Candice trading girlfriend

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Hi everyone, my name is Candice and if you’ve seen my videos on pornhub, where my boyfriend Fredrick and his buddies fuck me, then you know who I am. I’m a single 20 year old attached white Michigan female who’s been fucked by my Uncle, Cousins and my boyfriends buddies since middle school in 8th grade, and all through high school. He, my boyfriend Freddy, didn’t have to try real hard to have me fucked by his fraternity brothers, who are all living on the 3rd floor, not the fraternity brothers on the first and second floors. I am the third floor whore, and I’m fucked on a continuous basis, day in and day out. I’m the whore girlfriend on pornhub being shared with only four of my boyfriends buddies, but usually it’s eight. I want it known that I love it, I enjoy that Freddy wants me fucked by his friends, it’s just what we do and it’s how we love to make love as he has his fetish satisfied by me and no other girl.
Now here comes the history of who I am and why I think Freddy always wants to see someone fucking me: I’ve been fucked repeatedly by my uncle David and separately by my four older cousins since I was fourteen and in the seventh grade and I loved it, because my biggest influence was my slutty cousin Delia from Santa Monica, California, she was 18 and was fucked by everything that moved, yes even by her dog and she’d been sucking his cock since she was 13 and allowing it to fuck her since she was fourteen, but it was hit by a car a block away from my house when her family came for my mothers birthday party. Del was so fucked up about it, that she went crazy and started to let our cousins, Tony, Ager, Andy and Merly fuck her, one-by-one and in an all-out dragged-down orgy marathon blitz, it was such a turn on and yet so scary, but I’d watch in amazement through the key hole in the attic door, every time she came to visit, it was like a scene from the movie Caligula. Del was a dirty talking slut who loves to fuck her family members, especially our uncle David, he’s actually my blood uncle and her uncle-in-law and when I turned 14, I filled out more than she was even-though she’s four years older than me and I believe that she influenced me, by her overt slutty behavior because I became just like her, actually she influenced me in everything, She swings in California, with her husband now and she’s also a shared wife with his friends too. Anyway, I went of subject there, sorry. I let my father’s youngest brother fuck me, when I sat on his lap, down in the basement while he was watching “the good the bad and the ugly,” a cowboy movie starring Clint Eastwood and a few other famous actors of their time, it was my first cock and it hurt like hell, but I took it like a champ, and I really wanted to follow in my cousins footsteps, so uncle David fucked me as often as he could, at my request, for two days of absolute debauchery, I was sore until I wasn’t, I mean he fucked me like a rag doll getting punished for doing something wrong, so I egged him on by talking as dirty as possible. I was fucked beyond belief in the most powerful ways for those two days and we had lots of fun fucking in his room in our basement until he left when I turned 16. Uncle David was my first lover and I learned everything about pleasing a man by him, we tried every sexual position and every kind of penetration. I was butt fucked, ear fucked, and he would cum in my eyes too (my suggestion, we saw it in a porno, so I wanted to try it) but during all that time he was also fucking Delia when she came over for family visits, one weekend in the summer of 2013, I watched them fuck for the first time and I was insanely jealous, because I had fallen in love with my uncle, and I lashed out by letting my cousins Ager, Tony, Andy and Merly fuck me, but we all fucked at Ager’s house, because I didn’t want uncle David to find out and I never told him or Delia about what I saw, so I let my cousins take turns fucking me as often as possible and I was never sore and never needed a break, I was really turned on by turning men on, I just loved feeling the energy of men who wanted to dominate and use me sexually, as I hold them between my thighs while they call me a whore or a slut. I loved cheating on my uncle as often as I could, while I graduated to becoming a total fuck machine, I really was, I reveled in so many men and boys that wanted to fuck me, I truly enjoyed it and still do. My uncle and I fucked like there was no tomorrow for the next few years, especially when I told him about Freddy, I’ll tell you about that in a minute, but uncle David and I stepped up my fuck regimen to everyday and even when my parents were home, he would fuck me in my room quietly then sneak out the window, he would assail my pussy in the laundry room while my mother was cleaning and I was washing clothes; and he would pound my ass and pussy in the kitchen, before and after school, I grew to fall in love with him all over again and I agreed to be his sex slave, with the permission of Freddy as my comforting okay, to be a whore for my uncle during the beginning of our relationship. I loved getting fucked everywhere and secretly being used, borrowed and shared. Uncle David and his bar owner buddy (I won’t write his name) both fucked me regularly until I was sixteen, I’m still fucked by the bar owner, even till this day, I won’t write his name down because he’s a fucking racist pig and my father, Freddy and all of my friends absolutely hate him. However he and my uncle David are into the hunting culture and became really close. I grew to enjoy his type of sex and I can’t get that from anyone else not even Freddy. He’s heavily into bestiality and I really got into it because my cousin Del was into when she was younger, so he and I fuck as he lets both his dogs fuck me or lick my pussy, and he got me to spread my legs for his horse, which became a regular part of our sex life, so although he’s a piece of shit socially, morally and ethically, he’s amazing in bed and meets my perfect level of 10 on my kink-o-meter. He doesn’t know about the black guys that I let fuck me, plus he’s never asked, so I never tell.
Anyway, during the first year of uncle David fucking me, he was 23 at the time, is when my neighbor Freddy told me that he had watched me getting fucked by my uncle all year through the basement window, and that he thought I was hot and wanted to fuck me too. I happily said, “sure, I’d love if you’d fuck me.” I had a crush on him my whole life, an innocent crush but a crush none-the-less. We started dating and he finally fucked me at his house, in the Kitchen with his best friend at-the-time, Craig, and they both took turns fucking me, and they were both terrible, like really terrible, nevertheless I let them fuck me whenever they wanted, and over time they both got much better but never good enough. Since Freddy and I were now a couple I asked him why he wanted his best friend to always fuck me, and he told me that it’s just his thing. He’d watched his first girlfriend cheat on him and fuck his best friend everywhere, as often as she could, she cheated on him but he grew to enjoy it and he never told either of them, but over the next few years of high school he would watch them make out or have sex at her home, as he followed them from time to time and over the years it became his fetish, not just something he enjoyed, so every girlfriend he’s had, since then, he’s encouraged them to sleep with a few of his friends but they never did, until I came along, I was such a flattered little whore, I told him that I would let anyone he wanted, to fuck me as often as they pleased, as long as my parents never found out. He replied, “fuck yeah, but I want you to freely desire other men and allow them to fuck you by your own terms, not mine.” I agreed to a fully open relationship on my part, while he remains faithful. Freddy got to really learn how to fuck me by secretly watching me get fucked by my uncle David, so Freddy and I started fucking exactly the same way regularly, both anally and vaginally without mercy, and later we included his black friends, from work, who lived behind the lumber yard on the opposite side of town. I became addicted to it and went over there as often as I could to get fucked by his friend Jason, even in the latest hours of the night, after being fucked relentlessly by my uncle. I don’t know what it is, but I just love the contrast of black skin on white skin, I just love it. Freddy was so thrilled that I was dating and getting fucked seriously by a black guy. I loved it and still prefer black men over white guys, not because of anything racial, it’s just that I love the energy that black guys fuck me with, it’s freaking addictive, they tend to fuck with a super high level of a punishing type of passion that really fills me up emotionally and I can’t seem to get enough of it. I’ve found that, on average black guys cocks are larger and longer, and there natural physique is by far more attractive, and so is there natural swagger or should I say their cool factor, but almost every white guy that I’ve been with has been average to above average and I’ve grown to quickly realize that it’s how a man uses his cock, his passion, his kink and his foreplay that makes all the difference and that is why I absolutely love Freddy so much, he’s cool, confident and kinky, and even-though his cock is average, as you can see in the videos, he’s extremely fulfilling and I get sexually excited whenever I think of him, even in a passing thought of him, I get wet.
I need you readers to know that I don’t look at myself, now or in my past, as being abused in any way, even though I started at a young age. I truly enjoy the relationships both sexually and friendships as my choices. I feel that when uncle David fucked me, I took advantage of him by using my new found sexuality of blossoming into a womanly body at such a young age, and I went whole-hog and took advantage of all the men who wanted me, and as far as my bar owning lover and his kink, I look at that as my desire to please him, as one of my many male lovers, because I wanted to try being fucked by a dog, any dog, and now I get to be used by two dogs and the only thing I never thought of was trying to get fucked by a horse, but since he’s my man I gave it a shot and loved it, which gave me the added benefit of accentuating my natural curves. Getting railed by his horse so often really spread my hips and drinking horse cum so often has made my complexion insanely smooth, and creamy looking. I do everything sexual, because each of my lovers like different things, as-a-matter-of-fact, Freddy and I are engaged to be married in the summer of 2020 in NYC at Central Park, and our honeymoon will also be in Manhattan and I’ll be having a two day honeymoon orgy in nearby Philadelphia with Jason and a few of his black male stripper friends for three days. I’ve enjoyed sex as much I could from a very early age, I KNOW, I KNOW SO PLEASE DON’T PASS JUDGMENT IN THE COMMENTS SECTION, PLEASE! I know what I am, and the men in my life love that I’m a slut. I know that every girl is not like this, but I am and I am unapologetically slutty, so making videos with my fiancee and having most of his best buddies fucking me casually and having so many other lovers taking care of my sexual needs fulfills our desires, as a couple, to branch out and spread our sexual wings to include others, makes us feel complete in our sexuality, then it’s our business to enjoy it and share our lifestyle with others who might feel the same way or be turned on by it.

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