An Interview with Yuri

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PG) Hello Yuri welcome to our interview. Please take a seat and talk to us.
Y) Thank you mam. I hope today is going to be fine, after all I’m still new at this.
PG) So, would you like anything in this interview like tea or some muffins?
Y) No thank you, I’m glad you would offer me with such kindness.
PG) Okay let us began. We all know that you’re a virgin who began gaping your pussy since the beginning of last year. Are you still a virgin or did you give someone your gaping cherry?
Y) I am still a virgin to this day, even if my pussy shows that it is a gaping maw.
PG) Besides being a virgin with a gaping pussy, what other traits do you have from personality to body features? There has been a few of your fans that asked this.
Y) For personality, I am a 20 year old academic who has a job in the office called ####### and it is where I have to make programs in our computers to know the rise and fall of stock. I am mostly an introvert when people know me but when I hide myself in things like my murrsuit or a disguise then I can be an extrovert. I love to do things like hiking, writing, reading, watching anime, gardening, cooking, exploring, performing, and furry things like fursuits.
Y) For my looks I don’t see myself as beautiful but many people including Lacey think I do. I am both Japanese and European in origin, I have short black hair and brown eyes, I have decent breast where they’re not as big, and I have smooth skin yes. Um….I also have natural facial features like long eyelashes and a small nose. Basically that’s all I could say.
PG) So during your time pussy gaping, have you ever wish you can go back to your tight little physique?
Y) Well, only once. It was when I became worried that I might have gaped myself to where I never loose my virginity to someone who I choose to love. But I manage to find a loop “hole”. If I was going to give my virginity away I would want him to fuck my prolapsed cervix.
PG) So you’re saying that you became to loose to have sex from a normal human and so you resort to plan to use your tight cervix for your first time?
Y) Sadly yes, apparently my best friend Lacey who is a nurse said I might never have sex even if I’m ready to give my virginity to my first and only love. I told her about my cervix idea and she warns me not to go to an extreme.
PG) Can you show me your pussy in person?
*Yuri pulls down her panties and shows her gaping virgin pussy as I inspect her, I then take a ruler and measure*
PG) I See, you truly did ruin yourself. It doesn’t want to close up, it’s width is about four inches wide an a you are about 15.5 inches deep. I don’t mean to be rude but you’re pussy is so extremely gaped that only horse can fit in your ruined cave.
Y) I guess Lacey was right about my pussy.
PG) Are you able to prolapse you pussy by command?
Y) With pushing it out yes. With pushing it back in, I have to do that manually.
PG) Then you are still able to give your virgin cherry away, just have to be careful with you’re cervix.
PG) So who are the people that knows of your gaping pussy fetish?
Y) Um….Lacey of course. Also Stencil who I perform as her virgin furry gape queen. And to the more awkward side, my boss.
PG) YOUR BOSS!!! How the fuck did he or she found out?
Y) Well apparently he goes and sees my shows. I didn’t know who he was as I was performing one time and he didn’t know who I was as well. It was when I accidentally lost my furry mask that both him and I lock eyes as we face the awkwardness of quietness. After the show was over he wanted to talk to me in person. I thought I was going to be fired or if he was going to ask me to do his pleasures but instead he asked for forgiveness. I don’t know why but he kept begging me not to tell anyone of this and we struck a deal on both our secrets. Now were great friends and he respect my desires to still remain a virgin.
PG) I see, well I hope things gone well with you and him.
Y) It has, um I do have a question though, I thought you were a boy when we first talked online, but seeing you here I see you’re a female.
PG) Oh you’re talking about my boyfriend, we both share the same title and we work as a team.
Y) I understand now. I didn’t know the Pussy Gaper was two different people in a relationships. My bad.
PG) it’s fine. Um we covered most about you. I wonder if you want to be one of our writers, so far my boyfriend and I are the only ones writing and we want to share many things.
Y) I’m grateful you would ask me, but I have to decline for now. I will think about it in the future.
PG) Thank you Yuri, if you have any more questions before we end this interview please speak your mind.
Y) I wonder if that’s your boyfriend writing our talk down?
PG) Actually he is, if you want to wave hi you can.
*Yuri waves hi to the other Pussy Gaper and he waves back*
Y) Um, what lead you two into pussy gaping?
PG) Do you want the long version or the short version?
Y) Short version please.
PG) Very well, a game of cards against humanity from miniladd and his episode of the moby huge.
*Shows video of cards against humanity from miniladd’s youtube channel, boyfriend and I can’t stop laughing*
PG) Yea, we’re a bit messed up. He’s autistic and I’m just an insane freak that loves him. I hope we didn’t change your thoughts about us.
Y) No, no you haven’t….Just….Why though? Anyway, with that aside, how big is your gaping pussy? Do you get it from your boyfriend or from toys you use?
PG) Um, I don’t have a gaping pussy, in fact I have a pussy that is tighter than a regular virgin. Only in sex I would get a gaping pussy from my boyfriend and he is bigger than a moby huge.
*Boyfriend yells in the background, “You think I have a giant dick but I’m just 7.5 inches”*
PG) Honey bunny we just went over this. You think you’re a regular size but to me I know you’re a titan size. Hell there has been proof of you stretching me bigger then our star here. Sorry, it was a personal manner that we still talked about.
Y) If your boyfriend is that big and you guys both have a gaping fetish then how are you tighter than a virgin?
PG) Well I don’t know, no matter how hard we try from fisting to having him fuck me for many hours even if he’s soft. No matter what it would revert back to its tight self within a matter of hours or days. I’m grateful though due to how we also love my tight side.
Y) Huh, I didn’t know that for some girls that is possible. How long did you guys have this fetish?
PG) Three years straight.
Y) THREE YEARS!!! That’s more than how long I’ve been gaping my pussy. And it’s still that tight. You have a gifts.
PG) Thank you sweetie, did you know I also have a sister name Yuri. You remind me of her.
Y) Thank you, um I don’t have anymore questions. If you want me back again I’ll give you my phone number. It’s ###-###-####. I hope to see you guys again.
PG) Thank you darling for being with us on this interview. Hope to see you again soon as well.

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