck my little girl like a dirty little slut huh?” “Yes daddy fuck me like I’m your dirty little slut because I am daddy!” Zara moans as I rub the head of my cock Up and down the opening of your pussy before I slam him inside of her. In one push I tear through her hymen and rip into her tight pussy. “Ughhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkk daddy” Zara scream out so I slap her ass so if her mom hears she thinks I’m punishing her. “Daddy it hurts” as I pull out and slam back into her and slap Zara hard on the ass again! “Well maybe you should listen to your mother and stop dressing like a slut” I growl at her smiling. “Pleaseeeeee daddy stop I’ll be a good girl. Owwwww daddy it hurt!” SMACK I smack Zara’s ass even harder. By now I have stretched her wide enough to get a good rhythm going as I slam deep inside of her pressing my cock deep into her slamming against Zara’s cervix with every stroke. “You love my pussy more than mommy’s DONT you daddy” you moan. “Fuckkkk yes I do baby!” “Then give me what you would never give her daddy!” Zara beg. “What’s that baby? What does my little girl want from her daddy?” “I want you to fill me full of cum and give me multiple babies daddy! Breed your little girl daddy!!!” As I feel Zara’s pussy clamp down as she begin to squirt and cum all over my cock.
“Yessss! Daddy harder breed your baby girl!!!!” Zara scream. “Fuckkkkkkkkkkk ooooooooo Fuckkkkkkkkkkk” as I slam into her and the head of my cock buries itself in her cervix as my cock explodes filling Zara full of cum. Till we both collapse on the floor. As we both regain composure Zara whisper in my ear “if we have a little girl I hope you do the same thing to her.” I kiss her hard then get back dressed and head back into the house. “God damnit mark I didn’t tell you to beat her ass I told you to talk to her.” Zara’s mom snaps at me. “Hahaha her smart mouth got her in trouble this time” is all I say as I walk off.
As I hear Zara come downstairs I go back in the living room just in time to see her come in in a cut off shirt that is cut just below her tits and some tight booty shorts that show off that sexy tattoo on her hip. Her mom looks at me and yells “Jesus Christ Mark you beat her ass and she still doesn’t listen I can’t fucking deal with her!” As she storms out of the room. Zara giggle and smile at me as she walk up to me and I kiss her. I whisper in her ear. “And since you’re going to decide to stay in trouble if it is a boy I hope he breeds and punishes his mommy just like I did.”
Zara’s mom storms back into the living room. “I’m going out I can’t deal with her bullshit!” As she slams the front door. “Well Zara it looks like you really made her mad this time” I chuckle. “So am I going to get punished daddy” Zara asks in her little girl voice. “Mmmhmmm you are. Go to my room now.” I growl. As I walk in Zara is bent over me and her mom’s bed with her ass flexed out. “Oh no little girl you’ve already been spanked today I’m going to try a different punishment” as I lift her up and put her on the bed. “So daddy what is my punishment going to be?” Zara ask.
“Well Zara since it’s your mouth that keeps getting you into trouble I figure it needs to be punished now lay on your back with your head laying off the side of the bed.” “Yes daddy” she whisper. “Now open up your mouth.” With her mouth wide open I push my cock deep into her mouth till she begins to gag. I pull out then push in again a little deeper causing her to struggle a little more. “Take it little girl if you want to be a big girl you are going to get treated like one” I growl. One time when I pull out you scream at me “I’m not a little girl I want more daddy I NEED MORE!” So I pick up the pace and start fucking her throat till her spit is flooding out of her mouth and all over my cock. I pull out lean down and spin Zara around and toss her back on her moms side of the bed. “Give me her pillow NOW!” I demand. “Why daddy?” She ask. “Well you want to make her mad right and you love making her jealous right?” “Yes sir?” Zara answer confused. I grab her legs and lift her ass up and slide her pillow under Zara . “Now her pillow will catch all of your fucking cum!” “Mmmm daddy I don’t think I’m the only one who wants to make her jealous anymore.” Zara moan out. “And you’d be right little girl” as I rip her booty shorts off of her. I push Zara’s knees to her chest and fold her tiny body in half as I slam my cock deep inside of her dripping pussy. “CUM ON HER FUCKING PILLOW LITTLE GIRL!” I growl out. “Ohhhh fuck yes daddy mmmmm fuck my little pussy daddy….
Fuck your little girl soooooooo fucking hard oh daddy I’m gonna cum daddy fuckkkkkkk!!!!!” Zara scream as she soaks her moms pillow as I pull out and let Zara’s cum coat her mother’s pillow till I slam back into her pussy and keep fucking her hard. “You want some more of DADDYS cum in your tight little pussy don’t you baby” I growl. “Give it to me daddy I want all of daddys cum in my tight little pussy. Make me a mommy! Daddy I promise to be a better mommy than mom is to our little girl” as she finish I scream “ughhhhhh ooooooo FUCKKKKK yes make daddy’s baby little girl” as I unload into Zara’s cervix again. As I collapse next to her she whisper in my ear “do you want to know a secret daddy?” “Of course I do baby tell me” I ask. “I’m ovulating today daddy so I’m probably already pregnant with our baby!”

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