Losing virginity in hotel at age 11 preteen

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the first time my stepmother used my body instead of hers for money I was age 11 and a virgin. we drove to a hotel around 8pm . It was very run down and the room was dimly lit. on the drive over she told me a man wanted to meet me and this would help out our family. I knew I’d be having sex for the first time, I was nervous but also excited.
so we got there and she instructed me to take off all my clothes and lay on the bed. I laid there with my eyes closed and full body exposed and listened to her make a phone call. Yeah we are here, do you have the money? she asked. then she continued, Yeah I’ve got her ready. That’s right, 11. No pubic hair or anything yet. I’m not sure if you can fit in but you’re free to try.
This phone call made me a little more nervous but I drifted off to sleep a bit. I woke up maybe an hour later when my stepmom opened the hotel door. I heard the man walk in but i kept my eyes closed. Him and my stepmom talked as she counted out the money. I was laying on my side with my back towards them, eyes still closed. God she’s got a great ass. He said. You can go ahead and get started if you like. My stepmother replied. My body tended up. I felt the bed shift when he sat beside me. I felt his warm hand rubbing circular motions on my ass cheek. He continued this for a few minutes I could hear him breathing heavily. He then stood up, I could hear belt buckle coming undone, clothes hitting the floor. He got back on the bed and laid beside me, pressing his naked body against mine. I felt his cock stiff and pushing against the small of my back. He rocked gently. A few minutes of this and then he sat up, moving onto me and rolling me over. He grunted as he positioned himself. The head of his cock thumped against my pussy. Yeh he moaned come on baby let’s get that pussy slick. Bev hand me some lube. He told me stepmom. Now on my back with him towering above me I watched as She came to the bed and sat beside us, squirting lube on his cock for him then jerking him a little as she lubed him up. Oh god he moaned. he then reached down and angled himself. The head of his cock pressing firmly against my opening. He jerked himself a little, each small push opening me up more. Owww I said as he started jerking harder, the tip going further in. Come on baby he moaned as he laid on top of me, moving his arms up and wrapping them around my body. The head forcing itself into me now I cried out as he grunted and lurched into me with a single thrust. My hyman gave way , the length of him slid into me. I cried out again and arched my back underneath him. Oh god I’m in her he moaned. Oh fuck hold still he said to me sternly. My inner thighs were shuddering and I squirmed, whining. Fuck hold still he demanded again. He lay on me motionless, I could feel his cock pulsing inside of me. Slowly he started sliding in and out. Fuck oh fuck he moaned under his breath. My stepmother still sat beside us, the man moved one arm out from under me and reached up my stepmothers skirt. She and him both moaned. He started rocking into me harder and a little faster. The headboard started thudding against the wall. I’m gonna cum inside of her he grunted. Yes come in her. My stepmother responded. He thrusted faster and I felt him stiffen even more. I felt my pussy lips opening trying to accommodate him. Here it is he shouted here it is baby he shouted as he lurched once, twice, three times before stopping with the length of him pulsing his cum into me. I was so tight I felt and heard the hot liquid spurting out of me from around his cock. he collapsed onto me, I could hardly breath. He lay on me panting and moaning for at least 15 minutes as finally he grew flaccid and slid out, followed by a gush of cum and blood.

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