Cousins girlfriend

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Amanda was my cousin’s girlfriend. Her and my cousin were living with me. She would always want to hang out with me when he was working.She would come in my room and watch TV with me.

It all started like a day like any other. My Cousin Andy was at work. It was my day off. I got up and had breakfast and go back to my room to watch TV. Shortly after that Amanda knocked on the door come in I said. What are watching she said well here in a few minutes the game will be on. Can I watch it with you she asked. Sure I don’t care. Witch team do you like? I tell out of two Green Bay. Oh I like them too. She lays down next to me. A few minutes later she gets closer to me and puts one leg across my stomach. I didn’t have a shirt on and fell she didn’t have any panties on under her night shirt she was wearing. Girl I said you better watch that it’s been a while since I have sex. I know she said I’ve been thinking about fuckin you since we moved in. It’s way I always come in here with you. I kinda thought you liked me I said. But the only reason I never made a move on you is because of what Andy told me about you. What the hell did tell you? Well we’re talking about girlfriends and I said my last was good in bed but we’re just bad for each other and how tight her pussy was. I sure wish Amanda’s pussy was she’s so blown out dude that’s why I really don’t care if we fuck or not. Amanda said that fuckin asshole said that. Yes why would I lie about that. Fuck that asshole she said. Amanda gets on top of me and and started kissing me. All of sudden she rips my shorts off and started sucking my dick hard. With my dick hard she said now that’s a cock. She gets back on top of me and slowly working her way down my dick. Damn girl you’re so tight. Why would he say that. Well maybe because his small. Amanda was going to town on my dick riding it hard and fast. Oh my fuckin Cummin she said. She rode my dick till I blew my load in her tight pussy. She gets off and lays down next to me and we cuddle up and watch the game. She asked me to if they broke up if I would make her move out. No you can stay here I said. She told Andy he got home that she had cheated on him but not who with. I told him that I was the one that fucked his girlfriend. Why would you fuck my girlfriend he asked so I was honest with him. By the way I said her pussy is far from being blown out. If fact she is one of the best fucks I’ve ever had. He packed his things and left . Me and Amanda are now married and our sex life is even more amazing now that ever

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