My daughter and I started more exploring

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I was working for company where I had some afternoons off, the kids came home from school and I gave them lunch. My wife worked at a bank and only came home around five. My daughter was really getting beautiful with her blonde hair and long slender legs, at eleven she was really a pleasure to look at. One afternoon I was laying on the bed paging through a porn mag and getting real horny, my son was playing in his room as usual and my daughter was suppose to be doing homework in her room, she suddenly appeared in the door and asked if she could come and lay by me, I thought why not. Sure I said and she came and lay against me, she asked if she can look as well, I paged through the magazine and she crawled even closer, I put the light blanket over us and put my hand on her fanny, she opened her legs and allowed me to really feel her smooth lips, I pulled her closer and kissed her, for her age she was a really hot kisser, now I was rubbing her fanny more tender and her wetness was starting to leak out, I rubbed her clit with her own pussy juices and my hard on usual was getting on the edge, I gently took her hand and put it on my cock, the first time she touched me. I saw she did not know what to do and I wrapped her little hand around my cock and said she must just gently move it up and down, by know I had my whole finger in her fanny and feeling I could not keep it in any longer, I came on her hand and my stomach. She did not know what this white stuff was and I said it happens if a man gets super excited and that it is normal. I got up and wiped myself, she kept laying there with no panty and I asked if she would mind if I kissed her down there, she was obviously horny and curious. I opened her legs wider and put my mouth on her wet fanny, I started to lick and suck that little clit, she even started to move her ass around and lifted her but up to push her fanny more against my mouth, she just suddenly left out a satisfying sigh and sank back. I asked if she was ok and she said she enjoyed it a lot. We then got up and straightened the bed.

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