Brother And Sister Underneath The Sheets

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I awoke in daze. I had stayed up all night watching the verified real incest videos on Peering at the clock it read 6:47am, much earlier than I normally wake up on a Tuesday. It was summer after all, school was out and my twin sister and I were going to be attending the local university in the fall. Why was I awake? I normally slept in until 7:30 to my alarm.
Then I hear a soft, muffled moan through the wall. My sister and I had our own rooms on the second floor. Our beds paired against the same wall length wise since our rooms are fairly small. Being the older of the twins by minutes, had a few extra square feet, enough for a small desk but that was it. Only a bathroom, small loft, and laundry room populated the second floor. It was mostly above the three car garage with our parent’s master bedroom and living spaces down stairs.
I paused, waiting to hear something again. My morning wood dying down concerned for my ‘little’ sister who was only minutes younger than me. I looked at her like that since she was physically smaller than me. She was short with a very small torso and long legs. We were both nerdy kids who mainly enjoyed playing games and watching science fiction movies. We were best friends and really never went out or partied like many of our fellow youth. We were content in our happy lives.
These thoughts randomly passed through my mind as I waited… 6:52 appeared on the clock when the second muffled sound came through the wall. I was concerned for my sister but intrigued. This had never happened before and I was unsure of what to do. Neither of us really had any boyfriends or girlfriends. We were kind of sheltered through our lives. Our parents were hard working people who went to work by six-thirty and came home about five-thirty. We sat and ate dinner together and watched television every evening. The perfect family.
As I pondered these things, my morning wood started to return as I considered what was happening in her room. Without realizing it, I was now softly leaning against the drywall and wood frame that separated my sister and I by only a foot. I didn’t even realize it until the clock read 6:54 and a third soft sound penetrated the walls. It was a sound of pleasure that could only be explained in one way. She was masturbating.
Shocked, mortified, but most importantly I was incredibly aroused. I never considered my sister as a sexual person. I guessed she masturbated and I’m sure she knew I did but I never considered the possibility of hearing it. There it was, however, another soft moan. My morning wood was quickly turning to morning steel.
She must have assumed I was still asleep and was taking some liberties with herself. It made sense to me but I couldn’t help pressing my ear harder against the drywall hoping for more of this luscious audio. Without thinking I had slipped my hand to my throbbing member. The summer was hot and a thin white sheet was all I needed during these summer months.
Then again… a soft, muffled moan escaped her lips and passed through the wall. The pace was slowly intensifying and I was trying to match my strokes to the sounds escaping the wall. She was petite despite the fact that we were twins. Not identical, we did have several genetic differences. She was long legged and petite like our Mother while I was taller and stronger like my Father. We did have similarities in personality in our superior academics and hobbies.
My mind was now racing, waiting for the next sound. I was now thinking of all those times we passed by each other in the morning. She would be wearing only a long t-shirt and I assumed some panties underneath. Her breast had developed into perky B cups or maybe small C cups. I had little experience in this field and couldn’t judge. Her nipples were sometimes erect when I saw her but she was my little sister. I was her big brother and protector. She was my best friend. I had never thought of her in any other way until now.
Did she wear panties those mornings? Was she naked underneath that long t-shirt? What does she look like without clothes? I couldn’t clear my mind of the terrible incestuous ideas running through it. I was a virgin and I was pretty sure she was too. We really never had any serious boyfriends or girlfriends. Our parents were happy to let us be secluded in our studies and hobbies upstairs in our house. If not for family time, we’d probably never go downstairs other than going to school or playing a few pickup games at the community basketball courts.
She always came with me even though she didn’t play. As I thought more about it, everything I did she just went along with and tried to enjoy. Is it possible she’s a submissive? I’ve never considered myself as a dominant male but I do like to take the lead in the massive multiplayer video games I play. She’s always there being the healer or repair role when we play. She always supports everything I do without complaint.
These thoughts consumed me until I hear another moan. This one was louder and less muffled. She must be getting close, I thought. Only a few seconds later another soft and less muffled moan. Her pitch and pace was quickening. Without realizing it, so was my hand. I was so aroused I couldn’t help myself. The idea of jerking off with her at the same time was consuming my conscience mind. It felt like my body was on autopilot and my brain had no say.
My hand moved faster, in time with the moans passing through the wall. I was getting close too. My boxers had released my member long ago and I stroked as fast as I could. Another moan of pleasure, this time it didn’t come through the wall but from my own lips. It wasn’t laud but it was followed by more through the wall. I was losing all control between her moans and my own sounds of pleasure. What was I doing? I can’t do this, my mind was fighting but my body wouldn’t listen. Another grunt louder and more direct. I prayed she couldn’t hear it as my pace tried to match hers, our moans softly passing through the wall as each of reached climax at the same time.
I heard her bed shaking against the wall as my own reciprocated its motion. My seed began to spray the sheet covering me and soaking my boxers underneath. Her bedsprings spoke to me through the wall as they creaked under her spasms. My hand was being coated, the moans through the wall reached their peak. The sound of the springs moving dyed down, my own orgasm in its final throws. The last of my ejaculate finished coating my hand, sheet, and boxers. I laid there for an eternity it seemed. Soaked in the greatest orgasm of my life while I listed to my sister masturbate to her own orgasmic bliss.
I couldn’t move. I was ashamed, embarrassed. I pleaded with anything that would hear me to have her not heard what I had done. My little sister, my best friend, had just given me the best orgasm of my life. I was paralyzed. Then the soft creak of springs… she was getting out of bed. Panic consumed me. We were only a few weeks into summer break. How could I face her after what I had done…?
Soft footsteps and her door opening… I couldn’t take my ear from the wall… footsteps in the hallway. The bathroom was on her side, the laundry on mine. Her steps approached my door…
A soft knock… “Joe, you awake?” she whispered.
Maybe she didn’t know… maybe she couldn’t hear what I had done because she was lost in her own bliss. I had to stay cool.
“Yeah, I’m just waking up..” I choked out with my voice breaking worse than when I hit puberty.
A long pause… she hadn’t moved…
“I was… well, I thought… maybe we should… do laundry today…”
She knew… panic filled my mind. She knew I just busted a load listening to her… I couldn’t speak… I was frozen. She continued after a long pause.
“If you… well… I’ll do it… the laundry… for you…”
I was without control. My body was no longer operating on sane thought. I was paralyzed mentally…
“Yeah, I’ll meet you in the laundry room.”
What, did I just say? How could I say that? I’m covered in my own sperm and my sheets are soaked with my seed. What am I doing?
My body raised up and stood up. I was slowly regaining control. The laundry room was on my side so if I ran to the bathroom it would be obvious. Then something hit me. Something I had never felt before. An absolution that was never there. I was a good kid, obedient. I never took the offensive except in video games but now I felt different…
If she knew, she knew. Why hide it? How could I? Even changing my boxers wouldn’t wash away the smell of my spunk covering my hand and groin. It was almost like a waking dream as I bundled up my thin white sheets, soaked in my own orgasmic product.
The small foot steps of her going the laundry room were the only sounds that registered. I was a zombie of lust. I couldn’t stop myself, I had just beat off to my sister and she knew it. With my cum soaked boxers and sheets I walked into the tiny laundry room that we had.
The smell was unmistakable. It was the smell of sex and passion. It wasn’t mine though. She stood there in front of the washing machine putting her sheets into the washer. I could smell the arousal in the room from my spunk to her juices. She looked to me and was flushed. Turning redder by the second as we stood there. I held my sheets and she looked down. Ashamed and vulnerable. I wanted to reach out to her and hold her. Tell her I was sorry beyond words but nothing was coming to my lips. We stood in silence.
After and eternity of silence, she looked up.
“I should… well I thought… maybe I should… the dryer is… yesterday’s clothes…”
In that instant, in the tiny laundry room with the washer and dryer to our left. A wall to the right and barely room for two people to pass each other, she bent down. Her legs locked upright and from only the waist she reached into the dryer. Her cotton white panties were soaked. Her legs shoulder width apart. Her panty covered pussy on full display for me. A deep wetness engulfed her nether region and made it partially transparent. I could see her swollen lips pressing against the material. She was wearing panties far too small for her.
I wanted to look away, I never wanted to see and think this way but I couldn’t resist. My mind rebelled but my body was in control. I watched her wetness, her beautiful puffy lips pressing against the thin material. Her butt round and firm. After all these years, I now knew what was under that t-shirt. Without any mental resistance my hard on began building again. My boxers, still soaked from my last pleasure session lubricated my penis. She stood up after moving much of the dry laundry to the basket and saw the bulge and wetness between my legs. She stood there staring, neither of us could speak. My erection continued to grow before her eyes. Her nipples pressed hard against the soft material of her t-shirt. It was large but the perky breasts underneath provided ample strength against the material.
We were frozen in this state for what seemed like days. My erection pressed against the confines of my boxers. Staring at her beautiful body, I was lost in lust and desire. Her face redder than anything I had ever imagined possible on a human being.
“I can… wash… the ugh, your ugh… sheets…”
She said barely above a whisper and extended her hands. Without thinking I let her take the sheets, still dripping and stained in my incestuous jerk session of her voice through the wall. I finally came to my senses.
“I’m going to grab a shower.”
Then I paused… her voice cutting into my reality.
“If you want… maybe… we can do… tomorrow… laundry… together…”
What did she mean by that? What was she thinking? What was I thinking?
She turned even redder then, without a word, I nodded in agreement.
I had nothing to say. The awkwardness of the moment controlled everything. My senses were returning and the guilt of what I had done was overwhelming me. I turned and walked down the hall to take a shower.

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