Fun with sister and dog

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Hi my name is Marian I’m male 15 and I have a twin sis. My family have two dog’s. One male and one female. My sis and I had many times sex, so we posted the story on this page. One time we saw the category Zoophillia and didn’t know what that was, so we looked for some stories and get bought really horny of that, so we decided that we try to have sex with our dogs when our parents aren’t at home. When our parents went for a romantic weekend to a hotel we decided to do it. I and my sis watched some animal porn together and put our dog in our parents room because that was the biggest one. First we took our male dog REX on the bed and my sis laid there in doggy style so our dog climbed on her and tried to fuck her, but he couldn’t, so I helped him i but his dick in my sister’s pussy. She was really horny of that and moaned she was very wet. Some of her tasty pussy juice dripped on the bed. Meanwhile, I was really hard and jerked by watching it. After a minute I went to our female do Jessy and laid her on the bed so my sister can see everything. I pulled my 6,9 inch long dick slowly in this tasty dog pussy. When I was completely in I looked to my sis, and she said that this looks so sexy. I started to go in and out. When the male dog got faster i with fucking my sis I thought I go faster to so went faster and faster and after a ten minutes I came in our dogs pussy. I pulled my dick slowly out of her dog pussy and when I was out, my cum dripped out of her tasty pussy. Meanwhile, our male dog came in my sis. He pulled out and my sis went to me and said she licks the cum out of the dog pussy when I lick the dog cum out of her pussy. I agreed and laid down and my sis sat on my mouth with her hot pink wet cum dripping pussy. I started licking her, and she moaned loud, and I was with my tongue g as much in as I could and lick her rally hard. Meanwhile, my sis gave our male dog a hand job, so he came on us. After that my sis started to lick the pussy of our female dog. After twenty minutes of hand jobs and pussy licking our dogs went downstairs and me and my sis laid in our parents room and kissed us. We started fucking so I put my dick in her hot wet pussy and kissed her in the same moment. After ten minutes I come into her tight pussy. Two minutes later we already slept I had my dick still in her pussy. At midnight, I woke up and saw my sis naked on my left I get hard and started to fuck her really slowly and came in her. She didn’t woke up.
I hope you liked that story. It is a real story.

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