Sex with my dog and boyfriend after volleyball practice

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Hi I’m Cora I play volleyball and this is my story about sex with my boyfriend and my dog max. So one day last fall I was really horny after volleyball practice I decide I would call my bf to come over and to have sex since I really need some dick in tight pink pussy. He came over he started to lick my pussy omg it felt so good I cummed at least twice over his face he said I tasted so sweet kind of like Carmel popcorn but I sweet and salty from all the sweat from volleyball practice. After that he said my dog max is big black lab should lick me and breed me since he has not breed a bitch yet needs a bitch so I put some peanut butter on pussy to make him lick me oh my gosh his big rough tongue made me go crazy with orgasms especially when his tongue went inside of my pussy. After that I saw his big red dick grow to 9 inches long I said how the hell is that going to fit inside my tight teen pink pussy my bf said it will he lead max big doggy dick right into my pussy omg it felt so big and I thought this dog is going to destroy tight teen pussy. Max started out slow but then went really fast and pounded my teen pussy like it was nothing then I felt something huge go into my pussy it was his knot it hurt my pussy after 10 mins his knot finally came out and so much doggy sperm went straight onto my carpet floor my pussy felt stretch out. my dog then cleaned my pussy with his tongue. My bf said if I still wanted sex with him I said yes but I want to give a footjob to you with my sweaty soft feet and I want you suck my toes and lick my soles then you we will fuck in missionary position. After the toe sucked and the footjob he finally fucked my pink pussy it felt so good to have him in me while he fucked I squirted omg I finally squirted while my bf fucked I was so happy that I squirted again and again on him after I sucked his dick and cum in mouth I said lets have sex at school in the bathroom after my game on Thursday he said yes. Part 2 coming soon also I’m blonde I’m 5,3 And have a nice bubble butt and I’m pale and I love playing volleyball. Hope you enjoyed this story.

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