Young love

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This is a story when I was a young girl and and young boy from my class
I was in the sixth grade and my class was finishing a sex Ed class when. A boy in my class came up to me and ask if I wanted to try some thing with him. I said yes and he said to meet him behind the school on lunch time. I was wondering what we will do, lunch time came and I went outside and went behind the school were he was waiting. He told me that we were going to do something his parents did last night. He said to site down and suck his dick, like sex I said? Yes, if you won’t to, Yeah, I would love too he then pulled down his pants and should me his dick I was bigger then the ones the teacher showed the class. Just put it in your mouth he said, so I did starting slow and going faster, I could tell he was loving it. He came after five minutes and told me that he had a great time but I still had his cum in my mouth, he said his mom swallows it and that it’s good for you. I swallowed his load and said that I like it too after that he became my bf for another four year until me left the state. What I wouldn’t do to fuck him again.

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