Family get together Part 1

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this Christmas Eve 2019
my family always has Christmas get together. This year it was hosted at my house one of my Nieces Reyna (Rey) who is a 12 year old (2019) and is tall for her age, with long tan legs attached to a firm bubble butt ? , she has cup side boobs but doesn’t wear a bra ? , if I had to compare her to a Young Actresses it would have to be Storm Reid (in her Pre-teen years). Rey was barefoot wearing spandex shorts and a white tank top. As soon as I saw her I started to get a boner, her and another niece started doing gymnastics in the living room as we were all chatting, I watched as Rey did the splits with her as face towers me, she did them in a way that she was flat on the ground, this position made her shorts stretch around her ass causing them to become slightly sheer, I could see she wasn’t wearing underwear and also see the color of her pussy. As I stared at her ass she turned her head, she just giggled and continued doing sexy poses.She did the downwards dog which made her loose tank top fall away from her chest and from my angle I could clearly see her perky tits.During our family meal she sat to my left, as we all chatted to each other I felt Rey’s hand grab my crotch ? , I was completely surprised but her head stayed facing the person she was talking too. After the meal we opened gifts and the younger . went downstairs to play, about 10 minutes into opening gifts,one of my young nephews(age 5) cames running up the stairs yelling my name, this is pretty normal as they usually they want me to come play PS4 or something. As me and my Nephew walked down the stairs I asked him what’s up and he said Rey wanted to talk to me, when we got to the basement I didn’t see her, and asked where she was, he pointed towards a set of double doors that goes into the ping-pong table room.He went to play with the rest of the . . and I walked into the room, upon entering I was greeted with a sectional couch in front of me and ping pong table against the wall to my left, to the right was Rey facing me, butt naked doing the splits on a couch ? . my dick became extremely hard, I lock the door, and walked up to Rey getting on my knees so I could start kissing her,she said that she wanted me to play with her. I told her to turn around and she did, still in the splits position just facing away from me she was extremely sexy,I leaned forward gripping and squeezing her ass cheeks, her ass was soft and her arched back made her ass stick out off the edge off the couch. I brought my mouth to her cunt sliding my tongue into her slit, she tasted fucking amazing almost slightly like salty candy, as I ate her out she moaned my name which got me insanely hard, she moaned louder until her juices sprayed from her pussy into my mouth. Seeing as Rey was properly wet, ? ? I brought my Big cock to her cunt and slowly pushed up into her, as I ripped her hymen she bit into the couch cushion and screamed, I slowly thrusted against her and slid my cock through her tight gripping walls until my stomach was pressed against her ass. I reached around Rey, grabbing her tits and neck pulling her against me, as I fucked her harder I saw her pussy grip onto my cock pulling slightly out as I pulled back. As I was getting bored of this position.I told Rey to suck My Cock, she started slow, then she when fast and as deep as she could, pulling out I hugged Rey against my body and while I put my big cock back in her pussy and got up, her feet couldn’t reach the ground so all her weight was being supported by her cunt, I held her like that for a while fucking her against the wall, then I grabbed her hands putting them behind my neck, This forced Reyna’s groin against mine,and fuck did it feel good, then using my hands I put her legs around my hips, carrying her butt with my hands, I drilled her in this position right until She was about to cum, I sat down on the couch and told her turn around for the reverse cowgirl position, she started ride me but then asked me put her in the full nelson position,I said I would if slept at my home from tonight to 26th(3 days) and on family vacation if she sleeps same room as me, She then said she would sleepover until the 26th and in the same room as me on Vacation Dec 31 2019 to 7 Jan 2020, I then asked her if she had gotten her first period yet and she said no ? ? , so until I shot probably my biggest load ever deep into her cunt, She leaned back against my chest and turned her head so that we could fuck with my cock still inside her, when were done she got up and my cum dripped out of her slit. We walked back out of the room and nobody ever suspected anything. Family reunions are always fun at my place.
Part 2 New Years the Vacation after 8Jan 2020

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