Naked footage of my sister

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I have had a fantasy about my sister since I was 18 years old and over the years I have masturbated over her dirty knickers and often had her in my thoughts when playing with myself. A few years into the fantasy i decided to go through her room and one of the things I uncovered was video footage of my sister naked playing with herself. I was in shock however this quickly turned into a real sexual desire towards her. I ended up making a copy of the footage for myself and this is something she still has no knowledge of. I watch the footage to this very day and it still has the same effect as the very first time I saw it.
I have watched the footage with a few female escorts I have seen over the years. I’ve been open to them all when asked about who the lady in the video is. I have to admit telling them its my sister was a huge turn on.
What would you do if in my shoes? Would you confess to your sister hoping she understands and gives you what you have been wanting for many years, sex?
I doubt that this will be how my sister reacts.
Would you use the footage to somehow put her on the spot so she has no choice but to have sex with her?
I would be interested in hearing about other people’s actions taken in this scenario.

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