My dad spanked me for not having a clean room

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I was home alone with my dad and he came into my room and spanked me for it being a mess i moaned because I was horny (i had been watching alot of porn lately) he asked my why i moaned i stayed silent and pulled down my shorts to reveal my g string i was wearing and i could hear him gasp i turned around and unzipped his jeans and his hard 8 in cock sprung out and was in my face i starting giving him a blowjob and he told me if i knew what i was doing and i replied with” yes daddy iv done this many times ” and carried on after his cock was wet enough i went and
pushed him on the bed and i climbed on his cock and started to bounce up and down really fast soon enough he came in me and then i told him its his turn i climbed on the bed and he started licking my pussy and sucking my clit and after about two minutes i had an orgasm. He stuck his cock in my pussy and was going slow while he was doing that he was sucking my tits and he went faster uptil i finally screamed of pleasure.He kept on asking me “is daddy’s little princess happy” and i sure was. I went on all fours and he came from behind pulling my hair while i moaned from the fast thrusting he came in me again and i could feel the cum dripping out of me. We finally stoped when my mom called to say she would be home in 10 mins. And my mom still doesnt know to this day we did it and everytime she is out of the house we do it. My dad has told his friends sons the same age as me that im horny and they should go and fuck me. so everytime we go over to one of their houses we go into the bedroom and fuck for about 2 hours and everytime it just gets better we usually just tell our parents we will be hanging out in the room.
Plz note this isnt one of those fictional stories this has been happening for 2 years now

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