My wife was impregnated by my boss

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One day, shortly after I got married, my womanizing boss shocked me by asking to sleep with my wife. It was an unusual request because he had only met my wife briefly at our wedding. I was also terrified because I was frightened of my boss and did not know how to refuse him. As I thought about it, I found my self getting sexually aroused. I tried to stop thinking about it, but the thoughts of my boss having sex with my wife kept entering my head and turning me on, more and more. Finally due to my fear of my boss and my sexual urgings I cautiously approached my wife. She got furious and and very upset. I quickly backed down, profusely apologizing and making excuses for my self. I blamed my boss telling her how vindictive he was and how my job was at risk, nothing about my sexual urges. Surprisingly she calmed down and listened and seem to be genuinely worried of me losing my job. I don’t think she liked the idea of hardship associated with me out of work. I did not bring up the topic again but, after a couple of days of thinking and worrying, my wife surprised me by asking if it would only be a one time deal. Hearing her say that got me so excited, but I contained my excitement and calmly assured her it would be only for one time.
That weekend I invited my boss for dinner. I winked and told him that after dinner my wife would have a special dessert for him. The dinner went of remarkable well. I expected my wife to be uptight and hostile but it appeared that she would cooperate and give my boss a good time. Also my boss was very attractive and quite a Ladies man and probable did manage to work some of his charm on her. After dinner, my boss and I went to the living room to enjoy some brandy while my wife said she was going up to bed. After having a shot of brandy, I suggested that my boss go to my wife and tuck her in, while I poured my self another shot. My boss was out of the room in seconds. I sipped my brandy leisurely and then walked up to the bedroom. When I reached the bedroom, I found them already in bed – fucking. My boss was a good lover and he obviously was giving my wife a great deal of pleasure, because she started moaning and seemed to be enjoying herself which made me a bit jealous and excited. I had expected her to just spread her legs like a whore and service my boss. I watched as he pumped into her cunt and brought her to an orgasm. He then collapsed on top of her as he ejaculated. My wife was not on the pill as the pill did not agree with her, so as agreed upon beforehand, my boss had worn a condom. However after resting for sometime he managed to persuade my wife to allow him to fuck her one more time and without a condom but in her arsehole.
The promise to my wife that she would have to fuck my boss only once was not kept. However each time it was less and less of an effort to persuade my wife. Soon my boss started dating my wife taking her out for dinners, theater and so on and so barely about three months after our marriage I found that my wife had become his girlfriend. I, however, enjoyed watching them fuck and one night as I was watching, I became aware that my boss was about to enter my wife without a condom. I tried to yell out a warning but words would not come out of my mouth. I watched helplessly as he plunged his bare cock into her cunt and proceeded to fuck her. When he ejaculated my wife felt his cum inside her. She had just had her orgasm and was in a dream like state happily mumbling that she could feel his hot cum, when she suddenly stiffened as she realized what had happened. She thought that the condom had burst and tried to get up. However my boss held her down,
pinning her knees to her chest so that her bum was raised up and held her that way for a long time and so ensuring that the cum would seep deep into her vagina and to her womb. I don’t know if she was impregnated on that day or on one of the many other subsequent days they fucked bareback, but about four months later her breasts seemed larger and she had a little bump on her belly which started to grow and grow until her belly was huge with my bosses w. She gave birth to my boss’ son around the time of our anniversary, my boss’ gift to us.
My wife remained his slut for two more years, until my boss left the country to return to the company’s parent organization.

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